A & R (Part-27: The Veil)

(Continued from previous part…)

Aniket and Ritvik, both were asleep.

Aniket woke up when Ritvik moved away Aniket’s hand resting on his belly. Aniket was always extra-sensitive to Ritvik’s touch. Ritvik was trying to get up from the bed, but it was evident that he was having difficulty in doing that. It was not easy for him even to sit, probably because of pain, so he lay down again after first unsuccessful attempt and then tried again by changing to side pose and then slowly got up. Ritvik hardly could stand and lost his balance, but before he could have fallen, he felt Aniket’s arms around him. Aniket held him in his arms and saved him from getting hurt.

Ritvik was all nude. After they reached home, Aniket had just changed the  bed-sheet in which he had wrapped and brought Ritvik home. He changed the dirty bed-sheet wrapped around Ritivik with a clean, washed sheet to cover him again after they reached home. It was easier this way to get him properly examined by doctor instead of putting on clothes and then taking it off later. It was obviously much more convenient for Ritvik too who was unable to even move easily because of terrible pain. Ritvik was hardly bearing his body weight. It was all Aniket who supported Ritvik all the time to stand or walk till they got back home. Aniket did not intend to disturb him or cause more inconvenience by asking Ritvik to move un-necessarily during Doctor’s examination, if he had to take off his clothes again. He had seen him walking with a great difficulty.

Aniket was holding Ritvik for support, when he noticed, Ritvik leaned back slowly and pulled the sheet from the bed to cover himself. Aniket helped Ritvik cover his body.

Ritvik started moving towards toilet slowly. He could hardly put a couple of steps forward. His pain was excruciating and because of medicine given he was half drowsy, so his steps were zig-zagged. He was struggling to walk and keep his eyes open. After a few steps of walk, Ritvik felt being lifted up. He opened his eyes and saw Aniket carrying him in his arms.

Aniket carried Ritvik carefully inside the toilet cum bathroom and carefully put him down. Aniket was still standing by him to support Ritvik. Ritvik probably wanted to pee. Ritvik looked back at Aniket who held Ritvik by his arm and was looking at Ritvik’s face. Aniket guessed from Ritvik’s expressions that he was hesitant. Aniket’s love for Ritvik had given him capabilities to read Ritvik’s thoughts precisely. Aniket turned around his face away from Ritvik but kept Ritvik holding strongly. He did not leave a chance for him to fall and get hurt. After Ritvik was done. Aniket turned back to Ritvik, carried him once again in his arm to the bed.

Aniket laid Ritvik back on bed, tugged the sheet around him to cover him properly and lay himself next to Ritvik on other side of bed. He again, embraced Ritvik in similar pose so that he gets alert with Ritvik’s any movements. It was the best option for him to be aware of Ritvik’s needs, even if he fell asleep. Ritvik did not react to Aniket’s embracing. Aniket closed his eyes but his mind was puzzled and restless. He was unable to find an answer to why Ritvik picked up the sheet to cover his body? Did he not trust him now? Today itself, he saved Ritvik and brought him back home. When he reached there to save him, Ritvik was all nude in front of his eyes. He was worried and unable to find a clue why his love of life, Ritvik, could not trust him and opted for a veil to cover his body now. He was worried, if Ritvik counts him in the same category of people like Rizwan and others. No doubt, it hurts more and the damage is deeper on a soft target. Aniket had the most soft corner in his heart for Ritvik, and he was hurt deeply by this act of separating Ritvik away from himself.

The veil was not just separating Ritvik’s body, it was also threatening with the existence of a strong invisible wall between Ritvik and the Aniket’s love for him. It was adding a question mark on his feelings and his love for Ritvik.

For past 28 hours or a little more, Aniket had a single aim in his life, and it was Ritvik. Now, when the Ritvik’s condition improved a little, Aniket’s  mind got a little relaxed.  He himself had not taken any food since he reached at Rizwan’s apartment in Gurgaon to rescue Ritvik. He was exhausted mentally and physically. Now when he felt a little isolated, abandoned by Ritvik, he felt a need for food to compensate his depleting energy levels.

Aniket opened his eyes, looked back at Ritvik’s face and asked, “Sweet-heart ! What would you like to have, tea or coffee with a sandwich?” Even after all this tension, Ritvik was his first priority.

