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Warning: This blog is a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Category, Adult, Gay blog and my personal eDiary. If you find this unsafe, inappropriate for any reason, or are below legal age of viewing such contents in your region, please close this window and exit this blog immediately.  It may contain nude, homo-sexual contents.


I am eager to share my thoughts, experiences about the dramatic events happening in my life recently. You may follow it through my blog at https://desimunda.wordpress.com/, which is all about my real life events, and a diary of personal thoughts. This blog is mostly updated on weekly basis, usually on weekends.

Before you proceed further to read detailed section of about me and this blog, you may find it interesting to visit the Q&A page / FAQs section. This is a list of questions about me and my roommate, frequently being asked by my online friends and readers. So, I decided to compile them in a separate post and publish for my audience here on my this eDiary. If you still have something that is un-answered, or if there is something that you want to suggest to me, you are more than welcome to Contact me. I love to interact with my readers.

What is this blog (Story) all about?

This is the story of a guy, who has no prior experience in love and sex. He thinks he is hetro-sexual and so far yes, he is, at least in his fantasies. Initially he had known himself to be a straight guy before he met his roommate, where this story begun. Later, he was told that straights have no right (as per definition) to sexually admire other males, so … he was told “No, you’re not straight” and the confusion continues….then he was given a beautiful and effective advice to “forget about labels; focus on your feelings.” Now, he is least bothered about labels related to his sexuality and sexual identity.  He believes in #LoveIsLove philosophy, irrespective of gender, religion and prejudices.

This blog is about a sensual, true love story of a guy, who has moved to a new city, first time out of his home all alone, for joining a new job. He is sharing a room with another Guy. Follow the blog to read how his passionate and loving room partner persuades him to fall in love with him.

To read the complete story from the very beginning, visit the TABLE OF CONTENTS page, by clicking on the top right corner of the screen. Here you will find every major incident of my love-life (excluding other posts and “Thoughts”) listed in sequence in Chapter by Chapter mode.

I love to interact with my readers, and online friends and warmly welcome their comments, suggestions, or feedback. Please use the CONTACT form from top right menu, which directly connects you with my mailbox (I respect your privacy concerns, so you may rest assured of your privacy and no-spamming from me), or leave your footprints in form of your suggestions, likes, dislikes, feedback etc. as comments on the posts.

A little about me:

I am an easy to get along with, simple, and old-fashioned guy (someone gave me this title recently). who values honesty, sincerity, creativity.

I have been accepted for an internship program in one of the reputed multinational companies in Delhi NCR, India. It is a big opportunity for me to shape my career. I belong to a middle class family from not-so-big metro cities, where I lived with my loving and caring parents till now. I am the only child to my parents.

[July 1st, 2017 : Update ] : After completion of my 1 year of internship project, I left the room and my roomie. to complete the last year of my graduation degree, back at my home town (as continued in one of the recent series tiltled “Back to Home”).

Being the single child to a loving and caring Parents, I’ve got two-fold or three fold dose of love and care from them. I am an ordinary (Punjabi, if that matters) guy, (although people have complimented me for attractive looks sometimes), with decent physique (6 feet tall, having matching body build). I was happy with what I am until I met this “roommate”. Everything in my life is changing dramatically day by day since this roommate entered in my life, and in my mind.

I belong to a relatively smaller city but after getting the joining offer for a year, I have moved to Delhi NCR. This experience and break is very important for my career. This is my first ever stay in India, outside my home all alone. I had been on a summer internship project for 3 months for same company in USA in last semester, but that was a different and safer experience for me. I am one of the few lucky people who have been re-invited to join this one year long project in the same company (but in India this time) on internship through an Industry-Academia Partnership program.

Wait, it is not over yet, fella ! There is one more thing I would like to share with you, my friends.It is a little bit private, so I am confiding in you my secrets that I even could not share with my family or close-friends. I trust you that you will not break my faith in you and will respect my privacy and keep my secrets.

What is my secret?

Except a few initial years of my toddler age, and a few exceptional accidents later, “No one”, including my fast friends and even my parents have seen my body yet. Yep ! I am extremely shy about it and feel uneasy about exposing my body. Don’t know why but since my childhood I got special feelings for nipples, belly button etc. Of course, I am a “manly” man, but I don’t know why I feel like this. Obviously, I did not have any sex partner yet, and I am a virgin. That’s the very reason I always avoided all the possibilities of going out with friends, etc. for a longer stay or living in a hostel, which are already notorious for ragging events.

I know that it is not that bad now, as it used to be a few years earlier, but movies like 3-idiots, Munna Bhai MBBS make me freeze in the name of hostel-life.

Why am I sharing it with you?

I am confused. I am not sure why I am sharing it with you. It is probably because I seek a good friend to share my secrets now, and probably get some valuable advice from time to time on how to proceed with my confusing life events. A friend, whom I can trust, and who won’t make fun of me 20-30 years down the line in front of my kids with my silly mistakes. Otherwise, I will have to author another version of “3-mistakes of my life”.

Your age, location, sexual orientation, sex, other preferences, religion, political views etc. nothing matters to me except for your friendship and candid feedback from time to time.

What do I expect from you?

A kind and friendly support. That’s all, folks! I need your support at emotional level, moral level and all other levels you think it could be useful to me. I cannot consult anyone else for it. So, while you may enjoy this light and entertaining story/snippets, I also look forward to you to leave your feedback, suggestions, advice, whatever you think could be necessary and helpful to me in improving my life. Some of you may already have experienced sweet and sour flavors in life, where I am starting today. So, your advice, and feedback is very important for me.

I request you to leave your foot-prints in terms of feedback, likes, dislikes, comments and testimonials.

A Note/Disclaimer :

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