The Shashwat Love

(Concluding part of the series The Shashwat Love, Continued from the previous part….)

Sumit was alseep. His senses got alert when he sensed the same familiar body odor around him. He was able to identify Shashwat even in his sleep. He could sense Shashwat to be in his close proximity. He realized it was no longer a dream when he felt the warmth of Shashwat’ body embracing him from his back. It was a skin to skin touch. He was already asleep wearing only underwear. He realized from Shashwat’s spooning to him that Shashwat had also taken off his vest.

Slowly the Shashwat’s gentle embracing turned into a passionate tight hug, still from his back. Sumit pretended to be asleep and did not react. It was altogether a different story that he was able to feel Shashwat’s hard-on rubbing against his ass cheeks. With this, Sumit also felt front of his underwear had starting getting wet with excitement.

Suddenly strong, muscular arms of Shashwat moved to explore front side of Sumit’s body while his warm breadth was making its presence strongly felt at his neck and ear lobe. Shashwat’s lips were moving around his neck, kissing here and there.

Shashwat had started making his grip stronger on Sumit. Not only through his hands, but also through his legs. Shashwat was covering him up from head to toes just like an anaconda gets its prey in its grip.

While Shashwat’s legs were playing with and exploring the super smooth, silky, hairless legs in its grip, his hands started moving up from belly area to the chest. Within a moment, his hands found round, heavy, spongy breasts and started squeezing it, and it was then Shashwat whispered in ears, “I love you “Sara’ ! “, and turned Sara towards himself.

Sara was no longer in the side pose now. Shashwat had taken the lead and got upon her. Shashwat’s one hand was holding the right boob sucking her nipple, while his other hand was now massaging her wet pussy, which was lubricated enough by this time showing her excitement level.

With wild sucking of nipples, Sara started moaning, and opened her eyes. She had big, beautiful eyes, and Shashwat’s mouth at her nipples, and his fingers inside her vagina had made it appear more seductive. She opened her eyes and noticed she was no longer in the hotel room. It was their bed room, and her love of life, her husband, Shashwat was readying himself to enter her. He was fully erect now.

After they enjoyed and satisfied each other in sexual intercourse, Shashwat slowly moved down next to Sara, holding her in his arms. Sara slowly moved her head on Shashwat’s chest and closed her eyes, embracing him in her arm.

While trying to get back to sleep, she closed her eyes and started thinking about “The Truth” ! Sometimes back, her truth was all different. Yes, it was also a truth as long as she lived the life of man, Sumit, who loved Shashwat truly and deeply. And now, this was also a truth, where she is Sara, and happily married to Shashwat. “What is the truth?”, she asked herself. There was no doubt, even for a fraction of a second, in her existence, or in the intensity of pain she felt as Sumit. Her happiness when she met Shashwat for the first time and her getting attracted to Shashwat were all real. The feelings for Shashwat when Sumit felt deeply attracted to him but could not find a way out to express his love for him, or his puzzled mind with lot of agony and frustration over his inability to get hold of his love of life, Shashwat, were all real. He had lived months of happiness, suffered with sorrows, and lived a full life in real in those few hours of being Sumit. When there was Sumit, Sara did not exist. But now when she is Sara, Sumit is as real as she just been there with him and knew him better than anyone else in this world. Was that true… or is this true?

What is the Truth? That’s a tough question to figure out. The dimensions, magnitude and definitions of time and space all got changed. She lived almost a full life, and prominent few months of a loving heart in just a couple of hours. She can still feel at this moment inside her the same feelings that Sumit lived in his life.

It appeared to her that both the lives have no absolute truth. All our truths are relative. Our space, time, definitions, our identity are all relative to some frame of reference. These are truth as long as we believe in them, and soon this truth changes when our definitions or frame of reference is changed. She had become an observer. She was not Sumit. She was no longer Sara either. She was the same pure bliss who was observing it all. The one who observed Sumit, and his feelings. His love and his agony, and now observing Sara. The stories changed, the characters were changed, but there was one Shashwat thing in both the stories. It was the love which was true. The love, which was true when she was Sumit. The same love was here when she is Sara. The same true, Shashwat (Eternal) Love for the person named Shashwat.