There was no response to Aniket’s question by Ritvik. He was probably back to sleep. Aniket moved close to Ritvik’s face, gently kissed on his cheek, and then moved his index finger on sidelines of his face, moving back his hair on his forehead. It was an attempt to wake him up. With this tickling movement, there was quick movement in Ritvik’s closed eyes. Aniket  repeated his question, “Darling! …  would you like to have tea or coffee with a Sandwich?”

Ritvik replied in a feeble voice, “Ummm…. no..thin..g. ” His eyes remained closed. Aniket kept looking at his face for a moment. He himself was feeling like crying seeing Ritvik in this condition. He was afraid that Ritvik might be distancing himself. He felt lonely, sad and broken-heart. Aniket then gently pulled out his arm resting under Ritvik’s head, kissed on his forehead and got off the bed.

Aniket had no interest to take food, but it was the only distraction which could work for him at this moment. He prepared a sandwich and a cup of coffee. He added extra sugar in Coffee. Whenever he felt tensed, he felt an urge to consume something sweet. He finished his sandwich and coffee while thinking again and again on the burning question popping-up in his mind “Why?…why did Ritvik try to cover himself in my presence?”, but was unable to find a satisfactory answer.

After sometime of churning out various possibilities, he concluded, probably it was the traumatic experience that might have made Ritvik behave this way. Aniket emphasized with Ritvik and concluded that he himself might have done same thing probably, if he was in Ritvik’s place. An innocent kid like Ritvik, who was jovial, energetic happy kid, but just a  baby confined in an adult body, unaware of any ups and downs of life had suddenly faced the horrible experiences in his life. It would scatter anyone’s beliefs into pieces, but when it comes to a sensitive soul like Ritvik, there were no doubts now in Aniket’s mind that it could have left deeper scars to turn all his worldly beliefs upside down.

Another possibility popped up in his mind. “Probably he might be feeling cold after fever and that’s why he wrapped himself in sheet”, he talked to himself with a more scientific reason this time. It sounded positive to him as it was giving him assurance to get back Ritvik’s confidence and trust in him. He deliberately ignored the fact that Ritvik was reluctant to pee in front of his eyes.

This explanation was a little consoling to Aniket. He felt a little relieved as there was still a hope for survival in the relationship. He now came back and lay down next to Ritvik, embracing him with his one hand and rested his head close to Ritvik’s face.

Back To Home – 8 : KS : The Kaam Sutra

It did not take long to understand context of the silent agreement between my Mom and Aman. In fact, I had to do nothing to find out. It revealed itself without any efforts from my side. Right after that moment, I became prisoner. I was not left alone, even for a fraction of a second except for the moments when I had to release myself from the nature’s call. He even followed me to Washroom. Can you believe, someone watching you when you are peeing? Such focused attention makes me feel uncomfortable when someone has a focus on my private parts.

I had to set the rules. It’s a different story that I had no authority and no one followed my rules. Finally, I had to adjust accordingly. Sometimes, I had to keep waiting to find a moment when I could be all alone at least in those moments of distress to release the pressuring bladder. The college and classes were a relief because I could get some “non-Aman” time. But soon I realized it was a false assumption. Aman was not the only person involved in this game. The whole gang was involved. They had well defined time-slots and places with the precise sense of “responsibility” on their shoulders to not to leave me alone at any cost. They religiously followed it as if it was an  order from their Commander-in-Chief. They never revealed it to me that they were doing it as a part of plan or any instructions given to them for it but they always tried to make the things appear to me spontaneous and natural.

First day was okay, I tolerated somehow, but it became a problem by the end of the day. The whole day, I had no time for myself or to spend a few moments in memories of my beloved roommate. In the evening when I reached my home, I was still not left alone even for a moment. They were not planning to say a good bye at the end of the day. Rather, their talks revealed the “tonight” one of them is planning to sleep with me at my home because he was too tired of going back his home. The funny part is the one who planned to stay with me, was hardly living a block away from my home. And what made him tired? Whole day, we did not hit the Gym or any other sports or physical activity. All we did was sitting together doing chit chats or attending classes.

I protested against this idea. I politely asked them to leave, but my request was just ignored. They did not hear me at all. They behaved as I was non-existent and my concerns for some private moment were a kid’s-cry for a Unicorn. Living away from my love of life was already a punishment in itself, but this was becoming a torture. I was not able to live my life, or talk to my roommate on phone or even find a few moments to think about him.

