Desi’s Replies – (Short Replies)

[ Last updated on 24-Sep-2019 : 20:00 Hrs IST ]

This page is is a consolidated short replies to various comments/feedback etc. received in my feedback mailbox/comments sections of various posts, or the inputs shared in online short survey. There is no need to provide any identity hints for such general inputs, hence ignored.

[Update 10-April 2019] : I have restructured this page to set the order in reverse chronological order for 2019 replies, that means, latest answer will come on top now onwards. While re-structuring, the order of previously posted threads might have been disturbed. It may appear out of order/wrong in sequence for some of the related replies. So, please bear with me if you find questions listed out of date-order.

Now in the 2019-Replies, the answers are added in reverse-chronological order (Latest ones in the top of page). Desi Munda’s (DM‘s) reply is listed with initials (DM) after each message.

[Shrxxxxta@Gmail through Online Survey Feedback on 07-Sep-2019]

Your stories are very heart touching although you hadn’t mentioned quarrels between you two over there but overall it’s narrated in a very beautiful manner. It takes me to a different world of mine …the returning from which is really difficult. I wish all the best for you two …..may god give you your true love. Hope to meet you and your roomie in real .
Wtw you haven’t post anything recently….. Waiting eagerly.

<Shrxxxxxta> (as mentioned in the survey for receiving reply)
Shrx xxxta

DM‘s reply :

Hello Shxx !
Thanks for your kind visit to my eDiary and your time spent in providing valuable inputs through online survey.

Firstly, I apologize for the delay in replying to your message. I do get the notification for any message sent to me using “Contact Me” page (Link available on the menu items on the eDiary, or on the Adult content warning page). Unfortunately, there is no similar automatic notification for the online survey part. I also do not check it on daily basis as most of the survey-feedbacks are meant to be only one-sided input from my readers for my information or suggestions to improve the eDiary, where they feel the scope of improvement. It is rare when people ask to receive a reply back, like you did. I thank your for giving this opportunity to me to connect with you.

I also am thankful to you for your kind words about my eDiary and us. Unfortunately, we are no longer together in physical world. That’s among one of the reasons why I feel distracted to come back and add more to this eDiary as it opens up plethora of old sweet-sour memories of the time spent together, one of the best moments of my life. Yes, of course, as you mentioned there were hell lot of quarrels time between us, and mostly it was I who used to be the one doing it but it is not part of the memories collected in this eDiary. Reason? Simple. We tend to keep only those golden memories which keep us happy and add a reason to cheer about. I don’t want to feel more guilty, after loosing him, to see more reasons of my foolish, childish, immature acts how I might have tortured him from time to time besides his gentle and caring nature, his extreme love for me. But he never complained about it. His generosity and kindness (for me) cannot match even the depths of the oceans. It wasn’t not all my fault either. I was really quite immature psychologically, emotionally, and when he pampered me like a toddler, handled me with extreme love and care, it gave me more reasons to become more demanding of him, and his attention.
I am glad you could feel the similar emotions that influenced me with those events. It is not just the emotions that makes the eDiary lively for me, it is also the life which my kind readers like you add to it with your generous words and feedback.

Second reason is, getting less and less time now a days. I considered moving from my personal events to other normal stuff, kind of general writing or things which are general in nature, like thoughts, short stories, things observed by me in day to day life, but could not manage to start on it either. That energy was drawn on writing on Quora instead, where I got occupied recently. I am not sure, if people coming to this eDiary, (mostly while searching for porn or erotic stories kind of things), may even find it (generic contents, thoughts etc.) matching their taste! Anyways.. I never wrote this eDiary for someone else.. I wrote it for myself… and I will resume shortly …but probably not with the personal life incidents this time. Also, I got a new taste developed recently to write in Hindi, so most of my things are coming in Hindi eDiary.. (and that is also applicable even in case of Quora where instead of English, I preferred to Hindi platform).

