An Unforgettable Experience

Originally posted on Food for Poetryy:
Hello Dear Friends, How is life going? I hope?it is going?great. ?With a little bit of upsides and downsides here and there but nevertheless?fun.?Today, would like to share with you all a very personal experience I had 16 days ago. The narrative?might sound regular but was powerful enough to…

Strengths and Weaknesses

People want to succeed in their lives. And our assumption is that we need to strengthen ourselves to fight against all odds. We should not become weak physically, mentally or emotionally or in any other way, otherwise we may loose our chances of winning the game in life. That’s why, we have got the notions…

Success… is a mindset, and a practice!

Everyone want to succeed. No one wants the failures. Still…  we fail. Let’s pay a close attention to the ingredients of a Successs-story. I found it common in most of them. In short, it is a life cycle of following steps, in which step 3 and 4 keep on repeating till you achieve your goal….