More… and More of Shashwat!

Sumit was clearly enjoying the ride now with a better mood. Positive vibes and his smile reflected that he was comfortable in Shashwat’s company now. His jovial attitude was coming back on track slowly and the silence and sadness started disappearing.

After a long drive, they reached their destination. It was already afternoon. The place was called “Chowkhi Dhani”.

It was a beautiful resort, full of Rajsthan’s spirits and flavors. It was a weekend. The place was crowded with a lot of vehicles from neighboring states, majority of which were from Delhi NCR. It was difficult to find a suitable parking spot nearby. After parking the vehicle, they headed for a restaurant. It was already lunch time when they arrived.

The ambiance and theme was very appropriate to make you feel the Rajasthani swag in an air-conditioned hall. It was altogether a new experience to have it in a small group all together sitting on ground in desi style instead of regular table-chair style. It was comfortable, if you have no problem with squats or any kind of disability that prohibits you from sitting on ground. It took some time, but when the food was served, it was mouth-watering with fascinating aroma. Full of variety, spicy, sweet, sour, etc. There were dishes served which they hadn’t tasted earlier, or some of the items that you only get to see in your home (like white butter). The food was delicious.

Having finished the meals, they stood in open for a while. There were many questions coming to Sumit’s mind and he was curious to know more about Shashwat, his family, but he felt it would be inappropriate to cross the boundary and enter into personal life of Shashwat. Besides, his “curiosity” had already lead him to the position where he felt obnoxious and fragile in front of Shashwat. He was unable to control his emotions and couldn’t dare to express his feelings very clearly either. He decided to remain silent on this front, after all, it was just a thank-you gesture and probably the last chance to see Shashwat.

“How was the food?”, asked Shashwat, breaking the ice.

“It was good.”, replied Sumit. He was cautious on not using any extra words, it appeared from his short reply.

“Just good?… Seems like you didn’t like it ! Shit …! All money wasted then”, added Shashwat with grueling expressions. Shashwat’s words made Sumit realize he probably was not being fair to his host. It was clear that Shashwat had planned all this as special as he could make it to express his sincere thanks to Sumit. Shashwat had planned this Lunch at this luxury resort miles away from Delhi, just to make it a memorable lunch for him, and he even did not give it enough credit.

“No,.. I mean … it was delicious… and probably one of the best ones I had done so far.”, Sumit tried to control the damages now. “But..! it was not necessary.. I mean.. Delhi itself has plenty of food options.. and at far reasonable rates than this… we didn’t really need to come so far just for a lunch”, added Sumit.

He now looked back at Shashwat to see his reaction. He was afraid he might have offended Shashwat again with his own thoughts and slip of tongue that he was trying to control hard with limited communications since morning. He soon realized after finishing his statement that he once again said something that disapproved Shashwat’s action and plan. His thoughts were appropriate to his life journey so far and his living style. This exorbitant expenditure was unnecessary for a young lad in his mid twenties who was earning handsomely for a bachelor but hardly sufficient for a family.

He looked at Shashwat for his reaction. His was a bit serious for a moment and then burst out into laughter. He struggled to control his laughter and when he really got over it, he said, “Who said we came here just for lunch?”, looking at Sumit who was looking totally confused after hearing this reply from Shashwat.

“Let’s go !”, said Shashwat wrapping his arm around Sumit’s shoulder, and started moving to their car parked in parking lot.

After a short while, they arrived at beautiful place-like hotel. The lights and shades were adding glamour to its beauty.

And the rooms were even more beautiful.

After checking in, Shashwat took off his shirt and trouser and then got laid on the bed. He then looked at Sumit, who was looking at Shashwat and winked. Shashwat was looking more sexy in just inner-garments. He said, “Now you know.. we haven’t come so far just for lunch..!”, and smiled.

“I’m a bit tired now, and would take a short nap. Why don’t you make yourself comfortable too. I would suggest you too to take an afternoon nap. We will go outside in evening when it is a little less hot.”, Shashwat hinted about their busy schedule in evening.

