A & R (Part-19: The Brutal Love-1)

After a short while, Ritvik planned a way to get rid of these disturbing acts and save himself from Rizwan’s foul play with him. He took his mobile out of his pocket, stood up and said, “Excuse me ! I remembered I had to make an urgent call.”, and quickly moved to get out of the apartment. It was a surprise act by him, and before anyone could understand what happened, he was in the isle trying to move out of room.

Rizwan, Aditya and Arnav all were stunned and could not decide what to do. When they came back to their senses, Aditya said, “You need not to go outside, I can mute the loud music for you to make your call from this room itself”. In the mean time when they were searching for remote control to mute the loud music, Ritvik had already unlocked the door. Ritvik deliberately ignored him as if he could not hear his suggestion and moved out of the apartment quickly.  After all he was looking for an escape.

After coming out of the apartment, he closed the door, and took a deep breath to calm down. He was still unable to decide what to do. He wanted to leave immediately, but he was worried that when Aniket would come back, he might get disappointed not seeing him around when he specially requested his presence here. That’s too all because of his fears and assumptions about Rizwan, which could be wrong. It was a very small thing that Aniket had asked to him, and Ritvik was feeling obliged to fulfill his first ever request. He did not want to fail to fulfill his expectation and this friendly request. He was confused and was thinking of calling Aniket while holding his mobile in his hand outside the room. Suddenly the door popped open and he noticed Aditya coming to him.

“Did you finish your call?”, asked Aditya. He knew it could not finish in just couple of moments but he had to initiate the talks.

“Naah !… the number is un-reachable. I will try again later”, replied Ritvik.

“Well… we have silenced the music for you. You need not to wait outside. You can come back in and try again.”, added Aditya.  Rizwan and his friends probably did not like to leave Ritvik alone or let him go out of their sight.   After a moment, Aditya took Ritvik’s hand in his hand, and pulled him along, saying “Let’s go!”. Ritvik had no options left. This time, probably in a hurry to take Ritvik back inside the apartment, he did not bother to lock the door.

“I brought our guest back !”, Aditya smirked looking at Rizwan with a wide smile on his face.  He was looking happy as if he conquered the world, as if he turned the lost game into a winning one. He looked back at Ritvik and said, “Please feel free to make your calls. We will resume the music only after you are done.”.

Ritvik replied, “It’s okay. The call could not go through. The number was switched off. You may resume the music.”

He did not want to be a reason to interrupt anyone’s enjoyment. He added, “I am sorry, you had to interrupt it all because of me.” Ritvik’s Physical Charm was a primary attraction but his politeness and down-to-earth attitude was noticed by all. Arnav started liking Ritvik more and more with every minute spent in his company and it was reflecting well through his behavior.

This time Ritvik wanted to sit at a distance from Rizwan but as soon as he wanted to sit, Arnav objected, “Why are you sitting so far away? Don’t worry.. we are not cannibals. Come on … join us… or do you want us to come there and bring all these snacks there?”

Ritvik moved reluctantly close to Arnav.  Arnav and Rizwan were sitting together with the gap for one person in between them, assuming Ritvik to sit in between them, but Ritvik decided to sit on the rear end, close to Arnav, out of reach of Rizwan this time.

“So,…for how long you two have been together?”, Arnav asked moving the plate kept in front of him on the table filled with roasted salted cashews to Ritvik. Ritvik found this question inappropriate and objected, “Excuse me ?”

“Oh ! Sorry !!.. No offence, I was just asking since when you two know each other?”, realizing his mistake, he clarified his thoughts. He did not want to risk again to spoil his mood and they knew that he was already looking uninterested in staying there any longer. “I just wanted to carry on some random conversation to keep you engaged till the time your friend joins us”, he added and patted on his thigh with a smile, but quickly removed his hand.

They kept talking on various topics covering movies, office gossips, about Aniket, politics, India’s future etc.. As a result, Ritvik found Arnav much more friendlier and doubted him less with suspicion. He had no reason to doubt this friendly person. People who speak less are more prone to hide things and seen with suspicion, but one who talk enough, usually don’t tend to hide. There were other reasons too. Unlike Rizwan, he quickly removed his hand after a quick pat on his thigh. He was not looking like a sex-freak to him. He was intelligent, funny and talking more of general things to make the atmosphere light and entertaining. He was sensitive to notice that Ritvik was not feeling comfortable here in absence of Aniket and that’s why he was trying to entertain Ritvik till his friend Aniket joins them. That was so thoughtful of him. All of this helped to create a positive image of Arnav in Ritvik’s mind.

Suddenly Rizwan asked Aditya who was still in the kitchen, perhaps preparing some Sandwiches, to start the music again. He also insisted to raise the volume to the same louder levels to make it feel lively. When Rizwan asked for loud music, Arnav looked at Rizwan, and they decided something silently. They communicated through hints understood only by the both of them. After a short while, Arnav moved down on the floor in front of Ritvik saying “I feel more comfortable sitting like this on the floor”, and kept his arms crossed and rested it on Ritvik’s knees. He was smiling. By this time there already existed a little bit of understanding between Arnav and Ritvik which made him feel comfortable with it. Ritvik did not react. It was a friendly gesture, like Aniket, his roommate, used to do it with him most of the time.

