The Malebox

(Continued from …. Bio-Chemistry in Delhi Metro! )

Sumit reached home, remembering those intimate moments full of love and passion for each other felt by those two guys he just witnessed. He was wondering how people can be so blind and bold at the same time to have such acts publicly, that’s too in a country like India. But at the same time he was mesmerized by the “internal bonding” between the two behind the apparent physical act. The physical act was just a channel to let out the strong and uncontrolled love for each other they had developed deep in their hearts.

He kept his backpack on the bed, started unbuttoning his Shirt. After changing over to the sports vest and shorts that he usually wore while he was in his PG room (a kind of hostel with bread and breakfast), he looked once again to his back-pack where he had kept those items of the unknown man he came across in metro ride. He was tired, and lonely. Too much of burden in itself. His eyes closed and he once again was lost in memories of that couple. How loving and cute they were.  There were hopes and positive signs of finding love in memories of those two guys, which was a soothing experience as opposed to the harsh reality of life. He preferred to stay in wonderland with closed eyes.

Next morning, he woke up little late. The weekend allowed him some flexibility to extend his bed time without worrying for the clock on the wall, which was showing 8:05 in the morning. A decided to stay a few minutes more in the bed, embracing the pillow as if it was a person he was hugging to. His eyes fell on his backpack still lying on his bed on the other side. Curiosity was paramount now. He got up, pulled up the backpack and took out all those items in his hand. He thought for a moment, and then captured the image printed as monogram on the visiting card. He tried google the image for a clue, but it was useless. Nothing came in search results that could help him identify or give him a clue about that person or the monogram.


The USB Pen drive was the last option now plugged it in his computer and started exploring the files. The files were pretty well organized in sub-folders. A looked like a backup from some office-computer. He noticed a sub-folder named “mailbox”.  Expecting it to contain his identification clues or contact details in his signature. he directly jumped on to explore the mailbox. There were around 60 emails saved in “imp” sub-folder inside the mailbox. He started going through important emails saved in “imp” one by one.  These were saved as HTML or PDF version, saved from Business Gmail account. After reading around 10 emails, he was confident that this guy has to be the one named as “Shashwat” and his mobile number and board line extension was part of his official email signature. From domain name of his email address he googled about the company. It was a creative design company, not a big name though, but had gained quite a good momentum in acquiring clientele of repute and recognition in a shorter span of time within just a few initial years.

From whatever he could quickly go through in the emails to ascertain his identity and to find his contact details, it looked like PEN drive could have vital and confidential data in it. He came back to the root folder. He then noticed “Personal” another folder down the line below the “mailbox”. Intrigued, and curious to know more of him, he couldn’t stop himself by looking what was “Personal” for Mr. Shashwat. He drilled down to “Personal” folder, which had further sub-folders, one of them being “Pics”. There were hundreds of pics of this person, whom he assumed to be Shashwat in different places. A few of them from corporate events while receiving awards, at different places and different events, some pics from his various tours around India, and probably Thailand, and some pics while traveling to beautiful hill stations and places of astonishing natural beauty. He liked the taste of Mr. Shashwat, and praised him in his mind for his choice of locations for tourism. They were very calm, not heavily crowded and a piece of live-art by nature itself. The strange thing was, these were not selfies from mobile camera, and he was a solo traveler, in almost all his tours except just a few where he was accompanied by a few guys, probably his colleagues, Sumit guessed.

Sumit had not got a chance to look at him properly when he was standing in front of him during the Metro ride. But it was a private moment for him to explore this man’s looks  leisurely.  He looked attractive though he was in his middle age. He was dressed in a presentable way, even in his personal pics. He had adorable looks, but the most appealing part of his personality was his smile, which was very welcoming and natural.

Sumit looked at the clock, which was ticking at 9:55 AM. He now had two types of information to contact him, his official email and his mobile number. He thought for a moment and then reached out to his mobile phone lying close to him. He preferred to call him instead of email. He thought such email about loosing the classified and sensitive information could have an adverse effect on his career if  got highlighted in scrutiny.

He dialed his number, and waited for the call to be answered. There was a little delay from other side.

“Hello”, a soft but manly voice echoed in his ears.

“Hi !”, said Sumit in reply.

“Yes?”, after a little awkward silence the person on the other side said in an enquiring tone.

“Is it Mr. Shashwat?”, asked Sumit. He wanted to be sure that he was talking to the right person.

“Yes, …    who is this?”, this time it was curious tone from the Shashwat, which was but natural when he received a call from an unknown number.

“Hi… I am Sumit. I was traveling with you last evening in Delhi Metro in same coach. I have a few of your items, which you probably accidentally dropped before leaving the Metro. It includes a few cards, a key with a USB Pen drive, and few Rupees”, told Sumit.

