Shutting Down my personal E-Diary !

Dear Friends !

Recently I have become a victim of cyber crime and was being constantly stalked and harassed  by a psycho, who left me with no other options except to shut down my this memoir and associated email account.  It was a tough decision, as these were my very personal and precious memories of life-time. Only I know what kind of pains and sufferings he has caused to me to take this final drastic step, which I was avoiding for a long time.

Please accept my sincere apologies for this inconvenience caused to you by visiting my eDiary today.¬† I won’t be accessible to answer your emails either, as I am abandoning the associated email account also. I am not aware of what all places do I need to wipe-out my online existence, but I am pretty sure that culprit will help me identify those all places where I have left my traces in online world. Thanks to technical advancements, I can also track him in whatever pseudo names he tries to get hold of me.

Bye !