A & R (Part-8: The First Impression)

When Aniket reached home, he noticed the apartment’s door was not locked.  He entered the room, placed his lunch-box on the table and locked the door. His eyes had already scanned the room and found Ritvik lying on the bed. He was probably asleep.

“He must be really tired.”, he told to himself. “No one can go to bed so early. Or….., may he he is not asleep”, he was talking to himself. While coming back to home, he noticed that he skipped the lunch today as he was “lost” in the “Ritvik’s-World” whole day and now he was feeling hungry. It reminded him that Ritvik being very new to the city, probably might not have taken proper lunch as there were no hotels or snack-bars in the vicinity. He got “extra” items packed for enjoying the dinner with his new roommate on the way to his home from office. He was in the dilemma whether he should disturb him or interrupt his nap?

He went close to Ritvik, to see if he was asleep.  When he reached near him, he could not stop himself from gazing at his beautiful face. He sat down on his knees. His eyes started scanning Ritvik’s beauty, starting from his beautiful face, which was glowing with same mesmerizing glory that had made him loose his mind since morning, to his pinkish soft lips, his neck and then his chest. Ritvik was lying straight, his eyes were closed without any apparent movements, and his breathing pace was low but comfortable. It appeared to him that Ritvik was probably in deep sleep. There were a few small droplets shining on his forehead which were result of the hot and humid climate but it did not interfere with his sleep.

He could not stop noticing how soft and juicy his pink lips were, just like rose petals. Wherever his eyes moved, he was finding enormous beauty holding his vision and jamming his eyes  at every point it passed through. He wished to kiss his lips but was afraid that he would be caught in the act if Ritvik was awake.  To see closely if there were any signs of him being alert, or awake, he leaned a bit closer to his eyes.  There were very rare intermittent movements in his eyes, and it looked to him that he was in deep sleep. He suddenly felt an impulse of emotions when he looked again on his face. It was an innocent divine beauty in front of him and his emotions were intensified beyond all his limits of control. He was lost in exploring Ritvik’s beauty, when he suddenly noticed that his lips were gently placed on Ritvik’s forehead. He was kissing Ritvik on his forehead. He got back to his senses with the electrifying sweet sensation when his lips touched Ritvik’s body.  He now knew that he was kissing Ritvik so he was very careful and gentle in his act so that he did not wake him up. He kissed and then moved back. He was feeling the similar kind of emotions that a mother may have for his new born baby,  a brother may have for his younger sibling. He wanted to love him, and make sure that he is safe and happy.  His hand reached Ritvik’s head and his fingers started gently moving through the Ritvik’s silky black hair.

Now he noticed a slight movement in Ritvik’s body. He did not wake up, but he grabbed Aniket’s hand massaging his head from the arm close to the wrist and held it between his right cheek and pillow.  Aniket liked it very much but did not want to be embarrassed when Ritvik would wake up, so he started massaging his hair with left hand gently, and whispered in a sweet voice, “Wake up Buddy! Don’t you want to sleep in night?”

Suddenly Ritvik opened his eyes, and found Aniket looking at him. He also noticed that he was holding Aniket’s hand assuming it to be his mother’s till now and that he was not in his home anymore. He quickly got up awkwardly with embarrassment clearly reflecting from his face. Aniket, although he enjoyed the personal touch he offered to Ritvik and his acceptance of the same momentarily, but it took no time for him to understand the situation seeing the blushing face of Ritvik with signs of embarrassment. To control the situation, he said, “I know you might be feeling exhausted because of long journey and might not have been able to sleep properly as you had to share your berth with your friend after your train was canceled but won’t it be a good idea to plan another round of comfortable sleep after having dinner with your new roommate? I have arranged it for both of us.”, and pointed to a packaging kept on the table in front of them.

Ritvik was usually reluctant to such offerings from strangers, but he was really feeling hungry. In the breakfast, he used whatever left-over was available to him from last night that his mother had packed for him but now there was nothing left. He had taken a tour around the colony during lunch time but could not find anything except the bread and butter, which he had already consumed in lunch.  He suddenly remembered how difficult it was for him to nibble the dry bread sandwich without tea during lunch time. It made him realize how sensitive and caring his roommate was for his condition and needs. It left a very deep and positive impression of his first ever roommate in his mind.


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