A & R (Part-9: Practical vs Platonic Love)

Ritvik was deeply “touched” with caring and sensitive nature of his new roommate “Aniket”. Both of them enjoyed the dinner together. It was their first night stay together and a suitable time for them to know each other better.

Aniket noticed, Ritvik was blessed with a pleasant personality. He was simple yet stylish, attractive, soft-spoken but a bit shy. He did not talk much. Aniket had to throw the random topics to continue the conversations and have a lively session between them. Ritvik’s answers were short and precise.  He guessed it correctly, and got his idea confirmed during chit-chat with Ritvik that it was a very new experience for Ritvik. It was for the very first time that he had moved out of his parents house and was a little afraid of being all alone.

Aniket found that there was still a child full of innocence, emotions and simplicity somewhere hidden behind the young, tall, attractive lad who became his new roommate. This simplicity and childish innocence added a feel of sanctity and trust to his personality, and who would not fall for a lovely innocent kid captured in an attractive body of young teen? It was hard to defy the power of his charm which directly touched the heart and soul of most of the people. Human souls are prone to fall for such things which are pure, simple and pleasant. It was a hidden charm in his personality that touched everyone who came in contact of Ritvik and made them fall for him unknowingly.

Days passed, and both started liking each other. For Ritvik, his roommate Aniket was among one of his good friends now. Ritvik used to be the center of attraction among his friends and got special “priority” treatment all the time since his childhood. He was good in studies, with down-to-earth nature, friendly and cooperative. No doubt, his physical beauty was among one of the reasons to attract more and more people to him, but it was his basic nature that made most of them admire him and fall in love with him eventually. “To Love” was his nature. After moving to this city, all alone, he was terribly missing his friends. It was one of his worrisome fears to survive in a new place without his friends. His bouquet of friends was no less than a treasure to him. Being an emotional guy, he used to easily connect with people at emotional levels and loving them was a channel to allow free-flow of his emotional energy. Now, Aniket was filling up this void for him.  They both needed each other. For Ritvik, it was a need of a friend but for Aniket, Ritvik was becoming much more than just a “friend”.  The need to “find a little more” disappeared from Aniket’s life after meeting Ritvik. Now, there was no “more”, it was just “Ritvik”.

Aniket’s bonding with Ritvik was growing stronger day by day and within a week, he found it hard to keep his secret feelings from his love of life. He felt compelled to open up his heart and surrender to Ritvik.  Where there is honesty, in and out, nothing matters more than the truth and self-acceptance. It appeared as a crime to him to keep Ritvik in dark or to not to be honest with him about his feelings now. He was afraid of losing him as it would mean ending his life but love itself is “giving up”. It makes you learn to give up yourself, your happiness, your desires for happiness of your lover. Aniket realized how important was it to be honest in relationships and the very nature of Ritvik as also loudly about “the values” he believed in. It was becoming mandatory for Aniket to be honest about his feelings for Ritvik and not to keep him in dark. He got a chance to confess his love for Ritvik on his birthday and in very straight-forward and honest way, he expressed his feelings to him.

Although for Ritvik, he was just a “good” friend, but for Aniket, it was a different story. He needed “exclusive” rights over Ritivk.  He was becoming more and more possessive of Ritvik day by day. He many times felt the situation going out of his control and was felt insecure about his position. For Ritvik, it was just losing one of his friends at the worst case. For Aniket, it was losing everything in his life.

Aniket tried to control the impossible thing, his impulse to have physical intimacy and sex with Ritvik but failed miserably. Ritvik wanted it to be a platonic one. Here the frequencies of the two were not matching, which caused a lots of drifts and issues initially.  But slowly they both started understanding each other and changed their assumptions with time to settle down in a more soothing and enjoyable relationship. With the time, the reluctance was replaced with acceptance, the “I” was replaced with “we” and “me” was replaced with “You”, or “us” as applicable. This change happened from both the sides.  This helped them overcome the sourness of their relationship and they started feeling in love with each other.

Small and big incidents in life make the life turn into various shades but these also let you realize the value of the things which you don’t realize otherwise.  Within 6 months of their stay together, they both were lucky to realize the value of the loving partner in their lives. They were now unable to live without each-other. A new chapter of happiness was unfolding in their lives, but there was lot more to come.





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