Don’t Fuel the Fire ! Ever!! (Concluding Part)

(Continued from previous post…)

I don’t know what came to my mind, but I suddenly jumped over him and sat over his crotch. His eyes started shining. He did not wait for another moment to hug me and embraced me tightly in his arms. His head was in my arms, and his juicy lips had started exploring and enjoying my chest. I was feeling his warm breaths on my chest when he exhaled. Within a moment, there was some hardness and some slight movements in my comfortable seat and I could feel his boner growing very fast. Now, that really made me wonder that how magical it was to have such bone-stiffness in a boner that does not have a bone at all.


I was already feeling his stiff, hard boner under my ass. He grabbed me from my waste and part of my hips, and started moving me a little forward and backward, that further massaged his rock-hard penis. During all this time, he was continually kissing my chest and nipples passionately. Slowly he adjusted me to completely sit on his super hard boner which was now getting massaged with my sliding movements. His kisses and embracing also made my penis hard. All of sudden he became wild and pulled my nipple through his lips and started nibbling it and twisting it. “Aahhh..!“… only this came out of my mouth in mild voice, and instantly my penis got fully erect and super hard. Even then he did not leave my nipple and continued sucking, and nibbling it. I could feel it that my penis had started leaking pre-cum heavily. I don’t really understand, what was it that he was sucking so hard from my (dry) nipples, but I am sure, if he continued doing it, it will surely start delivering him what he wanted.


I grabbed his hair and tried to pull him away but he did not leave my nipple, rather it got more stretched in my attempt to pull his head away from me. To eliminate the stretching and the pain, I pressed his head on my chest but that could not stop him from what he was doing.

Suddenly I felt his hand, which was embracing my waist and was pushing me to move forward and backward till now, enter inside my underwear from backside, and then he started squeezing my butts and caress the ass-cheeks. Next I felt, his hands pulling down my underwear from the backside and uncovering my butts completely. His both hands were now freely moving, massaging and squeezing my both the ass-cheeks. With this, his act of sucking my nipples became wild. He was working on a single nipple for such a long time, and the pain was getting out of my bearable limits. I cried foul and my eyes became teary with pain. I said to him,”Stop it! It is hurting me.

He suddenly released my nipple. The area around it was all turned red, due to excessive sucking and forces he applied on it. It was paining a lot. The nipple head was already stretched and pointing out. He also noticed it, and then gently kissed on it. My nipples which were already over-sensitive, now had lost all sensitivity. I could not feel touch of his lips when he kissed on it. I sat down back on his thighs, over his crotch. It was very uncomfortable as his penis had turned to a real boner, and it was really stiff with full hard-on. I pulled up my underwear back and got down to the bed.

He did not leave me alone. He grabbed me from my nipple, which he had already tortured a lot but could not find it “working”, squeezed it mildly once again, and then kissed me.


I don’t know what was going in his mind, but it looked as if he was ready to break all the barriers today. His mischievous smile was indicating that he has something in his mind which he was following up. That scared me. Would it be end of my virginity today?

While kissing, he kept rubbing my nipple with his thumb. Strange enough, my nipple which had lost all the sensitivity a little while ago, was now again getting it back. It may be the effect of his rubbing, mild squeezing that might have helped to resume the blood circulation in that area but now his rubbing the nipple head was acknowledged by my nipple once again and my penis started responding to these signals.


He then moved his attention to second nipple, and started playing with it, but mildly this time with special care to it so that I did not feel that level of pain. It was very stimulating to me and caused quick hard-on of my boner.

He kept doing it for a while and used his hand to massage my belly while his lips were busy with my nipple. Then he moved his hand a bit below and gave two squeezes to my boner and balls. His hand would have got wet with pre-cum leaking from my underwear.

He then moved down to belly. He knew the art of making someone plead for mercy. What he did there was something really beyond my capability. He kept kissing and licking there around my belly button, in different styles. His kisses were not only causing tickling but also were stimulating me sexually.


It was getting harder for me to bear this all, but he was not ready to leave me or show any kind of mercy on me. He did not touch my penis again, and it was already leaking a load full of pre-cum and was desperate in getting a help to unload it. He just kept on kissing, sucking, licking my belly button and the area around it.

He gave me a short break, stood up and then pulled his underwear down completely. He was standing there all naked and then came back on the bed in between my legs around him. This act gave me shivers, and nervousness was clearly visible from my expressions.

Next he did exactly, what I was afraid of. He grabbed my underwear from both the sides of my waist, and pulled up the elastic belt to take it down. I was so horrified, that I instantly grabbed his hands, and nodded my head to request him not to proceed further.

He looked at me for a moment, gave me a cute smile and then left my underwear belt gently, and sat in between my legs spread around him. He then picked up my hand and kissed gently on the fingers.


And then he laid down over me, and whispered “My little Prince! Don’t worry. I Love You. I Love You. I Love You.”, and kissed me gently once again.



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  1. Alex says:

    Wow, I 100% respect your roommate. Even tho he broke most of your boundaries, and clearly wanted to do more, he still knew where and when to stop. ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. desimunda says:

      I 100% respect your evaluation. He deserves this respect (from me too). I am glad that you too could notice his inner beauty.


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