Stay tuned .. and keep writing to me from time to time, with suggestions, and feedback for improvement or your feelings etc. after reading a post! Your words add life to my eDiary and it sort of gives me a motivation and keeps me tied to my “speaking eDiary”.

I will start writing again, soon!


[VM@Gmail through Online Survey Feedback on 25-Jul-2019]
Breakup with Sheikh. It’s all over. Finished.
<SomeEmailID> (blocked on Quora)

DM‘s reply:
Hello Dear VM ji !
I am so sorry to hear it from you that you have gone through a break up with him. At the same time, I am curious to know what happened now and how the things took ugly turn? Though, you had already described in that story that you two were already falling apart and he had stopped seeing you for a long time, but now you are sounding confirmed on it. I am curious to know what happened? Is he with someone else now? Was it from your side or from him?
How is your health now?
You getting “blocked on Quora” is also a news for me! What happened there? I know you might have violated any of the policy or someone might have reported you for it. God knows.. because I have seen a lot of people complaining against Quora moderation these days. But since you have a very straight forward and harsh style (in your own words), probably you might have put something that lead to this ban. Did you post anything offensive on Quora? Do you have any idea what might have been the reason?
I know, my words are not going to be of any help, but at the same time you are an intelligent and practical person. All I can say is, time may help heal the wounds. In the mean time, I may pray to almighty to give you strength to fight against all odds in this difficult time.

On the one side, I am disappointed to hear the sad news of your breakup, but seeing your message here also made me a bit happy. I am happy because you considered me worth it and remembered me during this time to share your thoughts with me.
You may revert back to me by putting comments on any of the posts on this eDiary.
I shall be waiting for your message.

[SA@Gmail through online Survey Feedback on 4-Jul-2019]

I always waited for the person who would spet his adultery and old age holding my hands! But its hard to find such one. In gay world it’s easy to find a sex partner but almost impossible to find a life partner, that’s too in a conserved Country like India.
Now I am married to a beautiful girl. She loves me more than anything. I am committed to her, life has to go forward.
Thanks God…
[Your signature email]

You really are a lucky man SA. It’s an irony that many people still have to face similar problems in finding a life partner of same sex. You are absolutely right, it’s easier to find a sex partner than to find a life partner in Gay world. It’s almost impossible. Sometimes, because of impractical demands and expectations, and sometimes because of some other reasons like job, social pressure or xyz reasons. You are lucky because not only you found a loving partner, but also because you had an option to settle down with it. Not everyone has that flexibility in one’s life! Poor people.

Wishing you and your family all the best in life with tonnes of love and fun filled moments together.

Just pray for me too to find love of my life ! No one deserves to die a lonely life! Who knows, God may hear the prayers from the love-birds quickly :D!

Thanks for your time and your visit to my eDiary, @SA!

AH: [Message received 11-Jun-2019]
[Reply to the personal message ending with “… kiya hai mujhe. ” ]

To my @Radha-Madhav !

My apologies for being a reason to hurt anyone’s sentiments. No, I didn’t intend to do it deliberately to you or anyone. That’s not part of my nature. That was not my intention either. I don’t play the blame games. I had no-where disclosed the identity, ever, even if I had known it very well since beginning, and you know it.

The only reason for referring that incident was (not you, but), to clarify someone and avoid any misunderstandings when I happened to ask his personal details (location, to be precise) out of the way, but was unable to reply the similar question from him when he asked mine. I felt it was necessary to clarify him to avoid any misunderstandings between us. It was not about you. It was about my being fair and just to my friends and readers. My friends are real to me, be it online or real world friends and I feel compelled to be fair and just with them.

The important part is, which you missed to notice, that I acknowledged your improved better-self. I noticed that the things have improved, and also thanked you for this. You discarded my acceptance of better you at first place. It’s not fair !

I don’t want to force you on anything. It feels good, if you happen to visit my eDiary and want to become part of my memories. Any of my friends, real or virutal world, who happen to connect with me at some level, are always real to me. You are one of them too.