“Phew !”, he heard Shashwat exclaiming as if it was a big relief to end all his woes.

“I am sorry, I had to dig down your data to find your contact details. Believe me, there was no other option,”, apologized Sumit.

“You don’t know … you have come to me as an angel, Sumit”,  said Shashwat with a sense of gratitude. “This was really critically important and confidential data for me and my future depends a lot on it. Hope, you would have seen it yourself when you looked into data on my pen drive”, his voice sounded a little concerned this time.

“Don’t worry, Sir ! I understand your concern completely as I am well aware of corporate InfoSec (Information Security) practices. Rest assured, your data is still safe with me and I haven’t misused it. My intentions were only to find your contact details through it.”, reverted Sumit.

“Yes, I know. Would you mind telling me where and when can I collect it? I would really appreciate if it can be done today itself.”, asked Shashwat.

There was a little silence now. Sumit could not decide “when and Where”. He did not want to call him to his room.

“Please don’t take it otherwise, I cannot repay your deeds but I would be more than happy to help you anyways I can”, Shashwat said again after he sensed a little awkward silence from Sumit.

“No.. No.. not at all, Sir!”, said Sumit. “My apologies for delay in responding to your query, but actually I was just thinking about it When and Where. It was my moral duty to return it to you after you dropped it on me last evening.”, Sumit felt a little embarrassed this time. His silence was mis-understood as a “Demand” in return of favor.

“Where do you live?”, asked Sumit.

“I live at G K -1 in Delhi”, replied Shashwat.

“Great ! I have to go to Nehru Place today. Will you be available in afternoon between 2 – 4 PM to collect it?”, asked Sumit.

“Anytime you say. Just give a call half an hour before you reach there”, Shashwat replied.

“Excellent !”, said Sumit.

“See you around 4 PM then..! I will call. Bye.”, said Sumit before hanging up.

He started exploring his “Pics” once again, and copied it to his laptop. “Why? he couldn’t justify to himself. He felt a need to copy Shashwat’s pics folder before returning his pen drive. He went back to his local folder where he had copied the pics to see if it was copied correctly and noticed there was a hidden sub-folder named “Malebox” inside “Pics”, along with a few other sub-folders. Curious enough, he opened it and found a few images of gay kissing and smooches downloaded from some porn site. It was all of young gay models with a mature man.

Bio-Chemistry in Delhi Metro!

(Continued … from Indian Swag !)

Sumit quickly got up from his seat, trying to accommodate all his belongings carefully and ran towards to the closing gate but it was too late. The train had already started towards its next destination.

A heavy load of metro was shed at last station when most of the people got down but it was still crowded. Sumit’s seat was taken by another elderly person, so there was no question of him going back to ask for his seat again. He was lucky to get the space vacant next to the exit gate of the metro coach where he could hardly reach before the gates were locked. He preferred to stand there with his backpack resting on the fiber support-wall of the seats.

He was glancing the scene of the metro coach in front of his eyes while his mind was busy finding a solution to what he should do with the things fallen on his lap belonging to that gentleman. Suddenly he noticed two young guys standing in the isle between the seats in next stretch of metro coach. They were young, in early twenties, around same age, one looking a little younger than the other. Both were attractive but younger one was cuter than the other. Both were fair, fit, and handsome.

Seeing these two guys, who were standing adjacent to each other at a relatively closer distance, a thought of “something special between them” came to his mind. But then he discarded the idea blaming the reason of closeness to be over-crowded metro coach. They were not talking to each other and probably it was just a co-incidence that brought them at such a close distance to each other.

Sumit looked at the things in his hand once again. A bunch of visiting cards with just a monogram, a pen drive attached to a key, and a few bunch of Rupees mostly in  denominations of 10’s and 20’s. The pen drive was the only hope for him to find any clues of his master. But is it morally correct to look into someone’s data without his consent? His conscience did not allow him to do that but was there any other option available? There was no number, address or any other details mentioned on the visiting card except a single alphabet monogram.

Sumit held everything back in his palm thinking what to do and rested his head back on the wall. Now he noticed the guys in front of him were talking to each other. He smiled. His intuition wasn’t that bad after all. They were acquainted to each other, or probably more than just an acquaintance.

“What a cute and lovely couple”, he talked to himself seeing the two. “Huh ! They are just colleagues or good friends probably. I am overthinking”, He smiled again on his creative thinking. He just made two normal guys “a couple”. He must refrain from such literature which is now influencing his thoughts, he suggested to himself. But no, it was this special chemistry between them right from the moment he noticed them first, which was evidently highlighting the “special bonding”.