What’s it in the name? Be it “Shashwat”,..”Sumit”… or “Sara”! The only Shashwat (Eternal) thing, which remains true in all scopes of time and beyond… is the Love. The Love is the love. It is not dependent on sex, looks, gender or identity. The love that always remain unchanged.. and is beyond the physical things.. the body and names, is the Shashwat Love. It was not Shashwat that made her happy. It was this Shashwat Love that was the root cause of her happiness!

… and most of the times we don’t realize it!

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The Love of the Life

Sumit kept watching Shashwat for some more time, while he was asleep. He had to intermittently adjust his bulge due to hard-on which was another distraction for him now and was not allowing him to enjoy the glorious beauty of his love in front of his eyes. After a few minutes he decided to let go of his fears holding him from at least touch and feel Shashwat’s body. He knew he would never get that chance again if not now. The adrenaline and testosterone running through his body had a made him take bold step without worrying about the possible consequences.

He slowly moved to the side of the bed where Shashwat was sleeping in his inner-wears, covered partially with a bed-sheet. Sumit called Shashwat’s name a couple of times in low voice to check if he was still awake. There was no response from Shashwat. Sumit took it as a confirmation that Shashwat was asleep and proceeded to uncover him very carefully from the bed-sheet he was covered with. When he took the sheet off, he was amazed to see his man sleeping in white vest and white V-cut underwear in front of his eyes. Sumit’s heart started racing with excitement and fear. He then slowly started folding Shashwat’s vest to uncover his belly and part of chest as much as he could do without taking a risk to touch Shashwat directly.

Sumit’s heart skipped the beat when he saw the Shashwat’s body at such a close distance within his reach. Sumit kept staring at Shashwat’s deep navel for a few moments which was moving up and down in a steady pace with his breathing. Sumit brought his lips over Shashwat’s belly-button, and sniffed it. He wished to kiss him right there, but he couldn’t dare to do so. Sumit didn’t want to take risk of waking up Shashwat with his stupidity and loose the golden chance that he got luckily today. He hovered his fingers over the hairline from his lower chest, through his belly-button up to the point where it was entering the elastic band of his underwear.

He looked a bit down. Contour of Shashwat’s thick cock was clearly visible from his undie and was hinting he possessed a nice package down there. Sumit now could not control himself from touching Shashwat’s cock for once through his underwear. Sumit’s fingers started floating over the contours of Shashwat’s cock softly. He himself was fully erect now. He was careful not to let Shashwat feel any pressure because of his fingers floating over his underwear while Sumit was enjoying the touch of his private part.

Suddenly, Shashwat changed to side-pose, away from Sumit and turned to the other side facing the empty bed. Shashwat’s round shaped butts covered in white tight-fit underwear and perfectly rounded thighs, which were neither lean, nor very heavy, were facing Sumit now. This movement alerted Sumit. It was a possibility that Shashwat might be awake! Glory of his shiny face faded off instantly. Little droplets of sweat filled his forehead even though he was in air-conditioned room. He was scared, and nervous! He couldn’t dare to pull back Shashwat’s vest to its original position fearing any further act may turn it into a nightmare if Shashwat was awake.

Sumit quickly moved back to his side of bed and decided to lie down. He wanted to pretend being asleep. It was the easiest escape coming to his mind to save himself. He did accordingly, but he could not dare to face Shashwat. He was facing opposite to Shashwat. When Sumit closed his eyes, it was Shashwat’s same beautiful and sexy body, his thick bulge, floating around which he just witnessed a few moments ago. He opened his eyes struggling hard to put those images to rest, and turned his face to sneak at Shashwat’s face. He wanted to ensure if Shashwat was still asleep. Shashwat’s eyes were comfortably closed. He was indeed in a deep sleep. Sumit looked on Shashwat’s body once again as if he was creating a sketch of it in his memory. Suddenly it came to his mind that he should bring Shashwat’s unwrapped vest to normal position to save himself from the embarrassment when Shashwat wakes up.

Sumit slowly turned towards Shashwat and started pulling down Shashwat’s vest gently. He could do it partially only as major part of his un-covered vest was now suppressed on the side Shashwat was sleeping on. But he felt comfortable after pulling down Shashwat’s vest, which was looking much more like normal condition, before Shashwat went to sleep. Thinking about Shashwat’s clothes, it reminded him that Shashwat had hinted an outdoor trip in evening. That means he must also take his clothes off to save it from wrinkles before sleeping, like Shashwat did. He had not brought any other pair of dress.