A couple of days passed but there was no relief to me.  Slowly I, who had already lost interest in my studies, or career prospects, also started losing interest in such life and the friends. My friends were still the same loving soul and I was able to see their affection and love for me, but I wasn’t able to tolerate that prison anymore.

One day, I was checking my emails when Aman, who stayed in my room with me last night, went to washroom to get fresh. This was the only time available to me to check my “private” mailbox. There was an email (feedback) from one of my online diary readers, the “KS“.  The message was short, very short. But it had something that appealed me. It ended with the lines ” I pray for the best for you too. God bless you, God bless you always.
Love you both.“. His message touched me. I was already undergoing such emotional state of mind that anything which brought me close to memories of my roommate, were the most favorable things in this universe for me. He sweet blessed wishes were for Goodness of both of us, my roommate and me. Someone who wishes us together, or wishes good for my love of life, was bound to be getting more closely connected to me.

I thanked him for his words of appreciation and felt connected to him when he said while reading my eDiary, he was “Living” me in my eDiary.  His style of writing was hinting that he is a well educated guy with a sensitive heart. I was already down with emotional trauma of separation from my roommate,  and on top of that under close 24 hour monitoring by my gang of buddies. When he empathized with me, it was but natural for me to feel a sort of connection with him. He was able to understand the kind of suffering I was going through after getting separated from my roommate. He was the one with whom, I could share my pains that I was not able to share even with any of my friends. Strange enough, he was about my age, give or take a couple of months.

Connecting with the KS was a little relief for me. He was not a desperate sex-seeker (no sex related chit-chats between us), intelligent, and sensitive to my feelings and my condition. When I informed him that I was now away from my roommate to continue my studies, and that it was causing me a great deal of suffering because of my separation from my roommate, his reply was something that made me feel inappropriate and uncomfortable. There was no assurance for or any wishes for us (my roommate and I) to be together again. What I got in return was some Wisdom to spend rest of my life in isolation and abstinence. “What the hell? What is wrong with this guy?”, I was intrigued because of his extreme and restricted life style.

It was not his suggestion which was making me curious. It was something very strange in his personality. He was sweet at some times and sour some other times. He had the shades of both Day and Night. I was not able to understand why, but life gives  various shades to one’s personality and teaches many lessons which create various shades of one’s personality. This guy, KS, was an unsolved mystery for me. Talking to him was a relief to me as it not only made me feel comfortable to share my feelings, my concerns with him, it was also his contradictory shades of personality which kept me more curious.

Various shades of his personality made me more curious to know him better. There were many contradicting shades in his perseonality. Sometimes, his response and his reactions reminded me of my roomate. There were so much similarities in his choice, his thought process, that made me suspect sometimes whether it was my roomie playing with me with a fake ID. But no, there were very basic differences too.

I was getting more and more curious to understand this guy, my new friend KS. He was honest, he was sensitive, soft spoken, had excellent command over English besides being a North Indian, and from his pictures he shared with me, it was also clear to me now that he was not my roommate.  He was not only a channel to let my emotional energy flow out but also was sometimes making me feel like I was in company of my roomie. He also served as a distraction for me to change my attention from the depressing daily life schedule. Slowly, I developed the respect, and a soft corner for my this new friend KS (initials of his email account). I liked teasing him by calling him the Kaam Sutra as per his initials. It was entertaining to see his reactions after calling him by this name. All his patience and wisdom eloped momentaily after hearing this name. Probably, Kaam was mis-understood by him that made him see this word as inappropriate and bad thing.

Whatever be the reason, I liked this guy and his company was becoming a better source of motivation and relief for me.

(Continued to next part…)

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Back To Home – 6 : Good Morning Fight


Last night, I felt little “at home”, when Aman hugged me during sleep. It made me feel similar to the hug of my roommate, to which I was habitual now. Although, it was very different from touch and style of my roommate. His style used to be very cozy, and passionately loving, while Aman was, till now, maintaining a little distance. But it helped me sleep comfortably that night. I kept dreaming of my roommate whole night.


Next morning, Ronit was the first one to arrive at our home. He did not want to miss the opportunity to spend some time with me when others would still be asleep and wouldn’t be available to disturb.