After a couple of minutes, Arnav asked Ritvik, “Why don’t you put your feet comfortably ?” and pulled his legs to engulf his feet in between grip of his legs. This made Ritvik captive indirectly and under total control of Arnav. Arnav also felt excited and happy embracing Ritvik’s legs and holding his feet in his grip. His excitement was evident from his energetic tone and from his special way of looking at Ritvik.

“Have you had sex earlier?”, Rizwan moved close to Ritvik and put a direct question to him.  Without waiting for any answer, Rizwan now directly hushed the things. He was unable to control it any longer. He added, “I mean, look at you baby! your pink lips…” and quickly leaned forward and kissed on his lips. Ritvik felt Rizwan’s lips on his lips before he could understand anything.


At this moment, Aditya also joined them carrying sandwiches he prepared for all of them and sat next to Ritvik. Ritvik was now again in the same situation, even worse. He was surrounded by all the three blocking him from all the sides. He was in between Aditya, and Rizwan on his sides, and Arnav in front of him, holding him by his feet.

Surprised and shocked Ritvik tried to get up but he was pulled back by Aditya and Rizwan both who were holding him tightly from either side. Next he felt Rizwan’s index finger running over his lips. “You cannot be a virgin, I bet !”, Rizwan continued smelling Ritvik from his neck to his shoulder. “Let’s find out !”, he whispered in his ear.

Ritvik’s all attempts and his resistance went futile. He could not do anything against the three of them. His eyes got watery. His fear was turning into reality. He pleaded, “please let me go.. leave me alone”, but no one paid any attention to his requests.

“Look at you !… “,  Rizwan unbuttoned his top button of shirt and inserted his hand inside, massaged his chest, and then squeezed his nipple. Rizwan got super horny with mere touch of super soft skin and smooth body of Ritvik. It was an electrifying experience. There was something special with him. He was unusally attractive and charming. Ritvik’s right arm was stuck between sofa wall and Rizwan’s back, and other hand was tightly held in Aditya’s hand who was licking his neck from the other side and moving towards his lips.

“You are the Beauty, and I am the Beast !”, Rizwan continued without paying any attention to what Ritvik was blabbering. Ritvik’s voice was trembling with fear, words were not coming out clear now. He tried shouting for help but loud music suppressed his voice. It was quite risky to let him shout like this, so Aditya gagged his mouth to turn him silent and took his shirt off forcibly.  It was an enormous divine beauty in front of them.  Every inch of his body was mesmerizing and appealing to get it, feel it, taste it. Aditya could not control himself and started squeezing his nipples and exploring his chest with his hands while licking his neck. He embraced Ritvik in his arms as he held a captive trying to escape.


Suddenly Ritvik’s attention moved down when he felt Arnav’s hands moving up his thighs. Arnav was moving his hands from knees to upper thighs, and up to his hips. Suddenly Arnav applied force to part away both his legs to make some space in between. He then gave a squeeze to his penis and balls, and added, “Yeah… ! Beauty with Brains…” to the compliment given by Rizwan and gave one more squeeze to his penis. “See his package, it is so big… my God !” Arnav exclaimed in excitement after feeling Ritvik’s bulge in his hands, and then leaned forward to smell his penis and started pressing it with his mouth probably trying to kiss there. He also attempted to take it in his mouth but failed because of trouser’s zipper but Ritvik could easily feel what all was being attempted on his crotch. In a couple of more thrusts by Arnav’s mouth, and massaging of his balls with his hands and mouth interchangeably, Ritvik’s limp Penis started getting semi-hard. The irony was that the love he sensed in Arnav’s friendly gestures a little while ago, was now turning into brutal love.

Rizwan held Ritvik through his hair and planted a forced kiss on his lips once again. Touch of his lips was something electrifying and sensational for Rizwan in his last kiss. He never felt that amazing taste in any kiss or anything in his life. It was beyond his expectations and beyond all his wildest imaginations. Could someone also taste so good? Could Skin and Kiss have any taste?  It was something very amazing and new for all of them. There was a taste, a unique taste in his lips, in each part of Ritvik’s body. He swallowed his lower lip and started tasting it more intensely. Ritvik was crying badly now. Each inch of his body was being abused by some sex-hungry freaks. One was playing with his private part, other one was busy sucking his lips and third one was exploring his chest with his lips and sucking his nipple like he was also getting some real juices through his nipple. He was stuck with the same nipple as if he was happy in sucking more and more juices from there and it was making him more hungry. The irony was their hunger and their actions were getting wild and intense.

(To be continued…)



A & R (Part-17: The Haunting Eyes)

(Continued… from previous part…!)