The train crossed next couple of stations and he could not stop himself from getting a glimpse of the guys every now and then. What was it… just a curiosity … or the charm of  their beauty.. or his hidden desires to find immortal love in his “assumed couples” was the main reason for him to keep looking at them time and again, he could not understand it. But he was impulsed to follow them with his eyes… probably knowing the fact that this scene will not last long in front of his eyes. Something that he only dreamt of was happening in real in front of his eyes.

The train halted at next station and two seats in front of those two guys were vacated. They quickly occupied the two adjacent seats. These were the corner seats. After they settled down on the seat comfortably, the beard guy asked the younger guy to share his earphone. The younger guy was sitting on right of the beard guy. He adjusted his backpack on his lap covering himself upto mid-chest and the beard guy inserted his hand inside in the gap between backpack and the younger guy. The younger guy resisted a little and interrupted his hand a couple of times, when the beard guy held his arm with his other hand and pulled it out. He put younger guy’s arm over the backpack on his lap and held it tight with his second hand so that younger guy could not interrupt him any more. The chemistry between them was now turning into more powerful bio-chemistry. Luckily, no one was standing right in front of them at the moment or facing them. They both kept watching the rest of the people around to see who is noticing them. Almost everyone around them was busy, either with their mobile or something else. A mid aged person on the opposite lane was busy reading his news paper spread wide. No one was apparently looking at them.

This made the beard guy proceed further. He inserted his right arm in the gap between the younger guy’s body and the backpack kept on on his lap and then his arm started moving in and out. It was evident what he was doing. The to and fro movements of his elbow started gaining speed and a little aggression. The younger lad became a little uncomfortable, looked again at people around him and found no one observing them. He then tried to get rid of his left hand captivated in the tight grip of beard guy, and then tried to pull the beard guy’s hand out or may be asked him to slow down. The movements of beard guy’s hand were slowed down, for a moment. Both of them kept talking during all this intermittently to appear in between normal routine conversations, just to not attract undue attention. Younger guy was resisting the movements of beard guy’s hand reaching his groin and then the beard guy pulled-out  younger guy’s hand again gently and held it in his other hand. His right hand started doing what it was doing earlier with same aggressive pace, ignoring younger one’s reluctance. The fair complexion of younger lad’s face turned a bit pinkish in a few moments when the beard guy kept rubbing and massaging his mate. The beard guy was still aggressively enjoying the feel of crotch of his younger pal with his hand. Both kept watching over each other to avoid anyone catching them in this act. It was then the younger guy’s eyes met Sumit’s eyes. Eyes speak loud and clear. Sumit quickly moved his eyes away as if it was just a casual glimpse. And then younger guy whispered something to beard guy and pulled his hand out of his crotch area. Beard guy was reluctant to take his hand out but had to do it when younger one insisted. Sumit was standing on back side of the beard guy. After the younger guy whispered and stopped the beard guy, he turned back to see in the direction Sumit was standing. Later, younger one removed his backpack from his lap and both sat casually as a normal passenger. The beard guy resumed listening music through his mobile device.


No doubt, it was a cute couple, with a strong bio-chemistry bonding between them. The forces comprised of compassion, possessiveness and admiration for each other and unspoken right over each other’s body were enough to give a clear sign of love for each other which strengthens the bonding even deeper when it is governed by such bio-chemistry.

The train halted at next station and both alighted the train on their way to home, and Sumit tried to capture the last glimpse of this cute couple in his memories.

A & R (Part-27: The Veil)

(Continued from previous part…)

Aniket and Ritvik, both were asleep.

Aniket woke up when Ritvik moved away Aniket’s hand resting on his belly. Aniket was always extra-sensitive to Ritvik’s touch. Ritvik was trying to get up from the bed, but it was evident that he was having difficulty in doing that. It was not easy for him even to sit, probably because of pain, so he lay down again after first unsuccessful attempt and then tried again by changing to side pose and then slowly got up. Ritvik hardly could stand and lost his balance, but before he could have fallen, he felt Aniket’s arms around him. Aniket held him in his arms and saved him from getting hurt.

Ritvik was all nude. After they reached home, Aniket had just changed the  bed-sheet in which he had wrapped and brought Ritvik home. He changed the dirty bed-sheet wrapped around Ritivik with a clean, washed sheet to cover him again after they reached home. It was easier this way to get him properly examined by doctor instead of putting on clothes and then taking it off later. It was obviously much more convenient for Ritvik too who was unable to even move easily because of terrible pain. Ritvik was hardly bearing his body weight. It was all Aniket who supported Ritvik all the time to stand or walk till they got back home. Aniket did not intend to disturb him or cause more inconvenience by asking Ritvik to move un-necessarily during Doctor’s examination, if he had to take off his clothes again. He had seen him walking with a great difficulty.