Sumit got up, took off his clothes, hesitantly. He was not wearing vest. He was not used to wear anything under T-Shirt. He felt awkward in sleeping just in underwear with Shashwat. He used to sleep this way in his room but that was when Shashwat was not around him. Why he was feeling shy of Shashwat today, he couldn’t understand. But there was no other option either. While putting his T-shirt on the hanger, he sniffed Shashwat’s shirt which Shashwat had already placed there before going for sleep, to smell his body odor and felt relaxed. Sumit felt like he was embraced by Shashwat. After putting off his TShirt and Jeans, he came back and lay down on the bed next to Shashwat who sleeping on other half of the bed.

Before closing his eyes, Sumit looked at Shashwat for one more time, took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He was feeling sad for his condition. He loved someone, but was not able to express it, just because they both were of same sex. Besides the age difference, he wished to have him as his spouse, but that was not possible most probably. He cursed his life as he was the unlucky person with poor heart to suffer with all these dilemmas in secrecy and privacy. “Would it be any better, if I was able to marry him”, he asked to himself. “But how?… I am not a girl”, he cross-questioned himself. “Would it have solved my problems if I was a girl?”, he thought for a moment.

No, he had no girlish fantasies. He was happy being a man and had no gender identity crisis. But being a man was making his life miserable. It was the only reason why he had no chance of being with the person he loved the most. It was the root cause why he wasn’t even able to express his heart and his true feelings to Shashwat.

“His wife would be the most lucky person on the earth!”, he consoled himself assuming Shashwat was married and that his wife was probably the luckiest person on earth to find such a cool life partner. Sumit felt that Shashwat was really a gem of a person, and an asset for life-long journey together. He was down to earth, soft-sweet spoken, manly, friendly, and most importantly very caring. He had shown many times how much he cared for a stranger like Sumit.

Sumit had noticed time and again that Shashwat paid attention to all small and minute things, trying to read his thoughts…when he was down emotionally… and Shashwat’s approach to settle the things back to normalcy was really a balanced practical approach. There was this perfect blend of care with love without interfering too much into his individuality. This was one of the reasons why he felt him reliable and trustworthy partner for life. Among these thoughts of regrets for not being able to be with the person he liked the most, and his sexual identity crisis with loads of social stigma, he didn’t know when his eyes got closed and he fell asleep remembering Shashwat, the Love of his life.

More… and More of Shashwat!

Sumit was clearly enjoying the ride now with a better mood. Positive vibes and his smile reflected that he was comfortable in Shashwat’s company now. His jovial attitude was coming back on track slowly and the silence and sadness started disappearing.

After a long drive, they reached their destination. It was already afternoon. The place was called “Chowkhi Dhani”.

It was a beautiful resort, full of Rajsthan’s spirits and flavors. It was a weekend. The place was crowded with a lot of vehicles from neighboring states, majority of which were from Delhi NCR. It was difficult to find a suitable parking spot nearby. After parking the vehicle, they headed for a restaurant. It was already lunch time when they arrived.

The ambiance and theme was very appropriate to make you feel the Rajasthani swag in an air-conditioned hall. It was altogether a new experience to have it in a small group all together sitting on ground in desi style instead of regular table-chair style. It was comfortable, if you have no problem with squats or any kind of disability that prohibits you from sitting on ground. It took some time, but when the food was served, it was mouth-watering with fascinating aroma. Full of variety, spicy, sweet, sour, etc. There were dishes served which they hadn’t tasted earlier, or some of the items that you only get to see in your home (like white butter). The food was delicious.

Having finished the meals, they stood in open for a while. There were many questions coming to Sumit’s mind and he was curious to know more about Shashwat, his family, but he felt it would be inappropriate to cross the boundary and enter into personal life of Shashwat. Besides, his “curiosity” had already lead him to the position where he felt obnoxious and fragile in front of Shashwat. He was unable to control his emotions and couldn’t dare to express his feelings very clearly either. He decided to remain silent on this front, after all, it was just a thank-you gesture and probably the last chance to see Shashwat.

“How was the food?”, asked Shashwat, breaking the ice.

“It was good.”, replied Sumit. He was cautious on not using any extra words, it appeared from his short reply.

