Don’t Fuel the Fire ! Ever!! (Part-1)

It was hard, and erect when I opened my eyes.


I am seeing a lot frequent morning erections now a days, almost everyday. I don’t know if it is because of better and soothing climate conditions in this monsoon season, or is it because of his body touching mine all the time and if that sensational touch of the body adds fuel to the fire.

He has made it a habit of embracing me all the time when we sleep. Even if we sleep in opposite sides, he makes sure that his body is constantly touching mine. I quite don’t understand if he really sleeps even for a single moment in whole night because it seems to me like he just keeps on feeling my body or keeps exploring it with his hands and skin. If, by any chance, there is a moment when our skins are not in direct contact, it is hardly a matter of 30 seconds and I start feeling his touch once again, most of the times, even more intensely.

I opened my eyes, adjusted the tent popping-out of my underwear, and then looked on my right side. It was a beautiful view of his silky smooth fair body which was illuminated by the morning sun-shine filtered through the window. His eyes were closed. I felt a strong urge to touch his body, and explore every inch of his shiny, glorious, smooth body with my hands. I don’t know if it was a result of already high sexual-hormone levels in me that were provoking me or if it was the effect of soothing and stimulating monsoon that was adding fuel to fire and giving me sexual arousal, but definitely the sensational touch of his body had a big role to stimulate my senses.


I turned towards him, and started playing around his left nipple. A smile started spreading on his cute face , as soon as my fingers started exploring his chest. He then slowly opened his eyes. I also noticed movements in his underwear where he moved his hand to control it. It was an instant reaction.


My act was probably unexpected surprize to him.He looked into my eyes with his attractive smile on his face. I grabbed his cute face in my hands and kissed him gently on his cheeks, and told him, “I Love you. Yes, I love you a lot“.


A few of my kind readers and online friends have suggested me that I am doing injustice to him, may be unknowingly. It has always been a one-one sided love for him so far. He hardly received his share of love and affection from me. Who don’t like to be pampered, cared and loved? He might also be feeling emptiness and might be quenching of his share of love from you. At times, it is also important to show your love and affection through your actions, which adds to the strength of the relationship and bonding between the two.

I agree with their advice. Similar thoughts were running in my mind too for a long time when he hinted me similar things in one of our discussions, discussed in this event, when he had said,

“….. I have always respected your will and your preferences over and above my needs and satisfaction. That’s why I could not proceed further last night even though I was sexually aroused, super horny and needed much more to satisfy my sexual needs.….”

It was not a favor to him. After a recent major incident in my life, (which I am not comfortable in sharing with anyone, not even with my Diary), I have been feeling deeply attached to him and strongly in love with him. He has proved himself to be my strength in my weak moments. He had shown what “Love” really means to him. And now I know, it is not just physical thing, but a true love kind of thing. This gave me a reason and responsibility of acknowledging his love and feelings for me and to surrender all my “if’s and but’s” in front of his love.

I was also feeling horny.  I glimpsed on his chest. His pink nipples appeared so juicy to me, and were giving me a direct invitation. His fair smooth body was all a perfect package complementing his inner beauty.


It was as perfect as his inner beauty, and love for me. I was feeling attracted to him and also deeply attached to him. His shiny beauty was fading away my discretionary capabilities.

(To be continued… Stay tuned for Concluding part (coming up shortly))


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