An Unforgettable Experience

A Real Life incident, with positive outlook to incidents and the life..must read.

Food for Poetryy

Hello Dear Friends,

How is life going? I hopeit is goinggreat. With a little bit of upsides and downsides here and there but neverthelessfun.Today, would like to share with you all a very personal experience I had 16 days ago. The narrativemight sound regular but was powerful enough to change a part of me, so sharing with you all was my imperative.


Alittle background first. I had been writing the 2nd stage of an important exam in December that spans across 6 days – 9 papers – 3 hours each . That also explains my less-frequent blogging recently. Well let us say the examis very important since I took a career break for an year to write this exam.


Interestingly the day I am talking about, 7th December was one of the foggiest days Delhi winter has witnessed. Add to that the exam centre being 45 km away…

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