After a long drive and such a diet, it did not take long for Shashwat to go in deep sleep. It was Sumit who was finding it difficult to sleep now. He was already attracted to Shashwat since he met him, and now glimpse of his beautiful body, and the chance to be right next to him on the same bed while Shashwat was lying half naked.. was enough to make butterflies fly in his stomach. He could not take his eyes off Shashwat even for a moment. Sumit knew it was rude, and inappropriate but he kept staring at Shashwat for a long time. He started feeling an intense wave of emotions
covering him up from all sides, favoring Shashwat. He wanted to surrender completely to Shashwat. It was a life time opportunity for him to be this close to Shashwat which probably he won’t be able to get in rest of his life. It was a gift he wished for but hasn’t asked. He wanted to devote his life to Shashwat. He wanted Shashwat to become his life partner, his spouse, forever.

All these thoughts started rushing through one after another in Sumit’s mind. He knew it what he was doing was not right – ogling at Shashwat. He decided to ignore the morality of thoughts and his actions for the moment. He wanted to touch Shashwat, for once, but was scared to death to do that, so he was drinking his beauty through his eyes. He looked at his juicy lips, his broad shoulders, his neck, his cured biceps, his chest visible through the sando that Shashwat was wearing. Wherever his eyes reached on Shashwat’s body, it got stuck to that part of his body for a moment. He couldn’t find enough of Shashwat to feel satisfied. He wanted more..and more of Shashwat!

Sumit started getting a hard-on seeing Shashwat sleeping like this. His presumed love of life was right in front of his eyes. Shashwat was asleep really fast. He was tired after such a long drive. But Sumit had a fear that probably he might not be in sound sleep yet. What if he was caught ogling Shashwat like that? Still the intense emotions and desires didn’t allow him to take off his eyes knowing it could just be a very limited opportunity.

The Shashwat Calling …!

Tough are the times, when we are lost ! We are lost mostly because we don’t know exactly what we need. Sumit was no exception either.

His frustration was valid. He had built a lots of hopes out of this newly developed affection. Was it affection? Don’t know for sure! Labels sometimes do not matter when the feelings do.

It was Friday morning, the weekend was approaching. There would have been a positive vibe but it was not felt by him. The mood we set ourselves into immediately before going in sleep gets repeated in morning when we wake up because our subconscious mind keeps rigorously working on continuing it. Sumit made the same mistake!

He woke up feeling tired, dull and not so happy as it should have been. The very first thought was in his mind was the memory of Shashwat. He was lying in his bed still thinking about him when his mobile signaled the incoming call. This was Shashwat calling again at this early hour. It was a relief to his emotional set-back that there was still a chance to move forward with Shashwat. He felt and happy, and smiled that Shashwat was sincere in his attempts and had not given-up on him.

“He..llow.. !”, he answered the call in slow voice, controlling his emotions and excitement.

“Good Morning!”, the voice echoed from his handset. It was a cheerful, energetic voice matching with his personality.

“Hi ! Good Morning!”, replied Sumit.

“Hey ! I tried calling you last night also but I guess you were asleep. My call was not returned.”, Shashwat started with small chit chat to settle down his mood.

There was silence. No response from Sumit.

Shashwat continued, “I hope, I am not too early to wake you up. I guessed if you sleep early, you would be the one to get up early too.”

Shashwat knew how to keep the ball rolling. He knew the art of keeping the others equally engaged. “Naa..h !…I … “, Sumit did not know what to say. He did not want to ruin his good image Shashwat just portrayed.

“Are you outside… I mean in open.. doing something? Your voice is breaking up..a little.. and there is noise too in background”, he was amazed what was this at 6 am in the morning. IT guys are habitual of nocturnal lifestyle. “Vampires” to be precise ! They love to sleep till 7.. or if allowed.. till 8 am in work-days. 6 AM was almost a midnight for him.

“Yeah.. ! I am out.. jogging ! Why?”, Shashwat replied. “(Do you) Mind to join me? Come over..I am near your area.”, he added and asked rightfully as if he knew the answer.

Sumit was surprised. He remembered now how good and fit Shashwat looked even at this age. Hearing “Come.. join me.. near your area”, stimulated his all dead wishes to enjoy the company of Shashwat. It was more than what he could have dreamed. Moreover it was a surprise. It washed away all his frustration and disappointment.

“My area..? Where exactly are you?”, he was also surprised to hear that from Shashwat. What was he doing in his locality? Was it a deliberate attempt? Why would he come so far just for jogging? It was unusual.

“I am at Surajkund Mela premises. You had told me you live near that, didn’t you?. Come, join me, I will stay a little longer today and wait for you. How soon can you join me here?”, asked Shashwat.

“I shall reach there in approx 15 minutes”, said Sumit after a pause. They decided a spot for meeting after 15 minutes and then hung up the call.