He banged into my bedroom shouting in an energetic and a bit melodious tone, “Goooo…d  Morning !”. His wishes for a “Good Morning” started with a high tone, heavily energetic and loud but the word “Morning” ended in very low note, as if all the energy had already dissipated before the “Good” came out completely clear off his mouth and the word “Morning” was struggling to remain intact and get completed.

“Did you sleep here?”, after a minute of silence I heard this direct question. I was still asleep so had not responded back to his Good Morning wishes yet, but this was a confusing question which caught my attention. Why would anyone ask me this question if I am sleeping at my home in my bedroom? And then I felt a movement and stretching of someone sleeping behind me. It reminded me that Aman was sleeping with me in my bedroom. The question was for him, not for me. It then made sense the dissipation of all his energy and excitement before he could finish his “Good Morning” Wishes.

I turned back to see what was happening because now Aman was hugging me tight, without a gap between my back and his body and with his stretching, he came more closer and was pulling me to him. As I turned my face (I could not turn back to him as he was holding me tight in his arms and hugging me from my back) he kissed on my cheek and whispered “Good Morning” to me. He completely ignored Ronit, as if he did not exist in the room. I felt embarrassed and looked at Ronit’s face for his reaction. He was clearly un-happy, and was turning red with anger. His facial expression, body language were all showing a clear sign of “War-ahead” situation.  To cool him down, I replied to him with a smile, “Good Morning”, but he ignored. His all attention was grabbed by Aman’s hand on my body and the tight hugging pose we were lying in. I was also embarrassed because this was something that had not happened earlier. None of my friends had kissed me earlier and now we were not kids anymore to take such kisses as an innocent child’s play.

After a few moments of watching this, Ronit moved forward, sat on my bed and with a smile on his face he said “Yes, Good morning!  once again”, only to me this time, and exerted a great force to release me from the tight grip of Aman’s arms. More he tried to take me out of Aman’s grip, strongly Aman pulled me back to him. It was me who was being crushed between their fights. I stopped them and pulled off Aman’s hand holding me, and got up. Aman and Ronit, both were now looking furiously at each other without saying a word. “I need to pee”, I said and got out of my bed quickly. I did not want to stay any longer in that position which could start a fight between either of the two.

When I was in busy in relieving myself from the nature’s call, I heard my Mom calling all of us downstairs for breakfast and tea. I asked Ronit and Aman to reach there and start as it will allow me some time if my Mom gets busy in serving others. Later, when I moved out, I found 3 others from my Gang of buddies had already joined us and all the five, including Aman and Ronit were having a big debate. In fact, the word “fight” would be more appropriate than “debate”. It was unusual. These clashes are extremely rare in our gang, in fact, non-existent so far. That’s too it was almost failing all logical reasons to have such a bitter fight at this early morning hour, when there could not be a justifiable reason to start this fight instead of wishing each other a “Good Morning”.

I could not tolerate my friends fighting with each other. I went close to mediate and sort out the matter. They mostly pay heed to my suggestions and agree to it. The point of concern today was “whose turn is it today?”.  They were fighting to prove their eligibility and claim their individual “right” to hold a position or something. I concluded from their ongoing discussion that it would be the usual chit-chat turned into a heated argument, over who would be the opening batsman in a cricket match that they might have planned after my arrival. I pitched in and suggested “Why don’t you let it be the way it is, let it be Aman !”.

There was a complete silence. All the them started staring me with not so happy expressions on their face. It was clear that there was disagreement with my opinion for  all except Aman. Aman was a good batsman, but a reluctant fielder. He plays as an attacker and does not play defensive most of the time. His performance had always been satisfactory as an opening batsman. I had my reasons justified to select him over others. After their staring, they left me and Aman alone. Ronit, patted on my shoulder and said, “I did not expect it from you. You should be unbiased and fair to all”. Mom was calling our names, so everyone moved downstairs to have breakfast. She is a fabulous cook and her love reflects its sweetness in her everything.

We all were sitting together at the table doing breakfast together but there was not even a single talk. I tried to initiate a normal chit chat but except Aman, no one participated in any discussion with me. It was clear, they did not agree with my opinion and were angry with me. Later everyone except Aman left without saying a “good bye”. I asked Aman, “What was my fault and why everyone was so annoyed with me?”