“Just good?… Seems like you didn’t like it ! Shit …! All money wasted then”, added Shashwat with grueling expressions. Shashwat’s words made Sumit realize he probably was not being fair to his host. It was clear that Shashwat had planned all this as special as he could make it to express his sincere thanks to Sumit. Shashwat had planned this Lunch at this luxury resort miles away from Delhi, just to make it a memorable lunch for him, and he even did not give it enough credit.

“No,.. I mean … it was delicious… and probably one of the best ones I had done so far.”, Sumit tried to control the damages now. “But..! it was not necessary.. I mean.. Delhi itself has plenty of food options.. and at far reasonable rates than this… we didn’t really need to come so far just for a lunch”, added Sumit.

He now looked back at Shashwat to see his reaction. He was afraid he might have offended Shashwat again with his own thoughts and slip of tongue that he was trying to control hard with limited communications since morning. He soon realized after finishing his statement that he once again said something that disapproved Shashwat’s action and plan. His thoughts were appropriate to his life journey so far and his living style. This exorbitant expenditure was unnecessary for a young lad in his mid twenties who was earning handsomely for a bachelor but hardly sufficient for a family.

He looked at Shashwat for his reaction. His was a bit serious for a moment and then burst out into laughter. He struggled to control his laughter and when he really got over it, he said, “Who said we came here just for lunch?”, looking at Sumit who was looking totally confused after hearing this reply from Shashwat.

“Let’s go !”, said Shashwat wrapping his arm around Sumit’s shoulder, and started moving to their car parked in parking lot.

After a short while, they arrived at beautiful place-like hotel. The lights and shades were adding glamour to its beauty.

And the rooms were even more beautiful.

After checking in, Shashwat took off his shirt and trouser and then got laid on the bed. He then looked at Sumit, who was looking at Shashwat and winked. Shashwat was looking more sexy in just inner-garments. He said, “Now you know.. we haven’t come so far just for lunch..!”, and smiled.

“I’m a bit tired now, and would take a short nap. Why don’t you make yourself comfortable too. I would suggest you too to take an afternoon nap. We will go outside in evening when it is a little less hot.”, Shashwat hinted about their busy schedule in evening.

After a long drive and such a diet, it did not take long for Shashwat to go in deep sleep. It was Sumit who was finding it difficult to sleep now. He was already attracted to Shashwat since he met him, and now glimpse of his beautiful body, and the chance to be right next to him on the same bed while Shashwat was lying half naked.. was enough to make butterflies fly in his stomach. He could not take his eyes off Shashwat even for a moment. Sumit knew it was rude, and inappropriate but he kept staring at Shashwat for a long time. He started feeling an intense wave of emotions
covering him up from all sides, favoring Shashwat. He wanted to surrender completely to Shashwat. It was a life time opportunity for him to be this close to Shashwat which probably he won’t be able to get in rest of his life. It was a gift he wished for but hasn’t asked. He wanted to devote his life to Shashwat. He wanted Shashwat to become his life partner, his spouse, forever.

All these thoughts started rushing through one after another in Sumit’s mind. He knew it what he was doing was not right – ogling at Shashwat. He decided to ignore the morality of thoughts and his actions for the moment. He wanted to touch Shashwat, for once, but was scared to death to do that, so he was drinking his beauty through his eyes. He looked at his juicy lips, his broad shoulders, his neck, his cured biceps, his chest visible through the sando that Shashwat was wearing. Wherever his eyes reached on Shashwat’s body, it got stuck to that part of his body for a moment. He couldn’t find enough of Shashwat to feel satisfied. He wanted more..and more of Shashwat!

Sumit started getting a hard-on seeing Shashwat sleeping like this. His presumed love of life was right in front of his eyes. Shashwat was asleep really fast. He was tired after such a long drive. But Sumit had a fear that probably he might not be in sound sleep yet. What if he was caught ogling Shashwat like that? Still the intense emotions and desires didn’t allow him to take off his eyes knowing it could just be a very limited opportunity.

The Un-known Destination!

(Continued from… The Silent Connection)

Sumit got nervous when he felt warmth of someone’s hand holding his hand. He opened his eyes and saw it was Shashwat. He was holding his hand very securely and calling his name. Sumit was lost in the melodies of Song played on FM radio in the car… or probably, he could not notice when he fall asleep.

“Hey !… are you sleeping?”, asked Shashwat, and then added, “I called you multiple times but you didn’t respond.”

Now Sumit realized yes, he had fallen asleep.

