A & R (Part-6: ‘R’ for Ritvik or ‘Ramya’ )

As more and more time passed, Aniket started feeling “good” in and out in the company of Ramya, his new roommate. But the reason was not evident to him. There was no reason to believe that it was effect of Ramya’s presence with him.

He got pulled out of his concentrated thoughts when he sensed the same intensified pleasant aroma, and then he saw those beautiful hands in front of his eyes. Ramya was trying to get hold of the Magazine in his hands from his bed. He was a bit bent toward  Aniket and had to move a little closer to him to get hold of the magazine in his hands. He then heard the sweet giggling sound. He looked back at Ramya with curiousity, who was still laughing at him.

Ramya noticed that “Surprised” look at Aniket’s face, and answered, “I know there are some languages which are read Right to left, but I did not know that you can read anything upside down”, and after this the same lovely smile made his attractive face look more beautiful.

Aniket got one more chance to capture that divine beauty in his heart through his eyes. He kept looking at Ramya’s face, which was illuminated with glory of innocence and happiness. It was all the natural beauty at its best. He wished to keep seeing that smiling face for the eternity. But then interrogative looks in Ramya’s eyes alerted him before it was too late. He was about to repeat the same mistake which he did in the morning.

Controlling the situation, Aniket moved his eyes off and said, “I’m sorry. I was just lost in my thoughts. My attention was not at all in the magazine. You may take it if you want to read.”

“I know that.”, he heard the sweetest voice he might have ever heard.

“I noticed that you are quite uneasy since morning. Is something bothering you? May I help you with something? I mean if you trust me as a friend, you can share your load. May be we can figure out a solution together.”, Ramya Added.

This was Ramya’s basic trait. He was honest and helpful. It was not possible for him to ignore if someone around him is troubled. His words served as the assurance and the offer of friendship to Aniket.

Aniket himself was an honest person. One who is honest to oneself would be the same inside and outside. He cannot have differences. Simplicity is another virtue of honesty. Whatever is inside, will automatically come out unless you don’t want to share it. But for sure, there won’t be two different versions of it.

Aniket did not have to think before he replied, “Actually I was lost in the idiotic things I did in the morning. How embarrassing it was. Probably you might have guessed it correctly how stupid I am sometimes.”

“Naah ! It was nothing. You were not fully alert and awake when I came in. I do even more silly things sometimes. You should not worry about it at all.”, said Ramya with a smile.

It was hard to explain what was it. But there was something special that was bonding the two hearts together. Aniket, since the very first meeting, never felt even for moment that Ramya was not known to him or someone very new to him. He felt Ramya was someone his own, even before knowing his name. This confidence grew stronger after talking to him and spending more and more time in his company.

“Ummm…. !  Sorry ! What’s your name again?”, asked Aniket trying to change the topic and move his eyes forcibly away from the powerful attraction of that smiling face which had kept his eyes glued to it. He was concerned about not letting that incident repeat itself once again, which invariably was getting repeated every now and then with a mere glimpse of Ramya’s face.

“I am Ritvik, but my friends and family call me with my nick name Ramya”,  said the Guest introducing himself, and extended his hand for a hand-shake.

“Were you not supposed to come late today? I mean …..”, Aniket forgot what he was talking about as soon as his hand touched Ramya’s hand. He got lost in another world. Not only his looks, but also his skin, his touch had that mesmerizing effect that could make anyone loose his control over his senses. It was a very different kind of stimulating sensation. Soft skin packed with very sweet, sensational energy.  But this did not last long when contact broke down after Ramya pulled his hand off to cover his mouth before sneezing.”

“I am sorry. What were you talking about..?”, asked Ramya.

“Me .. eh… ? “, … Aniket was speechless. He had just came back from another wonderland and he had no idea where was he when Ramya’s touch made him visit that wonderland.

“Yeah.. you were talking about my coming late something. Actually as per my travel plan my train was scheduled to reach New Delhi station at 9 AM but it was delayed by 5 hours so I called Mrs. Sharma (the landlord’s wife) to inform the same. I knew you have to leave in the morning for your work and since you live alone, I was worried about being locked-out for whole day in your absence. I requested them to make arrangement for alternate keys.

“And then…..    here you are …..how did you manage it at early hours?? Change in travel plan at the last moment, I guess. That would have been a very tiring journey”, asked Aniket.

“Yep.  The train got exceptionally delayed and the Railways decided to cancel it for further journey.  Luckily one of my friends had a reservation in another train last night so I decided to join him. It was really important for me to be here today. I had to report today and complete the joining formalities in the office.”, said Ramya and then hopped out of the bed.

“Excuse me, where is the bathroom? I think I should get ready before getting too late.”, asked Ramya.

“It’s over there.”,  Aniket pointed to one side of the room with his index finger. There was again a shining and a big smile on his face. After all the moment had come which he awaited the whole night and explored in his fantasies. The moment had come when he would be able to see the Charming and attractive body without any clothes covering it. At least most of it. His desires turned heavier to suppress the thoughts of divinity and pure love without any traces of lust he experienced a little while ago. His heart beats started racing in excitement and his mouth got full of saliva as something was about to come as a tasty treat for it. All his senses were longing for a part of the treat long awaited and promised to them.

He kept watching his movements expecting to catch at least a glimpse of Ramya’s beautiful body when he would take off his clothes before going  to the bathroom for a shower.


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