A & R (Part-7: Love & Charm)

Continued from A & R (Part-6: ‘R’ for Ritvik or ‘Ramya’ )

He kept watching Ritvik but Ritvik did not take his clothes off in front of him. He did not even remove his T-shirt or short that he was wearing.  It was a little disappointment for Aniket as he missed an opportunity but he was positive to get more such chances in future.

Aniket was unable to understand what was it in Ritvik’s personality that was pulling all his attention to him. He was unable to understand what kind of feeling was it for a person he hardly met a few hours ago. But there was no doubt in his mind and soul that Ritvik was never a stranger to him. He felt a very strong emotional connection and an unbreakable bonding with Ritvik, his new roommate since very beginning. This feeling was getting solidified with time as he spent more time with Ritvik. Why he felt so, was not clear to him, but he was confident about his feelings and had positive vibes about this feeling for Ritvik.

Later that day, when Aniket reached his office, he had the same kind of feeling which keeps us eagerly waiting unpatiently when we get the message from Amazon that our ordered long awaited item is out of delivery and reaching today. He knew there is someone back at home and he was unable to control his strong urge to go back home and spend some more time in his company.

It was even more difficult for him to spend time in office. Day was looking enormously stretched and time was moving very slow. Every moment appeared to him as a century.  Though he was in office, but his mind and soul were not there. He was among the crowd of people but all alone. Suddenly he noticed the same pleasant attractive smile which he was longing to see since morning, at the corner of the hall near the entrance. It was Ritvik entering the hall with his evergreen, charming smile on his face. He could not believe it and his heart started racing in excitement.  He rubbed his eyes to ascertain it was not a dream and looked back again. Woosh ! he was gone. Ritvik was not there anymore.

“What the hell?”, he blabbered. “Am I day dreaming? What is going on with me?”, he asked to himself and looked around. He was sitting at this desk, surrounded with those faces which were familiar till yesterday but appeared strangers to him now. The face he was looking for was no where in that crowd.

He blushed and a smile float on his face. “Aniket ! You are lost in his Love”, he said to himself with his eyes closed. He could see Ritvik more clearly in close eyes. It did not require any efforts or imagination. The moment he closed his eyes, Ritvik was present there as real as he was in the morning when he was sitting next to him.

After that, it happened couple of times, when he unexpectedly noticed Ritvik around him but later found that it was only a mirage. All the times he saw Ritvik, he was very real but he could not decide whether it was real until he disappeared after a few moments and he found someone else standing in place of Ritvik. Ritvik appeared in front of him soon after he got intensified memories of being with Ritvik. These moments when he found Ritvik around him, were soothing, and quenching his thirst for being with him. The cycle kept on repeating itself. More he tried to push himself away from Ritvik, more he found falling for him.

“Am I losing my control?”, he asked himself. He was really concerned about his mental health after similar incident occurred 4th time. But  no, he was feeling good, confident and very happy whenever he say that smiling face of Ritvik around him. “Naah ! It can’t happen. I am okay. It is his charm which is reminding me of him since morning”, he concluded.  He looked at his computer’s clock, which was showing 6:37 PM, packed his bag and turned it off to call it the day.

He started moving to the parking area where his bike was parked. There was nothing more important for him now than to reach home as soon as possible and finally meet the guy whose charm has made him loose his control in just one small session.


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