Aniket was holding Ritvik for support, when he noticed, Ritvik leaned back slowly and pulled the sheet from the bed to cover himself. Aniket helped Ritvik cover his body.

Ritvik started moving towards toilet slowly. He could hardly put a couple of steps forward. His pain was excruciating and because of medicine given he was half drowsy, so his steps were zig-zagged. He was struggling to walk and keep his eyes open. After a few steps of walk, Ritvik felt being lifted up. He opened his eyes and saw Aniket carrying him in his arms.

Aniket carried Ritvik carefully inside the toilet cum bathroom and carefully put him down. Aniket was still standing by him to support Ritvik. Ritvik probably wanted to pee. Ritvik looked back at Aniket who held Ritvik by his arm and was looking at Ritvik’s face. Aniket guessed from Ritvik’s expressions that he was hesitant. Aniket’s love for Ritvik had given him capabilities to read Ritvik’s thoughts precisely. Aniket turned around his face away from Ritvik but kept Ritvik holding strongly. He did not leave a chance for him to fall and get hurt. After Ritvik was done. Aniket turned back to Ritvik, carried him once again in his arm to the bed.

Aniket laid Ritvik back on bed, tugged the sheet around him to cover him properly and lay himself next to Ritvik on other side of bed. He again, embraced Ritvik in similar pose so that he gets alert with Ritvik’s any movements. It was the best option for him to be aware of Ritvik’s needs, even if he fell asleep. Ritvik did not react to Aniket’s embracing. Aniket closed his eyes but his mind was puzzled and restless. He was unable to find an answer to why Ritvik picked up the sheet to cover his body? Did he not trust him now? Today itself, he saved Ritvik and brought him back home. When he reached there to save him, Ritvik was all nude in front of his eyes. He was worried and unable to find a clue why his love of life, Ritvik, could not trust him and opted for a veil to cover his body now. He was worried, if Ritvik counts him in the same category of people like Rizwan and others. No doubt, it hurts more and the damage is deeper on a soft target. Aniket had the most soft corner in his heart for Ritvik, and he was hurt deeply by this act of separating Ritvik away from himself.

The veil was not just separating Ritvik’s body, it was also threatening with the existence of a strong invisible wall between Ritvik and the Aniket’s love for him. It was adding a question mark on his feelings and his love for Ritvik.

For past 28 hours or a little more, Aniket had a single aim in his life, and it was Ritvik. Now, when the Ritvik’s condition improved a little, Aniket’s  mind got a little relaxed.  He himself had not taken any food since he reached at Rizwan’s apartment in Gurgaon to rescue Ritvik. He was exhausted mentally and physically. Now when he felt a little isolated, abandoned by Ritvik, he felt a need for food to compensate his depleting energy levels.

Aniket opened his eyes, looked back at Ritvik’s face and asked, “Sweet-heart ! What would you like to have, tea or coffee with a sandwich?” Even after all this tension, Ritvik was his first priority.

There was no response to Aniket’s question by Ritvik. He was probably back to sleep. Aniket moved close to Ritvik’s face, gently kissed on his cheek, and then moved his index finger on sidelines of his face, moving back his hair on his forehead. It was an attempt to wake him up. With this tickling movement, there was quick movement in Ritvik’s closed eyes. Aniket  repeated his question, “Darling! …  would you like to have tea or coffee with a Sandwich?”

Ritvik replied in a feeble voice, “Ummm…. no..thin..g. ” His eyes remained closed. Aniket kept looking at his face for a moment. He himself was feeling like crying seeing Ritvik in this condition. He was afraid that Ritvik might be distancing himself. He felt lonely, sad and broken-heart. Aniket then gently pulled out his arm resting under Ritvik’s head, kissed on his forehead and got off the bed.

Aniket had no interest to take food, but it was the only distraction which could work for him at this moment. He prepared a sandwich and a cup of coffee. He added extra sugar in Coffee. Whenever he felt tensed, he felt an urge to consume something sweet. He finished his sandwich and coffee while thinking again and again on the burning question popping-up in his mind “Why?…why did Ritvik try to cover himself in my presence?”, but was unable to find a satisfactory answer.