He smiled and said, “Nothing ! They were angry because you favored me among them.”. Then I asked, “But what was wrong in my suggestion? You had always been a good opening batsman.”

Hearing this, Aman started laughing hysterically and said, “Yeah I am, but they were not talking about cricket. They were fighting over who would be sleeping here with you tonight. And you selected me over all of them.”

It was now clear to me and a big disappointment too how wrong I was. It was also a great learning to know how disastrous could it be to make assumptions, and knowing that “I know everything”.

Aman left with a wide smile on his face and promised to see me later in the evening. After he left, there was another big question looming my mind. In fact, there were two questions. Why the hell they were fighting to sleep with me? And more importantly, how they got an idea that they would be allowed to sleep with me in my bedroom? How this new practice of sleeping in my home, with me, is becoming a routine for them?

I needed to solve these puzzles… ! But I was getting late too… I had to rush to my college to complete my joining (admission) formalities for this session.

A & R (Part-9: Practical vs Platonic Love)

Ritvik was deeply “touched” with caring and sensitive nature of his new roommate “Aniket”. Both of them enjoyed the dinner together. It was their first night stay together and a suitable time for them to know each other better.

Aniket noticed, Ritvik was blessed with a pleasant personality. He was simple yet stylish, attractive, soft-spoken but a bit shy. He did not talk much. Aniket had to throw the random topics to continue the conversations and have a lively session between them. Ritvik’s answers were short and precise.  He guessed it correctly, and got his idea confirmed during chit-chat with Ritvik that it was a very new experience for Ritvik. It was for the very first time that he had moved out of his parents house and was a little afraid of being all alone.

Aniket found that there was still a child full of innocence, emotions and simplicity somewhere hidden behind the young, tall, attractive lad who became his new roommate. This simplicity and childish innocence added a feel of sanctity and trust to his personality, and who would not fall for a lovely innocent kid captured in an attractive body of young teen? It was hard to defy the power of his charm which directly touched the heart and soul of most of the people. Human souls are prone to fall for such things which are pure, simple and pleasant. It was a hidden charm in his personality that touched everyone who came in contact of Ritvik and made them fall for him unknowingly.

Days passed, and both started liking each other. For Ritvik, his roommate Aniket was among one of his good friends now. Ritvik used to be the center of attraction among his friends and got special “priority” treatment all the time since his childhood. He was good in studies, with down-to-earth nature, friendly and cooperative. No doubt, his physical beauty was among one of the reasons to attract more and more people to him, but it was his basic nature that made most of them admire him and fall in love with him eventually. “To Love” was his nature. After moving to this city, all alone, he was terribly missing his friends. It was one of his worrisome fears to survive in a new place without his friends. His bouquet of friends was no less than a treasure to him. Being an emotional guy, he used to easily connect with people at emotional levels and loving them was a channel to allow free-flow of his emotional energy. Now, Aniket was filling up this void for him.  They both needed each other. For Ritvik, it was a need of a friend but for Aniket, Ritvik was becoming much more than just a “friend”.  The need to “find a little more” disappeared from Aniket’s life after meeting Ritvik. Now, there was no “more”, it was just “Ritvik”.

Aniket’s bonding with Ritvik was growing stronger day by day and within a week, he found it hard to keep his secret feelings from his love of life. He felt compelled to open up his heart and surrender to Ritvik.  Where there is honesty, in and out, nothing matters more than the truth and self-acceptance. It appeared as a crime to him to keep Ritvik in dark or to not to be honest with him about his feelings now. He was afraid of losing him as it would mean ending his life but love itself is “giving up”. It makes you learn to give up yourself, your happiness, your desires for happiness of your lover. Aniket realized how important was it to be honest in relationships and the very nature of Ritvik as also loudly about “the values” he believed in. It was becoming mandatory for Aniket to be honest about his feelings for Ritvik and not to keep him in dark. He got a chance to confess his love for Ritvik on his birthday and in very straight-forward and honest way, he expressed his feelings to him.

Although for Ritvik, he was just a “good” friend, but for Aniket, it was a different story. He needed “exclusive” rights over Ritivk.  He was becoming more and more possessive of Ritvik day by day. He many times felt the situation going out of his control and was felt insecure about his position. For Ritvik, it was just losing one of his friends at the worst case. For Aniket, it was losing everything in his life.