It’s a fact, the past can’t be changed or eliminated. But it’s again a fact that it may help build a better tomorrow. Why keep your focused attention confined to the past, where you can’t do anything, instead of focusing on building a positive and better tomorrow..which I see that you have already started.

Don’t loose your hopes… keep progressing in positive direction. Again, if you feel I (or my comments) happen to be a cause of pulling you back.. or hurting your sentiments, and you would be better off without visiting my eDiary.. that’s your right to take such a decision!

I had many thoughts to share with you after reading your message, but I preferred not to because you asked me for it. You did not intend to hear me anymore.

Once again, before we say good bye, I would like you to be happy.. ! because you may spread the same vibes only if you have that in you.

Thanks for writing to me.
With Luv,
SWM: [Message received 9-Apr-2019]
sir i want to know, whether u still writing…because everything looks incomplete…what happened is love..
similarly A&R series brutal love 2 and one body one soul …..cant be opened whenever i try to read page not found comes
please tell me do u still write 
Hi SWM (Sir)!

Welcome back. I guess, you are not regular on my eDiary, or probably have not read my last reply to your message. Please read my previous reply below. It was also meant for you. I had opened those hidden posts just for you for 3-4 days till that weekend, and disabled it again after that.

Please tell me do u still write?”
Of course Yes! That’s why you are seeing progress on my eDiary posts. The only thing is probably you are faster than me. It takes me almost 7-10 days now-a-days for me to complete my next post.

“What happened is love?”
After Love is Love, more love happened. Lol 😀 ! Wait ..! … wait !!!
“Sir!”, please give me time to complete the next part. I am busy this weekend, and probably there won’t be a new post this weekend. You may expect a post next week (after 14th April).

About A&R Series: There are much more things in that story which are very heavy for me to bear with. To complete that story, I need to gather courage and a lot more energy at emotional/psychological level. It consumes me whenever I revisit those memories. But yes, it’s in my pipeline. I will probably pick it up sometime in future.

Stay tuned !
Thanks for writing to me.
please few pages i cant open in A&R from 108 to 111 and what happened after Unconsciously Yours…..did u n shashwat meet
Dear SWM,

I am sorry, I could not understand your message properly first. I could not understand what the numbers 108 to 111 referred to? A&R Series, as of now, does not have more than 27 Chapters (still pending to be completed). But now I see you referred to the sequence numbers of posts in my eDiary from Table of Contents.

The pages were removed deliberately for general public viewing. I have restored it for you – which will remain enabled for next couple of days. Kindly let me know once you complete reading these. I will remove these again.

The Shashwat Love series – Unconsicously Yours is also a work in progress. I will soon update next part, probably in couple of days or by this weekend.

Last question of your message is not relevant. You would have figured out the answer by yourself, if you had read the story attentively from beginning.

Thanks for writing to me!
Happy Reading.
Heya desi
First of All Happy Holi
You make me wait a lot for the posts.If possible post them consistently.Don’t make us wait too long.
And why don’t you write a novel.I am sure you will make it to the list of bestsellers.
(I expect from my desi that my privacy will be taken care of.)
Dear SC,
Happy Holi to you as well. Thanks for your time spent on my online survey. I take your suggestion to write novel as a compliment. Thank you for such kind words, but no, I am not worth it. I don’t really have that writing spirits and creativity of an author. I cannot even think of a plot for story on my own, let alone think about finishing it.

I am sorry that sometimes, it gets delayed at my end to continue with my eDiary. And I truly appreciate your kindness in this matter to bear with me on it. I shall try my best (in fact, I do all I can do even now) to regularly add at least one post in 7-10 days, since I started writing my eDiary again. I will try to improve on it.

Thanks once again for your kind words and wishes.
Some personal message sent today on 26-Mar-2019. That starts and ends with following text:

” Thank you for the reply.It really means a lot.And I really loved the”jaadu” inside you.
A thought is crossing my mind from last few days.

<< Other text here >>

You know I ‘m confused 
Vaise i guess mujhe isse koi farak ni padna chahiye

Good wishes”
Dear SM,
Radha Madhav !