He got up quickly from the bed to get ready for Surajkund !

The Malebox

(Continued from …. Bio-Chemistry in Delhi Metro! )

Sumit reached home, remembering those intimate moments full of love and passion for each other felt by those two guys he just witnessed. He was wondering how people can be so blind and bold at the same time to have such acts publicly, that’s too in a country like India. But at the same time he was mesmerized by the “internal bonding” between the two behind the apparent physical act. The physical act was just a channel to let out the strong and uncontrolled love for each other they had developed deep in their hearts.

He kept his backpack on the bed, started unbuttoning his Shirt. After changing over to the sports vest and shorts that he usually wore while he was in his PG room (a kind of hostel with bread and breakfast), he looked once again to his back-pack where he had kept those items of the unknown man he came across in metro ride. He was tired, and lonely. Too much of burden in itself. His eyes closed and he once again was lost in memories of that couple. How loving and cute they were.  There were hopes and positive signs of finding love in memories of those two guys, which was a soothing experience as opposed to the harsh reality of life. He preferred to stay in wonderland with closed eyes.

Next morning, he woke up little late. The weekend allowed him some flexibility to extend his bed time without worrying for the clock on the wall, which was showing 8:05 in the morning. A decided to stay a few minutes more in the bed, embracing the pillow as if it was a person he was hugging to. His eyes fell on his backpack still lying on his bed on the other side. Curiosity was paramount now. He got up, pulled up the backpack and took out all those items in his hand. He thought for a moment, and then captured the image printed as monogram on the visiting card. He tried google the image for a clue, but it was useless. Nothing came in search results that could help him identify or give him a clue about that person or the monogram.


The USB Pen drive was the last option now plugged it in his computer and started exploring the files. The files were pretty well organized in sub-folders. A looked like a backup from some office-computer. He noticed a sub-folder named “mailbox”.  Expecting it to contain his identification clues or contact details in his signature. he directly jumped on to explore the mailbox. There were around 60 emails saved in “imp” sub-folder inside the mailbox. He started going through important emails saved in “imp” one by one.  These were saved as HTML or PDF version, saved from Business Gmail account. After reading around 10 emails, he was confident that this guy has to be the one named as “Shashwat” and his mobile number and board line extension was part of his official email signature. From domain name of his email address he googled about the company. It was a creative design company, not a big name though, but had gained quite a good momentum in acquiring clientele of repute and recognition in a shorter span of time within just a few initial years.

From whatever he could quickly go through in the emails to ascertain his identity and to find his contact details, it looked like PEN drive could have vital and confidential data in it. He came back to the root folder. He then noticed “Personal” another folder down the line below the “mailbox”. Intrigued, and curious to know more of him, he couldn’t stop himself by looking what was “Personal” for Mr. Shashwat. He drilled down to “Personal” folder, which had further sub-folders, one of them being “Pics”. There were hundreds of pics of this person, whom he assumed to be Shashwat in different places. A few of them from corporate events while receiving awards, at different places and different events, some pics from his various tours around India, and probably Thailand, and some pics while traveling to beautiful hill stations and places of astonishing natural beauty. He liked the taste of Mr. Shashwat, and praised him in his mind for his choice of locations for tourism. They were very calm, not heavily crowded and a piece of live-art by nature itself. The strange thing was, these were not selfies from mobile camera, and he was a solo traveler, in almost all his tours except just a few where he was accompanied by a few guys, probably his colleagues, Sumit guessed.

Sumit had not got a chance to look at him properly when he was standing in front of him during the Metro ride. But it was a private moment for him to explore this man’s looks  leisurely.  He looked attractive though he was in his middle age. He was dressed in a presentable way, even in his personal pics. He had adorable looks, but the most appealing part of his personality was his smile, which was very welcoming and natural.

Sumit looked at the clock, which was ticking at 9:55 AM. He now had two types of information to contact him, his official email and his mobile number. He thought for a moment and then reached out to his mobile phone lying close to him. He preferred to call him instead of email. He thought such email about loosing the classified and sensitive information could have an adverse effect on his career if  got highlighted in scrutiny.

He dialed his number, and waited for the call to be answered. There was a little delay from other side.

“Hello”, a soft but manly voice echoed in his ears.

“Hi !”, said Sumit in reply.

“Yes?”, after a little awkward silence the person on the other side said in an enquiring tone.

“Is it Mr. Shashwat?”, asked Sumit. He wanted to be sure that he was talking to the right person.