After sometime of churning out various possibilities, he concluded, probably it was the traumatic experience that might have made Ritvik behave this way. Aniket emphasized with Ritvik and concluded that he himself might have done same thing probably, if he was in Ritvik’s place. An innocent kid like Ritvik, who was jovial, energetic happy kid, but just a  baby confined in an adult body, unaware of any ups and downs of life had suddenly faced the horrible experiences in his life. It would scatter anyone’s beliefs into pieces, but when it comes to a sensitive soul like Ritvik, there were no doubts now in Aniket’s mind that it could have left deeper scars to turn all his worldly beliefs upside down.

Another possibility popped up in his mind. “Probably he might be feeling cold after fever and that’s why he wrapped himself in sheet”, he talked to himself with a more scientific reason this time. It sounded positive to him as it was giving him assurance to get back Ritvik’s confidence and trust in him. He deliberately ignored the fact that Ritvik was reluctant to pee in front of his eyes.

This explanation was a little consoling to Aniket. He felt a little relieved as there was still a hope for survival in the relationship. He now came back and lay down next to Ritvik, embracing him with his one hand and rested his head close to Ritvik’s face.

A & R (Part-26: Nectar of Love and Beauty)

Holding Ritvik in arms, and embracing him with both the hands, was kind of assurance to Aniket that he is now within his reach. He rested his head on Ritvik’s chest, close to his shoulder. Aniket also felt his nerves soothing and relaxed with the luscious aroma of Ritvik’s body. He was familiar with this divine aroma that made him calm, and happy all the time.


Aniket woke up, when he felt a little movement in Ritvik’s head resting on his arm.  He raised his head to see if Ritvik was awake. Ritvik’s eyes were still closed and he appeared to be under influence of sleep. But clearly, there was some uneasiness that he was trying to settle down.

“Hey ! Ritvik !! Do you need something? Tell me… “, Aniket tried to get Ritvik’s attention to understand what exactly did he need.

“W..aa…”, Ritvik murmured slowly, which could hardly be heard or understood by anyone. But this was Aniket and his love, who had mastered the art of understanding Ritvik and his needs more than Ritvik knew it himself. His eyes were still closed.

“Wait ! haa…n…  let me bring the water for you”, replied Aniket, and slowly pulled his arm off which was under Rtivik’s head.

He quickly moved and was back in a couple of moments with some water in a small glass and a tablespoon. Aniket knelled down to come to the level of Ritvik’s mouth comfortably and started caressing his hair with his right hand to wake him up again, and said, “Here ….! wake up !…   I’ve brought some water for you. Open your mouth, I will pour with spoon”.

Ritvik hardly gulped two spoons of water, before he went back to sleep. He tried to open his eyes, and could hardly get a glimpse of Aniket pouring water in his mouth with a spoon but could not keep it open for long. Aniket tried to wake him up again but did not try hard as he did not want to interrupt his sleep. He checked his forehead, which was now filled with droplets of sweat. He checked the body temperature from his neck, and his tummy, which all gave an indication of normal temperature and “fever gone”. He felt more relaxed now seeing Ritvik recovering. He picked up a handkerchief and tap-dried Ritvik’s forehead.

After putting it aside, he looked back at Ritvik’s face. It was a little dull, but still was glowing with its divine shine. All his emotions, filled with love, got intensified. He had never seen such a sweet and innocent baby earlier in his life. He leaned forward, held his face in both hands, and kissed gently on his forehead. He kept his lips on his forehead for a few moments and his eyes got closed. A little later, he moved his head a little above Ritvik’s forehead and then inhaled deeply bringing his nose close to Ritvik’s head as if he was smelling aroma of flower. He had seen his mother, and grand mother do it same way to him when he was a kid, which was meant to bless their kids with a long and healthy life.

Aniket’s love for Ritvik was now getting stronger and intensified with each moment passed. He was feeling a deeper eternal connection with Ritvik without any kind of doubts in his mind. There was only a feeling, an intensified feeling for Ritvik and no other thoughts. Absolutely no other thoughts. No future, no past. He didn’t have to make efforts for doing anything for Ritvik now. It was all happening spontaneously, and his body was only a medium to complete those tasks. “Love“… could it be more powerful?

He felt the clarity in his thoughts. It was love, and pure love, without any confusions or mixed feelings. It might just be a temporary phase but currently it was “love” which was dominating and governing everything. He did not have any desires to get anything in return, or any expectations for receiving any kind of favor for what he was doing. It was not a favor at all what he was doing for Ritvik, it was his duty, and only motive of his life. “The Love” itself was rewarding him. He was feeling very happy, and satisfied in doing, whatever would make his love of the life, Ritvik, happy.