I got your message. It’s about life situation, and everyone’s situation is different. I don’t stand a chance to put anything on unknown circumstances.

You have already covered everything in your message itself that could have possibly popped-up in my mind after reading it. I am speechless and blank now. Nothing more to add. But one thing, which I would like to add, that we all must learn to avoid being judgmental at first place and learn to make no assumptions.

Thank you desi
For taking out time out of your busy schedule.I totally understand your privacy concerns.I am not asking for any of your personal details.
But I want to stay in touch with you.So if possible kindly suggest an alternative method through which we can stay in touch..

Good wishes
Dear SM,
Thanks for your kind interest in my eDiary and me, in particular. You can’t have even a vague idea, how much it matters to me to have such personal touch from my readers. After all, I am an emotional fool. Just like “Jadoo” from the “Koi Mil Gaya” bollywood blockbuster who survied on “Dhoop!”, I too survive on this emotional asset called – love (be it in the form of friendship).
Jadu – the Character from the Bollywood Blockbuster “Koi Mil Gayaa!
Whenever I get even a small dose of this (especially the kind of one, I get here, which is unconditional, and bears no personal interests, I believe), it is deeply heart warming, and I look forward to getting more and more of it.

May I get some more?

We are already in touch, through this eDiary, and also through Quora, as you mentioned last time. I believe, it would be more than sufficient. I read mostly all the messages here, and reply where it is needed.

I am not so regular on other social networks now a days, including FB and it’s products. In fact, I just hardly resumed writing this eDiary again! You can have an idea about what kind of “absence from virtual world!” I had planned for myself, after a recent incident when I was left with no other options except to elope totally from here and remove all my traces of existence, including my eDiary.

Rest assured, I will not cross the privacy limits of my readers and only limited and general kind of messages are getting published through these channels. So, feel free to write to me, whatever you like, without any fears of getting it publicized. I will ask you, before putting it online, should I see any such concerns to make any personal messages public (obviously with hidden names and identity), or will have to find an alternate mode of communication when needed. Currently, I don’t feel there is any need for such alternate channels.

Thanks for your kind wishes.

Keep writing !
SM: All I wanna say is a sorry for my comment.You are a great writer.It’s just my reading skills are not that too good.I read your quora answers as well.You seem to be an interesting soul.I would like to have a word with you
Dear SM,
Thanks for your kind moments spent on answering my online survey. You are a great human being. Your politeness and ability to adapt and accept the contradicting thoughts is proving it again.
Your reading skills are absolutely fine. It could just be a chance that you might have your attention and focus not 100% on it while reading, or might have taken the meaning according to our “taste/preferences”, as most of us do it usually.
Life serves us many lessons, isn’t it. I am glad my eDiary became a source for you to take that an easy way, if that was the case.
Thanks for visiting my Quora page also. I am glad you find me “interesting”. I also feel blessed to have a reader like you. Feel free to reach me whenever you like. I am sorry, but I am not comfortable in sharing personal details or mobile number. I have had a bad experience with it and now I am a bit reluctant. Hope, you would be able to understand it and stay in touch through alternate modes of communication.
Mr. Desi
I came to your edairy today and read your reply to my comment.Dude I had no intention to offend you.
If you found my comment inappropriate.
I am very sorry.I will not comment from now onwards.
You can delete it at any time.
Thank You
Dear Sm,
I don’t know what made you feel that I didn’t like your comments or made you think that I was offended by it. I am truly sorry, if somehow my language in my reply-comment might have made you think so.
Please rest assured, your feedback (and this applies to all my readers) is very important to me and serves as a life-line for my eDiary. It gives me an opportunity to connect with you. It also gives me a chance to improve myself where I find scope of improvement.

I don’t take criticism negatively or get annoyed with it. And, in this case, there was no criticism either. I just block those messages which spread hatred (for a community or a person etc.) or have abusive languages, or are marked as spam by auto-filters. You had just expressed your thoughts very decently according to your experience, which is warmly welcomed. My readers need not to have gone through similar experiences or have similar thoughts as mine. I duly respect the individuality and the differences in opinion.

