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Last Updated on : 02-Jan-2017

This post is dedicated to some of the comments and suggestions I am receiving from my readers and online friends, which are not part of comments on my blog posts. I will not be publishing their identity or names, just the contents. No doubt, all of them are our well wishers, and they put their frank opinion, which is warmly welcome.

Sun, Jan 1, 2017

Comment / Feedback:
Hey !
I don’t know how I came to visit your blog a few months back. It was probably through a link to some thought provoking post in your blog tagged as “Thoughts”. I did not know at that time that it is an adult rated homosexual blog. I liked the “Thoughts” shared on your blog.

To be honest with you, I am not homosexual but I am not homophobic either. It is just not my taste. But reading your diary I found it slowly interesting and some of the posts had comments from your readers which helped me the same way as it helped you in your love life. The only difference was that it was between two males in your diary and similar situation was between me and my fiancee. I ignored the male-male part, as your analysis helped me see through the situation and handle it appropriately. This was my third failed love-affair and it was enough to break me down completely.

With you story, I got a chance for introspection, and gave myself a chance for fair evaluation without being biased. I slowly learned to compromise on a few things where I was adamant and became more flexible to adjust with my girl friend. I learned to accommodate her life and preferences in my life. As a result, we are a happy couple now.

I wanted to thank you for this, and wish you two a happy life, and a happy new year and years ahead.

Fri, Nov 11, 2016

Comment / Feedback: Thanks for ur stories. Its bn great following ur love story. I dropped a lengthy comment on the last story.
I knw how u r feeling now and I tell u it will get better soon. I knw tradition and family values are holding u back bt this will be at ur own detriment. Give ur roomie a chance and see where this whole thing ends. His love for u is genuine and u knw it. He hasn’t forced himself on u.. U’ve bn 2geda for months and no sex? Wow he’s a great guy. Just go with the follow.
Yes I understand perfectly well ur inhibitions. This is coming from an African, a Nigerian to be precise so u understand when I say I knw how u feel. Give him a chance and go with the flow. I wish u happiness in whatever choice u make.

Sun, Oct 30, 2016 

Hey (my name)!!!
Wishing you a prosperous and Happy diwali
First off all I wanna thank you for making me smile through your posts . Reading ur posts gives a positive energy and I cant stop smiling. I am always waiting for ur new posts and” The Gift ” is so heart whelming.
Tumhari posts padhte padhte aesa lagne lagaa hai ki pta nhi me tumhe kabse janta hoo.
Sometimes I feel jealous too 😆😆😆 but trust me you two suits one another best .
All the best and Happy Diwali .
Loads of love for ur roomie too.

Fri, Sep 02, 2016 

Dude! I like your style of narrating stories. It allows the reader to synchronize with the characters and be a part of the story. I do not know how true is this but yes i wnt to share my feelings with u. sometimes we tend to be too ungrateful to acknowledge and value the gifts we have been blessed with, until we loose them for good.
We don’t usually value the things that are rather made available to us easily without much struggle in life. That does not mean that the person or the thing has lesser importance or is not genuine. Even animals can judge and understand the feelings and love. Why can’t you? Do you need a certificate from him? You have been so selfish to him all the time. Always thinking about urself first. Have ur ever given it a thought to replace yourself in his place? Whtz his fault?? That… he loves you? Don’t be so emotionless person. Think and act… before it is too late !
I am sorry again if I used some harsh words.. it may not be vry correct but i do smpathsize with ur roomamte…poor guy!

Fri, Aug 19, 2016 

Hey brother … I like ur stories and i must say that you u r a awesome writer. I enjoy them a lot . But as you say that its a true story , i really feel sorry for ur partner . If you love him just tell him , and if you dont i wonder kis mitti ka banaa hai tu bhai .. Aese insaan har kisi ko nhi milte so accept him and his love Thankss and loads of love to you and ur roomie