Aniket looked at the Saline water bottle hanging with stand. It was nearing its end. He had to be alert now. He should not sleep now as he needed to take it off as advised by the Doctor. He laid adjacent to Ritvik on the bed, and pushed his one arm slowly once again under Ritvik’s head. He started caressing his hair with his second hand. His eyes were busy enjoying the marvelous beauty in front of his eyes. God knows if it was the magical divine beauty of Ritvik, or Aniket’s strong love for him, that every time he looked at him, he always found it refreshing and appealing, as if it was first time he saw him.

He remembered once he felt compelled to kiss him and pushed him on the bed, when Ritvik had just returned from his office. When he leaned forward to kiss him, he instead kept playing with his hair for a long time. Even Ritvik was wondering what all this was and what did he intend to do. Aniket could not stop looking at his beautiful face. Each and every inch of his glorious face was equally deserving a gentle but passionate kiss. His eyes, his baby soft and smooth pink lips, his nose, his soft cheeks, his chin, every point on his face appeared equally appealing and juicy and deserved a passionate kiss. Ritvik’s divine beauty was a powerful magnet that controlled all his thoughts and actions. When Aniket’s focus turned on Ritvik’s pink juicy lips. he approached to kiss it but Ritvik slightly turned his face away to miss the kiss on his lips. That made Aniket smile. Ritvik had always been a bit reluctant to receive kiss on lips, just like kids. But this made Aniket feel Ritvik more loveable. We tend to get inclined and more curious for things out of our reach. Aniket first kissed on his cheeks which fell just in front of his lips, and then reached his lips for a deep and passionate kiss. There was no more a resistance from Ritvik this time.


It was a fact that everyone’s eyes  would get glued to the point where it fell first on any part of Ritvik’s body and one would not easily feel satisfied ever, while drinking that nectar of beauty in front of one’s eyes. It happened every time, and almost with everyone. People found it really hard to move their eyes off of him but the social norms and presence of others around or sometimes Ritvik’s stare back to them, alerted them after some time and they had to move away their eyes reluctantly. Obviously, it was not just the physical charm, but Ritvik’s powerful aura that had the mesmerizing attraction to spell bound and pull everyone’s attention.

Just like those old moments, he scanned through each point of his face one by one. He started with his forehead, his sharp black eyebrows and kissed gently on it. Then he looked at his eyes. Those eyes were full of magic when open, nonetheless these were still sweet when he was asleep. He planted a gentle kiss on his closed eyes.

Rohan.jpgAnkiet kept looking at his face from close proximity, and remembering those golden moments they had spent together. After taking off the dip of medicated saline water from Ritivk’s hand when it was finished, he came back to Ritvik, and laid back in same pose covering Ritvik in his arms. He kissed on his cheek gently and wished the speedy recovery for his love, his life embraced in his arms, and closed his eyes.


(Continued in next Part…)

A & R (Part-25: External and Internal)

Aniket could not believe that Ritvik had left him for ever. He still had hopes to find the symptoms of life. He quickly leaned forward and put his ear over Ritvik’s heart. He could have missed the heart-beats last time, he wanted to hear it again. He kept listening patiently for few moments, and tears and laughter came out together representing his extreme pleasure and shocked state of mind. He kept lying in same pose, with his head resting on Ritvik’s chest and started crying furiously.  After releasing his psychological pressure through tears, when he came back to his senses, he got up, got dressed quickly and ran out to bring home a doctor.

Doctor came in and did a thorough inspection. Ritvik was almost nude, covered with just a bedsheet. Looking at Ritvik’s condition, and physical injuries, he raised a few questions with suspicion. Aniket figured out it won’t be of any help to hide the details from the doctor, so he gave a hint about the incident.

“Oh ! I see.”, The Doctor looked again on Ritvik lying on the bed. His voice and his facial expression was filled with pity. “Poor boy ! “, The doctor exclaimed with a long exhale. His eyes were now filled with kindness and pity. He wrote a few medicines to be brought immediately and handed over the slip to Aniket.

“I am going to give him saline water and some injections through “dip”, as he is already quite dehydrated and not in a position to take anything orally. There does not seem to be a cause of  immediate worry as I don’t see any sign of critical injury on his body that could lead to unconsciousness. His medical history, as you informed, also did not have any such symptoms to worry. His unconsciousness is probably because of some other reason, but not because of these external wounds on his body”, Doctor explained to Aniket who was looking at him anxiously with concerned expressions. The doctor was also surprised to see Ritvik’s condition as his wounds and physical examination did not reveal any critical injury which could have turned him so severely ill or unconscious. It was a mental shock and trauma, he figured out, that deteriorated his condition.