You are therefore, welcome to write back and share your candid feedback whenever you feel like, without any fears or concerns. In fact, I would be waiting for more from you. It seems like there was something that might have made you to connect with the real life, while you were reading my eDiary.. may be momentarily!
Dear Desi
I really loved the gallerly of your e-dairy.I found those pictures really .
Would you mind sharing more like them with me ?
I only want them for soothing my eyes and nothing else
My dear friend SC,
I am sorry that I don’t have an option to fetch those individual images, once the Gallery has been created. These all are linked from various posts on my eDiary. I am glad that you liked these. These were collected from various sources publicly available on internet, mostly by Google search results, where I picked up the ones which appeared most suitable for content of the post.
If you need these downloaded, you will have to do the hard work. Visit those posts again and save individual images you like.
Thanks for writing to your Desi. Keep it going.

2018- Replies

Msg Received:  I am a lesbian. Can I read your eDiary?
DM: Of course yes ! Who stops you from reading it except you yourself? There is no criteria or any issues with sexuality to read someone’s life memoirs. I also have a few straight people reading my eDiary too. There are no conflicts in their mind. It does not turn them homosexual. It’s not about sex, though it looks like. It is rather about life incidents, and changing thought process. Some people find it erotic, some find it entertaining, some others find a few life lessons in it. It’s upto you, if you could find it worth your interests, you are more than welcome to my eDiary.
Msg Received: Why don’t your write for lesbians too?
DM: Simple, because I haven’t experienced it or seen it. I am not such extra ordinarily talented guy or blessed with such creative skills to make up stories.  It may sound funny to you, but unless anyone gives me a topic, there won’t be any conversations going on with me, because it’s almost blank…no thoughts at all! I fail to continue conversations because my mind doesn’t know how to make up things.

I am a simple, precisely to-the-point, science graduate. My mind is also accustomed to that frame of thinking having an aptitude just for 2+2=4. It doesn’t bother to think beyond that. So, this eDiary mostly contains my experiences and feelings from life.

BTW… #LoveIsLove.  Lesbians, Straights or Gays doesn’t matter when you read and see two people involved instead of focusing on their body parts or physiological structure where two souls are confined. It’s just a matter of perspective…. change it and you will find it same whether we would have been two females or a hetro-sexual couple. Neither of us had any same sex inclination before meeting each other. He did not checkout any other males except me. Never! It’s not about sex, it is about love. Read it in same context please. 

I’ve came to know about your this blog through quora answer.
Man, I really enjoyed while reading your blog. I want to know more about you. More, yes, more. So? Can you?
DM: Please refer to About This Blog & Me page from the top menu items, if you haven’t done it yet. I am sure, it will satisfy most of your curiosity.
A question has arised in my mind whether this “A and R” series is a real life story or you have woven it yourself ???

[Similar question : Is your eDiary part of real stories or fiction]
DM: Thank you ji, for your kind words and best wishes.
I have repeatedly got this question asked by many of my readers. Is “A & R” series a real life story?  …and sometimes about my other stories too, but recently more frequently for A&R Series.

Well,this answer is for all of these similar questions (please don’t read “you” at personal level).
If you read my eDiary carefully, your question is already answered in many places. But let us understand it from two perspectives (1) Why and (2) How does it matter?

If you try to find answers to these two questions, you will come across a logical reason for my writing this series.  If you couldn’t find a justification for these two questions, how does it really matter to you as a reader? You may skip it if you find it offending, or may just go through it like a story happened to a fictional character. 

Sometimes, such incidents may serve as a warning and a lesson to be learnt for others. If it helped anyone, or prevented any mishap, I would feel internal satisfaction. There is nothing worse than a rape! Believe me. Whether it happens with a male, a female or an animal. It’s one of a kind of living hell which shatters victim’s whole identity and sole purpose of existence in this world. I am not talking about physical abuses done during rape. People need to be sensitive towards it.


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