“Yeah.. probably!”, he responded hesitantly.

“Never mind.. ! you can go to back seat to have some more leg space for a comfortable sleep, but after having some breakfast.”, told Shashwat.”It’s already quite late”, he added.

“No. I’m good. I don’t want to sleep. It was probably melody of music that made me fall asleep. I can wait for breakfast though. How long will it take us to reach there?”, said Sumit.

“Wait for breakfast? Why?”, Shashwat smiled, and added, ” Breakfast is ready. It’s already packed in small packets kept in backseat. I got it all ready before coming to you, remember? I told you I will take care of it.”

“We cannot afford to delay it further by halting en route for breakfast”, Shashwat clarified. He was now looking straight at road while driving.

Sumit looked around, trying to identify their current location. It was clear they were speeding up on some national highway, far away from city chaos.

“Where are we heading to?”, asked Sumit. He was looking surprised clearly. He had assumed it to be a local movie cum lunch date at the most, but clearly they were out of city skirts now. ‘Cannot afford’ was hinting other plans in Shashwat’s mind.

“You will come to know…!”, replied Shashwat with a wink to make it a bigger surprise. But it did not last long when the highway milestone with “Jaipur XX Kms” passed a few minutes later. This time, it was Sumit’s turn to smile at Shashwat’s over-smartness.

“Okay ! Let’s take a small break and finish breakfast first. I am feeling hungry too. I don’t know how do you manage it for so long without food. Besides, I need to pee.”, Shashwat said and slowly pulled the car off the highway and stopped at a Petrol Pump.

It was a pleasant climate. Neither too hot, nor too cold. Shashwat went on to relieve himself from nature’s call and when he turned back he saw Sumit standing near exit ramp of the petrol pump with car parked on one side. Sumit was waiting outside the car, holding ignition keys in his hand and looking at Shashwat. He was looking gorgeous as usual. Just like an adorable innocent kid who needs more and more love poured on him. .. or probably it was just Shashwat’s feelings for Sumit making him appear lovable, adorable.

When Shashwat approached Sumit, he said, “I got the tank full.”

“Good. Have you collected the bill for the payment made?”, asked Shashwat.

“No, I didn’t. “, replied Sumit.

Next, there was this silent expression on Shashwat’s face that was loudly speaking … “Go.. get it now!”. Sumit understood from the silence and Shashwat’s obvious reaction. He went back to the cashier to get the payment receipt cum bill, and handed it to Shashwat. Shashwat took it and kept it in his pocket without even looking at it, and then they resumed their journey after finishing the break-fast.

The Silent Connection

Sumit could hardly finish his bath and came out of bathroom quickly to see his mobile buzzing again. It was Shashwat calling. He had arrived at pick up point discussed earlier and was calling Sumit to confirm his arrival when he did not see Sumit there.

Sumit answered the call without even wiping off his wet body and told him that he would be there in next 5 minutes or so. After disconnecting the call, he dried his body with a towel and quickly dressed himself in casual attire, combed his wet hair, sprayed a lot of fragrance on his body and clothes, picked up his mobile and started moving fast to the decided location.

When Sumit reached at the spot, he found Shashwat waiting in the car parked on the road side where they had decided to meet. Shashwat welcomed Sumit with a smile and unlocked the front seat door for Sumit. Sumit smiled back but quickly looked away. He was avoiding the direct look on Shashwat’s face. It was unusual and awkward. After Sumit locked his door, Shashwat drove off the car.

Sumit was unusually silent. He was speaking very less. It was only Shashwat who was initiating the talks on random topics to break the ice. Sumit’s replies very mostly in “yes” or “no”, or in just a very few words when necessary. While replying, Sumit was mostly looking on the road avoiding directly look at Shashwat. It was clear to Shashwat within few minutes, something was not right. This was not the Sumit he knew so far.

“Are you alright?”, asked Shashwat trying to understand why Sumit was behaving so differently.

“Yeah.. ! I’m fine.”, replied Sumit.

There was a few more moments of silence between them, and then Shashwat asked again, “Is something troubling you?”

“No… Nothing! I’m perfectly fine.”, replied Sumit with a clear fake smile but this time he looked into Shashwat’s eyes momentarily. Sumit quickly moved his eyes away when he felt Shashwat’s eyes were able to penetrate deeper and read his thoughts probably.