The Doctor Shrestha was a qualified, and experienced doctor. He had spent 33 years of his life in understanding the complex machinery called “the Human Body” and its anatomy. His vast experience with different kind of people had given him an insight into understanding of various effects of internal and external agents on it and also a chance to understand the co-relation between the Physiology and human psychology for an overall diagnosis and effective treatment. He was one of those few medical practitioners, who take this profession for serving the humanity with dignity and not just to make money. That’s why he had successfully earned a great respect and reputation in society.

He gave the medicines, and after around forty to forty five minutes, he checked Ritvik once again. After running through physical examination, Dr. Shrestha turned to Aniket and said, “See Mr. Aniket, with these medicines, his fever should get controlled in 3 to 4 hours, and probably he should come back to his senses in next 5-6 hours. His Blood Pressure was critically low when I had come, which is now coming back to normal. I have given him mild sedatives so that his body, and his mind are able to take proper rest, which is usually unlikely in current circumstances without these medicines.” He paused for a moment, looked back in Aniket’s eyes. He was probably trying to read something through his eyes, and then he continued, “My medicine is just a temporary solution. It will help him recover from his external injuries, but you must think about getting him healed for his internal injuries,……     you know what I mean.”, and kept looking directly into Aniket’s eyes expecting a reply.

“Sir ! Thank you very much, for your kind visit and help. I don’t have words to express my gratitude for your kindness. You have saved many lives today. He is the only son to his parents.”,  Replied Aniket and his voice started trembling with emotional excitement. It was not hard for the Dr. Shrestha to understand that Aniket was one among the “many” lives that he saved today by visiting here. He probably got answer to his questions that he was trying to find through Aniket’s eyes.

“Okay ! Don’t worry. You first need to take care of yourself young man, otherwise who will take care of him if you fell ill.”, Dr. Shrestha tapped on Aniket’s shoulder, who was on the verge of falling apart emotionally. “Here … it’s my card. Do call me if needed, or if he does not wake up by tomorrow morning. His fever must get down tonight.”, Said Dr. Shrestha, handing over his visiting card to Aniket.

Aniket took his card with both the hands, and said, “I don’t have any words to thank you Sir.”.  After a while, Aniket asked again, “Sir .. you talked about getting his inner wounds healed…..”

Dr. Shrestha understood his question and interrupted him before completion of his sentence, “See, our physcial health is directly impacted with our mental health. Do you see bruises and injuries on his body? What’s his age again.. 18 something?.. at this tender age, he has seen worst shades of human-life which would have left deep scars and wounds on his soft-hearted mind and soul. It is most probably a result of those inner wounds that he is out. I would not be surprised if he has left all hopes of continuing his life. These scary experiences are not going to get away on its own. He needs professional help and guidance, otherwise it will keep haunting him throughout his life. I can refer you to one of my known Psychologists or Psychiatrists. There is nothing to be ashamed of getting help from a Psychologist or Psychiatrist.  He is almost of my Son’s age, and I am concerned for him”,  continued Dr. Shrestha looking back at Ritvik while ending his sentence.

There was no response from Aniket when he turned back to him.

“Okay ! you first let him recover from his external injuries, and then we will talk about it, if you feel so. I am sure, you also want the best for his life and future.”, added Dr. Shrestha seeing the hesitation in the name of  “Psychiatrist”. “But keep in mind, you need to be extra alert for a few days. Don’t leave him all alone.”, warned Dr. Shreshta.

After the Doctor’s visit, Aniket did not leave Ritvik alone even for a second. He sat close to him all day, talking to him. Even though Ritvik was unconscious, but today Aniket had a lot of talking to do. For him, his words were reaching to Ritvik. On top of that, Ritvik was patiently hearing all what he had to say without any interruption. He held Ritvik’s hand in his hands and talked about how they met for the first time, how he fell in love with him and how important Ritvik had become in his life. He also talked about the various incidents and fights between them. He talked about the incident when they went to watch movie, and he deliberately asked Ritvik to drive his bike and he chose to sit on back-seat so that he can embrace him from backside and explore his body. He talked, and talked and talked. Most of the things he talked were coming out spontaneously and were about only positive moments of their lives together. Although, there was no response from Ritvik but Aniket was talking with a confidence as if Ritvik is listening each and every word of his talks. Many times, his voice trembled and eyes got wet due to excitement and emotions, but then he quickly changed the topic.

He was not only talking, he also did the cleaning, dressing, rubbed the ointment prescribed by the Doctor, washed his bleeding wounds, and gave him medication. Doctor had already given the saline water to avoid dehydration.