Aniket tried to control the impossible thing, his impulse to have physical intimacy and sex with Ritvik but failed miserably. Ritvik wanted it to be a platonic one. Here the frequencies of the two were not matching, which caused a lots of drifts and issues initially.  But slowly they both started understanding each other and changed their assumptions with time to settle down in a more soothing and enjoyable relationship. With the time, the reluctance was replaced with acceptance, the “I” was replaced with “we” and “me” was replaced with “You”, or “us” as applicable. This change happened from both the sides.  This helped them overcome the sourness of their relationship and they started feeling in love with each other.

Small and big incidents in life make the life turn into various shades but these also let you realize the value of the things which you don’t realize otherwise.  Within 6 months of their stay together, they both were lucky to realize the value of the loving partner in their lives. They were now unable to live without each-other. A new chapter of happiness was unfolding in their lives, but there was lot more to come.




A & R (Part-8: The First Impression)

When Aniket reached home, he noticed the apartment’s door was not locked.  He entered the room, placed his lunch-box on the table and locked the door. His eyes had already scanned the room and found Ritvik lying on the bed. He was probably asleep.

“He must be really tired.”, he told to himself. “No one can go to bed so early. Or….., may he he is not asleep”, he was talking to himself. While coming back to home, he noticed that he skipped the lunch today as he was “lost” in the “Ritvik’s-World” whole day and now he was feeling hungry. It reminded him that Ritvik being very new to the city, probably might not have taken proper lunch as there were no hotels or snack-bars in the vicinity. He got “extra” items packed for enjoying the dinner with his new roommate on the way to his home from office. He was in the dilemma whether he should disturb him or interrupt his nap?

He went close to Ritvik, to see if he was asleep.  When he reached near him, he could not stop himself from gazing at his beautiful face. He sat down on his knees. His eyes started scanning Ritvik’s beauty, starting from his beautiful face, which was glowing with same mesmerizing glory that had made him loose his mind since morning, to his pinkish soft lips, his neck and then his chest. Ritvik was lying straight, his eyes were closed without any apparent movements, and his breathing pace was low but comfortable. It appeared to him that Ritvik was probably in deep sleep. There were a few small droplets shining on his forehead which were result of the hot and humid climate but it did not interfere with his sleep.

He could not stop noticing how soft and juicy his pink lips were, just like rose petals. Wherever his eyes moved, he was finding enormous beauty holding his vision and jamming his eyes  at every point it passed through. He wished to kiss his lips but was afraid that he would be caught in the act if Ritvik was awake.  To see closely if there were any signs of him being alert, or awake, he leaned a bit closer to his eyes.  There were very rare intermittent movements in his eyes, and it looked to him that he was in deep sleep. He suddenly felt an impulse of emotions when he looked again on his face. It was an innocent divine beauty in front of him and his emotions were intensified beyond all his limits of control. He was lost in exploring Ritvik’s beauty, when he suddenly noticed that his lips were gently placed on Ritvik’s forehead. He was kissing Ritvik on his forehead. He got back to his senses with the electrifying sweet sensation when his lips touched Ritvik’s body.  He now knew that he was kissing Ritvik so he was very careful and gentle in his act so that he did not wake him up. He kissed and then moved back. He was feeling the similar kind of emotions that a mother may have for his new born baby,  a brother may have for his younger sibling. He wanted to love him, and make sure that he is safe and happy.  His hand reached Ritvik’s head and his fingers started gently moving through the Ritvik’s silky black hair.

Now he noticed a slight movement in Ritvik’s body. He did not wake up, but he grabbed Aniket’s hand massaging his head from the arm close to the wrist and held it between his right cheek and pillow.  Aniket liked it very much but did not want to be embarrassed when Ritvik would wake up, so he started massaging his hair with left hand gently, and whispered in a sweet voice, “Wake up Buddy! Don’t you want to sleep in night?”