“Yes, …    who is this?”, this time it was curious tone from the Shashwat, which was but natural when he received a call from an unknown number.

“Hi… I am Sumit. I was traveling with you last evening in Delhi Metro in same coach. I have a few of your items, which you probably accidentally dropped before leaving the Metro. It includes a few cards, a key with a USB Pen drive, and few Rupees”, told Sumit.

“Phew !”, he heard Shashwat exclaiming as if it was a big relief to end all his woes.

“I am sorry, I had to dig down your data to find your contact details. Believe me, there was no other option,”, apologized Sumit.

“You don’t know … you have come to me as an angel, Sumit”,  said Shashwat with a sense of gratitude. “This was really critically important and confidential data for me and my future depends a lot on it. Hope, you would have seen it yourself when you looked into data on my pen drive”, his voice sounded a little concerned this time.

“Don’t worry, Sir ! I understand your concern completely as I am well aware of corporate InfoSec (Information Security) practices. Rest assured, your data is still safe with me and I haven’t misused it. My intentions were only to find your contact details through it.”, reverted Sumit.

“Yes, I know. Would you mind telling me where and when can I collect it? I would really appreciate if it can be done today itself.”, asked Shashwat.

There was a little silence now. Sumit could not decide “when and Where”. He did not want to call him to his room.

“Please don’t take it otherwise, I cannot repay your deeds but I would be more than happy to help you anyways I can”, Shashwat said again after he sensed a little awkward silence from Sumit.

“No.. No.. not at all, Sir!”, said Sumit. “My apologies for delay in responding to your query, but actually I was just thinking about it When and Where. It was my moral duty to return it to you after you dropped it on me last evening.”, Sumit felt a little embarrassed this time. His silence was mis-understood as a “Demand” in return of favor.

“Where do you live?”, asked Sumit.

“I live at G K -1 in Delhi”, replied Shashwat.

“Great ! I have to go to Nehru Place today. Will you be available in afternoon between 2 – 4 PM to collect it?”, asked Sumit.

“Anytime you say. Just give a call half an hour before you reach there”, Shashwat replied.

“Excellent !”, said Sumit.

“See you around 4 PM then..! I will call. Bye.”, said Sumit before hanging up.

He started exploring his “Pics” once again, and copied it to his laptop. “Why? he couldn’t justify to himself. He felt a need to copy Shashwat’s pics folder before returning his pen drive. He went back to his local folder where he had copied the pics to see if it was copied correctly and noticed there was a hidden sub-folder named “Malebox” inside “Pics”, along with a few other sub-folders. Curious enough, he opened it and found a few images of gay kissing and smooches downloaded from some porn site. It was all of young gay models with a mature man.

A & R (Part-16: The Party Night-2)

Scene 2 : Aniket @ Party Location

Aniket and his colleagues had left office early as per the planned schedule. They all moved together in  Nitya’s car and few two-wheelers. They had already made reservations at a pub at a Mall, in Gurgaon. There were around 8 people, 4 from Aniket’s team and four others. When they reached there, it had already started gathering crowd, no wonder, it was Friday evening. The entrance hall was filled with loud music and vivid colors of life.


The beats were making every part of body dance on its rhythm. They were taken to their reserved place booked for a group. The ambiance in this section was cool, and soothing. A few minutes later, 3 more people (2 girls and 1 guy) joined them. From the way Rizwan hugged them, it was clear that they were good friends.


Rizwan was a handsome, tall, muscular guy with sharp and attractive features. He was the guy who was getting married soon and the “hero” of this party. From the tight fit wears, the blue- shirt without a vest underneath and fit-jeans, his body curves and shape were revealing an impressive contour.  It was evident that it was a gym-toned and hard-workout body with just right blend of fat-free skin and moderately pumped muscles. Perfectly fine-trimmed beard -looks were making him look more appealing.

Rizwan was paying “special” attention to Aniket today.  Since the last incident of spending time with Rizwan, Aniket was maintaining a safe distance with him. Aniket was a teetotaler, (no Alcohol, no drugs or any other kind of addiction), and yet he was under-influence of a strong sedative drug when Rizwan and one of his friends had dropped him home late night after that get-together.  He did not remember anything about that incident except a few un-pleasant and questionable things happened to him that night. He was completely unconscious for a day and a half, and hardly could come back to his complete senses after two days.