Shashwat was clearly concerned for Sumit but assumed that probably Sumit did not want to discuss his matters with him. Little did Shashwat know that Sumit was fighting internally against his own feelings and was struggling to hold his sexual identity as per the social norms and the love he felt. Shashwat decided to give Sumit some time and space to let him cool down and relax, which might help him open up later. Seeing no interest in conversations from Sumit, Shashwat turned on the FM Radio.

There was awkward silence between the two and the car was running as if they were traveling alone in that car. Sumit closed his eyes and rested his head on the head-rest attached to the seat. The car was heading south, with Sumit and Shashwat both present in it bonded with a silent connection.

The Love Is Love

Sumit woke up and looked at the wall-clock on his left. It was showing 9:35. He was still feeling dull, partly because of nap, and partly because of emotional baggage he was carrying since morning. Whatever we start thinking immediately before going in sleep, keeps running deep in our unconscious mind. Sumit had committed the same mistake. He could not clear his mind before going to sleep. As a result, instead of feeling relaxed and energetic after around 2 hours rest, he was still feeling low in energy. He closed his eyes once again, churning the thoughts going in his mind. He was now thinking whether he should go with Shashwat at planned or not.

Sumit’s attention was diverted by his buzzing mobile phone. It was on vibration only mode. It was Shashwat calling again. He picked up the call.

“Hey ! Listen.. are you ready?”, he heard Shashwat coming directly to this question. It sounded like there might be a last minute change in plan. Why else would he ask this question. He felt a bit relieved. Now he won’t have to make excuses for not going with Shashwat. His dilemma was automatically resolved by Shashwat. Now he won’t be guilty of denying or backing off.

“eh..! … I was.. actually.. not yet!”, he could not decide what to answer. His thoughts were puzzled, just like him.

“Oh ! I thought .. probably you might have got ready by now.”, Shashwat replied. His voice was energetic just like him.

“Nevermind. Is there a possibility we can move a little early? 11:30 would be too late. I was thinking … if I may come to pick you up in half an hour or so? You need not to worry about breakfast thing.. I will take care of it. Can we?”, asked Shashwat.

It was a surprise for Sumit. Where he assumed it a “drop of plan” call by Shashwat, he actully asked more time with him. It was hardly 25 minutes left to get ready if he has to go with Shashwat’s new plan. The sudden thoughts, which prompt us for a quick decision, replace all other thoughts from our mind at that moment. How complex our mind is, even we don’t ever realize it. But yes, now the only question running in Sumit’s mind was whether he could be ready in next 20 minutes?

“Yes, I will try, I guess I can make it. “, Sumit replied looking at the clock again deciding whether he can get ready in next 20 minutes or not. He did not need a lot of time in getting ready or to spend time on doing makeup. He can skip shaving too in order to save time. 20 minutes was sufficient for him.

“Ok. I am on my way. I will reach there in approximately half an hour from now, after finishing up some tasks on hand. I will call you when I am close to the over-bridge. See you then in 30 minutes”, confirmed Shashwat.

After Shashwat hung up the call, Sumit got off the bed, took off his T-Shirt, looked at the clock once again and moved towards the bathroom to get ready.

Not to mention, the cuteness gets amplified with such child like innocence and mature-body of a young lad adds salt to the pepper. Sumit was a combination of both, an innocent child from within, seeking the love and care, and a hunk outside with an attractive body build!

All his search was for finding the love of his life to complement the incompleteness in his life. Shashwat happened to be the best match to fit in but he had no idea how to get his love and attention. A little bit of attention from Shashwat to him was a consolation and he felt relaxed but he was somehow also under pressure to “be normal”, like other guys around him. This world assumes only affection to opposite sex as normal. Least does it realize “the Love is Love“. This world could never understand the Love, be it between the Laila-Majnu, the Heer-Ranjha, or Meera and Krishna ! Because the Love is divine, which is beyond the capabilities of this physical world to understand it. We tend to discard, whatever we don’t understand.

Although, the root cause of his getting attracted to Shashwat was not physical, but it was also a fact that both of them were males. It was not his fault that the person he found his love in, was also of same sex as he himself. He had no control over his emotions, his feelings of love for someone. The Love happens, it’s business that is done, not the love. He was struggling between his love, and the pressure to come to terms with social norms. And this struggle is one of the worst kind of struggles in the universe as you rarely find a solution to come out of it. No, there is no easy solution.