Suddenly Ritvik opened his eyes, and found Aniket looking at him. He also noticed that he was holding Aniket’s hand assuming it to be his mother’s till now and that he was not in his home anymore. He quickly got up awkwardly with embarrassment clearly reflecting from his face. Aniket, although he enjoyed the personal touch he offered to Ritvik and his acceptance of the same momentarily, but it took no time for him to understand the situation seeing the blushing face of Ritvik with signs of embarrassment. To control the situation, he said, “I know you might be feeling exhausted because of long journey and might not have been able to sleep properly as you had to share your berth with your friend after your train was canceled but won’t it be a good idea to plan another round of comfortable sleep after having dinner with your new roommate? I have arranged it for both of us.”, and pointed to a packaging kept on the table in front of them.

Ritvik was usually reluctant to such offerings from strangers, but he was really feeling hungry. In the breakfast, he used whatever left-over was available to him from last night that his mother had packed for him but now there was nothing left. He had taken a tour around the colony during lunch time but could not find anything except the bread and butter, which he had already consumed in lunch.  He suddenly remembered how difficult it was for him to nibble the dry bread sandwich without tea during lunch time. It made him realize how sensitive and caring his roommate was for his condition and needs. It left a very deep and positive impression of his first ever roommate in his mind.

A & R (Part-7: Love & Charm)

Continued from A & R (Part-6: ‘R’ for Ritvik or ‘Ramya’ )

He kept watching Ritvik but Ritvik did not take his clothes off in front of him. He did not even remove his T-shirt or short that he was wearing.  It was a little disappointment for Aniket as he missed an opportunity but he was positive to get more such chances in future.

Aniket was unable to understand what was it in Ritvik’s personality that was pulling all his attention to him. He was unable to understand what kind of feeling was it for a person he hardly met a few hours ago. But there was no doubt in his mind and soul that Ritvik was never a stranger to him. He felt a very strong emotional connection and an unbreakable bonding with Ritvik, his new roommate since very beginning. This feeling was getting solidified with time as he spent more time with Ritvik. Why he felt so, was not clear to him, but he was confident about his feelings and had positive vibes about this feeling for Ritvik.

Later that day, when Aniket reached his office, he had the same kind of feeling which keeps us eagerly waiting unpatiently when we get the message from Amazon that our ordered long awaited item is out of delivery and reaching today. He knew there is someone back at home and he was unable to control his strong urge to go back home and spend some more time in his company.

It was even more difficult for him to spend time in office. Day was looking enormously stretched and time was moving very slow. Every moment appeared to him as a century.  Though he was in office, but his mind and soul were not there. He was among the crowd of people but all alone. Suddenly he noticed the same pleasant attractive smile which he was longing to see since morning, at the corner of the hall near the entrance. It was Ritvik entering the hall with his evergreen, charming smile on his face. He could not believe it and his heart started racing in excitement.  He rubbed his eyes to ascertain it was not a dream and looked back again. Woosh ! he was gone. Ritvik was not there anymore.

“What the hell?”, he blabbered. “Am I day dreaming? What is going on with me?”, he asked to himself and looked around. He was sitting at this desk, surrounded with those faces which were familiar till yesterday but appeared strangers to him now. The face he was looking for was no where in that crowd.

He blushed and a smile float on his face. “Aniket ! You are lost in his Love”, he said to himself with his eyes closed. He could see Ritvik more clearly in close eyes. It did not require any efforts or imagination. The moment he closed his eyes, Ritvik was present there as real as he was in the morning when he was sitting next to him.

After that, it happened couple of times, when he unexpectedly noticed Ritvik around him but later found that it was only a mirage. All the times he saw Ritvik, he was very real but he could not decide whether it was real until he disappeared after a few moments and he found someone else standing in place of Ritvik. Ritvik appeared in front of him soon after he got intensified memories of being with Ritvik. These moments when he found Ritvik around him, were soothing, and quenching his thirst for being with him. The cycle kept on repeating itself. More he tried to push himself away from Ritvik, more he found falling for him.

“Am I losing my control?”, he asked himself. He was really concerned about his mental health after similar incident occurred 4th time. But  no, he was feeling good, confident and very happy whenever he say that smiling face of Ritvik around him. “Naah ! It can’t happen. I am okay. It is his charm which is reminding me of him since morning”, he concluded.  He looked at his computer’s clock, which was showing 6:37 PM, packed his bag and turned it off to call it the day.

He started moving to the parking area where his bike was parked. There was nothing more important for him now than to reach home as soon as possible and finally meet the guy whose charm has made him loose his control in just one small session.