Later, Ritvik informed him that when he was brought home, he wasn’t properly dressed. His shirt was buttoned inappropriately in unmatched order, with top two buttons open. It was not his style.  Ritvik also informed him that when he was changing his clothes, his underwear was mildly wet and smelling bad, probably because of his discharge. There was no other explanation, except to find a reason behind all those things that happened to him that night, in the Host of that party, Rizwan. But it could just be his assumptions and he cannot directly blame it on Rizwan, so he decided to limit his personal interactions with him.

Rizwan probably had guessed it correctly. Although, there were no direct or explicit indication from Aniket, but it was evident that Aniket had limited his interactions with Rizwan and made it a strictly professional relationship with him. He was supervisor and Rizwan was his sub-ordinate. So, probably it was a good opportunity for Rizwan to patch up those differences and re-establish a healthy relationship with his immediate boss, Aniket. It could probably be helpful for him in his career ladder and that’s why he might be giving extra-ordinary, preferential treatment to Aniket tonight. Although Aniket was his boss, but they were of the same age, and Aniket never believed in showing off that “he was a boss!”.

Aniket was not a dumb either. He was able to figure out this extra-friendlier approach from Rizwan, but it was no occasion for maintaining such differences. One cannot respond a friendlier approach with hatred and rejection. He himself was not very sure that he was not involved unconsciously, if anything inappropriate happened that night. God knows, if he assumed himself with Ritvik, which he dreams of day and night, while he was actually with Rizwan and his friends that evening. Anything was possible. But yes, one thing was very clear, that he was drugged unknowingly, even though anyone might have done it with a mischievous intent.

Rizwan was spending most of the time in company of Aniket, but when he moved away, he introduced Aniket to the girls invited for the party for a dance and made sure that they get a decent time to spend together. He knew, Aniket was a bachelor too. It was offending to deny a dance request from a girl, so Aniket played along.

Aniket or Rizwan, neither of them spoke about that incident ever. Both wanted to show each other that it never happened. Probably it was best way to deal with it, knowing that they have to work together in same company. After spending some time in warm and friendlier company of Rizwan, Aniket started doubting his beliefs about Rizwan. Was he really that kind of guy? How can such a friendly, and caring guy do “not good” things to him. Probably he might have done it in good-faith, or getting extra-friendlier with him made him believe that he can play pranks. During his hostel life also, Aniket had seen that guys who don’t smoke or drink were made to taste it forcibly or by any other means to see the reaction. It was a fun and entertaining joke among close knit friends. That’s how he was made to taste Alcohol for the first time, in the name of soft-drink (non-alcoholic beverages).

After the dance, Rizwan came to Aniket, holding a glass of mocktail, and two cans of beer. He raised the beer can to Shriya and mocktail towards Aniket. Aniket looked at Rizwan and was about to say something when he heard him saying, “I Know, you don’t take Alcohols. It’s alcohol free. Taste it, you will like it.”

Aniket kept looking at Rizwan’s face for a moment, when Shriya reacted with a surprize, “What.. I can’t believe it. A handsome sexy like you, without alcohol?”

“Not only this, I haven’t seen him smoking either.”, added Rizwan. He had to ill-intentions. He was praising Aniket, perhaps being aware of what might interest Shriya.

“Really?”, Shriya raised her eyebrows in sheer surprise this time, taking a sip from the beer-can in hand and looked back on Aniket’s face.  She started feeling it more attractive than before. It is really hard to understand a woman. Sometimes, “What” she might like and “why?”, are the two most difficult questions to find answers in case you are not a woman. Clearly, she was taking alcohol herself, but was finding a man who doesn’t drink or smoke, Charming.

Aniket felt a little uneasy when Shriya started scanning him top to down with a hungry look. He was really beautiful inside out, and could easily attract attention of many eyes in a crowd. Tall, handsome, perfectly shaped toned body, and a killer smile on his innocent but mischievous face always made people curious and attracted their attention to him. His jovial and caring nature was the icing on the cake.

“Excuse me, I need to make a call”, asked Aniket and then moved to other side of room taking his cell phone out of his pocket. Obviously, it was an escape route to  save himself from the embarrassment of getting an hard-on when Shriya’s eyes got stuck below his waist. Shriya, smiled, and kept looking on his round-shaped bubble-butts when we walked away.

He sat on the sofa on the side of the room, and dialed Ritvik’s number. He was the only one he could think of, but even before the call could connect, he disconnected it when he saw Rizwan approaching him.