The same body, which once mesmerized Aniket was in front of him, all nude. Even though Ritvik was injured, unconscious, and his body had clear signs of scars, injuries and bruises, still his natural beauty was shining flawlessly. The body, which he wanted to explore with his hands, but could not do much even after a couple of forced attempts as there was a resistance from Ritvik. He wished many times to get a glimpse of Ritvik’s body without any clothes, but never got a chance to see it completely nude. Today, all his long desired wishes had come true, but that feeling had eloped, which gave his penis an instant hard-on with a mere thought of Ritvik. That feeling and excitement were  replaced by a powerful sentiment that only had a sense of devotion and wish to see Ritvik back to his glorious charming smile. His bonding with Ritvik became much more dense and stronger. Now, he and his life had only one goal. His existence on this earth was only to protect Ritvik and bring him back to life, smiling and cheerful. The beauty was there, but not the beast. That’s the beauty of the Love. It nurtures all involved in it. It is protective, it is magical. It is divine! At times, it may be hidden behind physical attraction, lust, but it all depends upon what is the driving factor. If it is mixed but driven by love, you still have the magic inside. If Love is not there, it turns ugly. That was the difference between the feelings of Rizwaan and Aniket. One was just a beast without any Love, the later one was ruled by Love. That’s why, even though Aniket at times felt impulsed and tried forcibly to get hold of him, his body, but it was his love hiding behind his impulse for physical attraction that never let him cross the limits or to harm his loved Ritvik. Ritvik’s happiness was all that controlled Aniket’s actions over and above his own desires.

Aniket was also tired, both physically and psychologically. But at this moment, the only thing that was soothing to him, was holding his love in his hands and stay close to him. It was also giving him the assurance because he would get notified with slightest movements of Ritvik and serve him. He did not want to loose a chance to be unaware of Ritvik’s movements, so he had already embraced Ritvik in his arms. He had comfortably set his one arm under Ritvik’s head between the gap of his neck and pillow and his second hand was resting over his belly, moving up and down with each breath Ritvik inhaled or exhaled. Amidst his talks, he rested his head on Ritvik’s chest, close to his shoulder and his eyes got closed. He did not know, when his eyes got closed amidst his one sided talks with Ritvik and slept holding his love in same pose.



A & R (Part-24: Life is… Precious ! )

A few hours passed and Sun-shine was brightening the day. All the time, Ritvik kept lying on the same pose on Aniket’s chest without any movement. There was not even the slightest movement throughout this time. That made Aniket anxious. It was not normal.  The only respite was that he could feel mild breaths on his chest when Ritvik exhaled. Except for his breaths coming out very mildly, there were no symptoms of a life.  He checked many times with tip of his finger and wiped the tears coming out of Ritvik’s eyes which were continually keeping his chest wet. Tears were coming even his eyes were closed. Aniket was worried but did not want to disturb Ritvik, just in case, if he was in sleep. He decided to wait for a few more hours. He himself no longer wished to take Ritvik away from himself even for fraction of a second. He embraced him tightly between his arms assuring himself that no one could now take his love away from him. His heart was beating for “Rit  Vik…     Rit  Vik… !”

It took no time when he noticed it was afternoon. In more than 6 hours, Ritvik did not move. Now he could not wait. It could be a dangerous situation. “What if….”, he could not dare to complete the sentence popping up in his mind indicating some unfortunate incident with Ritvik. His heart-beats started racing even though he was lying on bed. His hands automatically moved, engulfing Ritvik tightly as if someone was going to snatch him away.

“Ritvik ! Sweet heart, look it’s past mid day”, he addressed his fears, expecting Ritvik might respond now after a small nap, although he knew, all the time Ritvik’s eyes were continually rolling out tears, so it was highly unlikely that he might have slept. His body was also warmer than normal, indicating fever like condition. Doctor had informed about it and given the medication accordingly. Now, he must get him some meals before giving any medicines.


“Sweet heart ! ….”,  his voice choked because of overflow of emotions and fear when there was no response from Ritvik. He collected all his courage, and continued while caressing Ritvik’s head, neck and shoulders,  “I can understand what you are undergoing but please don’t leave me alone now. I need your help darling. We both need to be brave and fight against all odds together”.

Still, there was no response. Aniket could no longer wait fearing something bad happening to his love. He slowly turned, and gently moved Ritvik on the bed right next to him. He then tried to look into his eyes, forced open it with his fingers. It was clear that Ritvik was now unconscious. His heart skipped the beat. He kept his head on Ritvik’s chest but could not find the heart beat. His body was warm with fever. Lips were dried and had several cuts. Aniket lost his patience and started crying but his voice did not come out. He looked back at Ritvik’s belly to ensure he was breathing but he could not ascertain anything. “Was he breathing or was it appearing steady?”, he was unable to decide. Even if it appeared moving, sometimes, it was so feeble that he could not make anything out of it. And on top of it, he could not hear his heart beating.