Rizwan sat next to him on the Sofa, and said, “These Delhi girls ! You’ve taken over her completely.”, and smirked. “I could not do it in last 5 years, what you did in your first meeting today.”, added Rizwan.

All of sudden, Rizwan’s mobile started ringing loudly. When he checked the caller’s name, Aniket noticed, it was “Sweetu Calling” on screen. It was obvious, who this Sweetu could be. Both looked at each-other and smiled. Rizwan said, “I will be back in a short while…”, before moving to an isolated corner.

How short, this short could be, when two lovers talk to each other before marriage, could be a subject matter of research. But Rizwan came back after around 20 minutes to Aniket, and saw Shriya sitting close to him, with her hand on his thigh and both of them laughing loudly. He interrupted and asked, “Hey Shriya ! May I borrow your phone for a minute please? I am in critical situation. I was joking her that I was enjoying my last few free moments of life.. and she took it otherwise..and my battery died at this crucial time before I could make her agree to forgive me.” He was really looking nervous and explained all in one breath without giving them a chance to be curious. Hearing his statement, both Shriya and Aniket looked at each other and started laughing hysterically.

Shriya replied with flashing her phone in hand, “No problem ! I don’t have any issues but what would you do with a phone without the battery life. I drained my cell’s battery on way to reach here from Noida”. Her phone was completely switched off. “I guess, you can still use it to make some last minute emergency calls”, she chuckled.

“Oh Shit !”, came out of Rizwan’s mouth as a natural reaction, and he looked at Aniket and said, “Dude ! …. may I borrow you phone please? It’s urgent …u know… “.

“It’s okay ! .. You need not to explain”, said Aniket, while handing over his phone to Rizwan after unlocking it.

“Thanks Bro! I owe you a big time for saving my life”, he smirked and ran fast to the corner again after almost snatching the mobile from his hand.

Aniket and Shriya kept laughing at Rizwan seeing various dramatic expressions reflecting from his face. No doubt, he was quite far away from them to hear what he was talking to his fiancee, but it was quite evident from his expressions that he was losing the game and that he was trying hard to win the almost lost game. There were multiple times when probably his call was disconnected at the other end, and he continued for a while texting, trying to apologize her or get her ready to take his call again. After a short wait, he re-dialed the number again.

Aniket and Shriya had a good laugh guessing the fights going on between the to-be-wed couple. This was the situation before marriage. It was not tough to find out who would be leading the game after marriage. In a short while, Aniket noticed Shriya’s hand once again on his thigh, albeit, it was at a disturbing position than last time. He was unable to understand if it was a deliberate attempt from Shriya to seduce him. She was quite close to his private parts, on the upper thigh region. Aniket’s control over his stick was eloping and in no time, the evident hard-on was noticeable in his trousers. Aniket was feeling very uncomfortable when he saw Rizwan coming to them. There was a sense of relief on his face, after spending almost 45 minutes of time in conversations over the talks and text messages  to his girl friend on Aniket’s phone.

When Rizwan came close to Aniket, he could not miss to notice that Aniket’s hard-on and that he was trying to take Shriya’s hand off his thighs. This brought in a Big smile on Rizwan’s face.  He said, “Thanks Aniket ! you just saved my married life , otherwise, divorce was on the cards even before marriage.”, and handed over Aniket’s phone to him.

Aniket looked back at his phone, and found it turned off.

“I’m sorry ! it took such a long time, the battery of your phone drained fast.”, explained Rizwan.

“Fast?”, asked Aniket with a big surprize, “You’ve spent almost an hour on my phone continually talking and texting”.

“He he he he !….  “, Rizwan burst into laughter. “I know.. buddy.. sorry.. ! But see diligent and hard-working I am… I did not let her go.. finally she agreed to give me another chance… You must be proud of having such a winning team member.”

“And… what is the Cost of getting her back to this deal?”, asked Shriya.

“ummm…. nothing much.. just a Diamond Necklace on our first night”, Rizwan was blushing now.

“Have you guys taken anything… or just wasted all your time following me? “, Rizwan was trying to change the topic… and be a good host. “Come let’s have something to eat…I  am feeling hungry.”, he added, and all the three moved together to the other side of the room where rest of the people were enjoying snacks and other eateries.


A & R (Part-15: The Party Night-1)

Scene 1 : Ritvik @ Home

Ritvik reached home. He was a little late that day. He knew, he would be all alone and there was no reason to be home early. While changing his clothes when he picked out his mobile handset from his trouser’s pocket he noticed there were two missed calls from Aniket’s number recently, around 12-13 minutes back and two unread SMS in his inbox.

He read the SMS, both were from Aniket’s number.

The first one read like, “My friends invited you too. Join us in the party @ Ajeet Randhawa, Gold Souks Aptts., Flat #605, Blck A, Ggn. Move fast, we are waiting for u”.

The second one was sent around 5 minutes after the first one, and read as, “I did not ask them. They invited you on their own. Hurry! Call us on 97634xxxx29 if needed. My number may not be accessible.”

Ritvik did not want to go. He was not a party-animal. But he knew, that if Aniket asked him personally, he would be waiting for him. He also knew, Aniket never lied to him so it surely would be his friends who asked him to join them in party.

Ritvik thought for a moment, and then dialed Aniket’s number to talk to him. The pre-recorded message conveyed that number was switched off.  He guessed probably his cell battery might have died.  After a few minutes, he got up, cleaned his face with a face- wash, and then started dressing up for the party.

After around 10 minutes, he locked his apartment and headed to catch the Metro to reach the Gurgaon, as per the destination he received in SMS.

(To be continued…)

A & R (Part-13: Love and Addiction)

Ritvik started pouring drops of water with a teaspoon in Aniket’s mouth carefully. Most of the water was getting sprinkled here and there because of over excitement and just a few drops of water went down Aniket’s throat which he gulped quickly, as if he was quenching of thirst for a long time.  Aniket eyes were still closed as if he was finding it difficult to open his eyes or speak up clearly. He was trying to say something, or was probably blabbering semi-consciously.

After seeing Aniket responding now with better signs of life, Ritvik felt relieved from the great source of tension and hypothetical fears of losing him haunting him in his mind. He grabbed him in his arms and kissed him on his neck. It happened spontaneously in ecstasy of happiness and flood of emotions, without even giving it a thought what Aniket could think of him after this act. There was no reaction or response from Aniket. He probably did not notice it in his state of semi-consciousness.


Ritvik’s care for Aniket started bearing the fruits by the evening.  Aniket was much better now, and conscious. He was alert,  and was responding to Ritvik’s question’s intermittently, but it was clear that he was not fully recovered yet. He tried to open his eyes and tried hard to sit for some time but he could not help himself to stay awake for a long time. By next morning, he was almost fully alert, and recovered.

“You should drink in limits.”, Suggested Ritvik, while serving the bed tea to Aniket next morning.

Aniket just looked once to Ritvik while taking the cup of tea from his hand but said nothing.

“You know, I was so worried for you when they brought you home unconscious and you even did not wake up or respond for almost 6 hours.”, Ritvik added and looked back to Aniket, trying to explain him the seriousness of the situation. There was a silence. Aniket still did not say anything.

“For a moment, I thought I lost you for good”, Ritvik said again in a weak trembling voice this time. He could not dare to look back to Aniket with his teary eyes. He did not want anyone to know of his emotional weakness.

Ritvik was the life in Aniket’s life. He easily sensed the severity of moment and Ritvik’s pain. He knew that maintaining silence could be more damaging now than ever. He no longer cared if his credibility would be questioned. It was more important for him to wipe off tears from Ritvik’s eyes than to think of himself. He grabbed Ritvik from his arm, pulled him over and hugged him.


Ritvik’s all sorrows and fears disappeared when Aniket embraced him in his arms.  He felt calm and content hugging Aniket. He kept hugging Aniket for a while with his eyes closed when he heard Aniket, “I don’t drink [Alcohol].” There was a silence in the room. Ritvik could not understand. He looked back to Aniket with a mixture of surprize and confusion reflecting from his expression. Aniket grabbed Ritvik’s face in his hands and looked through his eyes trying to take him in confidence. He wanted Ritvik to believe his innocence and trust him. But when he looked into Ritvik’s eyes, he did not find any traces of lack of trust. All he could see in his eyes was a great ocean of love, and a little confusion.


Aniket pulled Ritvik, looked directly in his eyes and said, “I don’t remember taking it last night either.”, and then kissed him passionately. He had no doubts about his credibility now.


But for sure, he felt that Ritvik’s lips and kiss had much more addiction than what he might have experienced in his whole life till date, including the last night’s experience.  What he just could not conclude was which is more powerful, the Love or the addiction of love.

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