It was long weekend, and everyone was in a big rush to reach one’s home. Most of the people who came to Delhi NCR needed to get back to their home-town so that they could celebrate the festivals with them.  Ritvik did not have smartphone to hire app based taxis. He preferred the most convenient mode of commuting for him to Gurgaon was the Delhi Metro. He was at least familiar with it. He tried for DTC bus first but seeing the over-crowded buses, and jam-packed roads at peak hour, he decided to go by Delhi Metro.

It took around 2 hours for him to reach Gurgaon. The location to the given society apartments was still far away.  Luckily he got one shared cab close to the destination and it took another 40 minutes approximately to reach the Gold Souk apartments. Ritvik tried couple of times during his initial journey to contact Aniket, but all the time, his “phone was switched off”.

At the entrance, the security guard asked his identity and confirmed with the owner of the apartment 605, Block A,  before allowing him to enter the society.

When Ritvik reached the 6th Floor, apartment # 605, he got the assurance that he was at right place as he could hear loud music coming out of the closed doors. It was not very loud, but still loud enough to understand some “fun and party time with enthusiasm and high voltage vibes” being celebrated  inside.  He pressed the door bell gently.

A few moments later, the door opened with high volume of music coming out. A stranger welcomed him, “Hey Ritvik ! come in, we were waiting for you.” After allowing him entry, the guy who welcomed Ritvik closed the door and locked it.

It was an isle from the entrance to the living room cum hall which then was connected further to three bed rooms on three sides of the apartment. It was a big 3 BHK, spacious apartment properly furnished with all necessities and some luxuries of life to make it more comfortable. The ambiance was adjusted to mix the room light with slightly blue-shades from the ceiling, and light shades of moon-light from the ceiling corners. It was looking awesome. On one middle of the front wall was a big home-theater system and sound bars on either sides of front wall. The thundering volume spreading from it was giving it a “party feeling”.  There was a 52 inch LED (or perhaps Plasma) TV on one side, aligned with Sofa-sets which was muted but still kept on.


Ritvik looked around, and to his surprise, he noticed only four people, including himself in the apartment. All of them were carrying a glass, probably filled with Whisky. One of them was standing behind him as he just returned from the isle to entrance/exit.  The other two were in front of him.

“Hey Buddy ! Welcome to the party”, said one of them and moved forward to shake hands with Ritvik.  “I am Arnav, and he is Aditya.”, he gave a short introduction about himself and then pointed out the guy standing behind Ritvik on the isle side, who opened the doors for him. “You’ve probably already met him”, he introduced the third guy  standing on his side, without telling his name.

Ritvik looked at the third guy, with curiosity, trying to recognize him. He looked familiar. “Yes, we’ve met.”, said the third guy moving forward to Ritvik after placing his glass of wine on the table. He shook hands with Ritvik and continued, “Aditya and I work with your friend Aniket. We are in the same company.”

“Yeah !… I think, we’ve met earlier but please forgive me I am unable to recall. You did not tell your name”, asked Ritvik.


As soon as this guy held his hand in his hands, Ritvik noticed his firm grip. His palm was wide, and hard, indicating a regular hard-work. His body was toned, and perfectly in shape. Pumped up biceps and curves of his body were confirming a regular workout in gym.

“I’m sorry ! I forgot to introduce myself. I am Rizwan.”, said the third guy wearing a blue color shirt without a vest underneath, still holding Ritvik’s hand in his hand. “We met for the first time, when I visited your room [link opens in new Tab] to drop Aniket to you when he passed out during the last party.”

Now Ritivik remembered clearly, it was Rizwan that night, who brought Aniket home with the help of another person and whose penetrating eyes were making him uncomfortable with thorough scan of his body. It was not definitely a healthy or surprised look. It was not just a stare. It was way more than just a hungry look which scared him even after first glimpse of meeting his stranger. He felt those hungry eyes haunting him for days everywhere. Those hungry eyes were yet again in front of him, but a little less wide-open probably because of Alcohol he had consumed.

(To be continued…)



A & R – (Part 1: The Beginning)

Aniket (अनिकेत) and Ramya (रम्य) met for the very first time, when Ramya entered the room he was planning to stay on shared-rent basis. Aniket was already sitting on one of the two beds in the room and was working on his laptop. The other bed was vacant and was waiting for its new owner. Aniket, being the only person in the room, had conveniently moved his bed right under the ceiling fan to enjoy maximum benefits of the it. The other bed was moved aside almost to the distant corner of the room.

Ramya entered the room after the landlord. He was a tall, handsome and attractive guy and was barely touching his twenties. There was this special charm in his personality and in his looks that made it difficult for others to move their eyes off of him easily. As soon as someone caught a glimpse of him, he or she was spell-bound to keep staring at him, until they were notified by a reverse stare which asked “What the hell are you staring at?”. It had now become a routine for Ramya since his childhood and he had learned to cope with it and ignore.

Same thing happened with Aniket. When Ramya entered the room, Aniket felt like suddenly the room was filled in with lively energy, with light and shine, and it caught his attention to Ramya, the source of this change, entering the room. It was Ramya’s aura that created that vibes in the room. As soon as Aniket caught a glimpse of Ramya, he lost his consciousness and link with the external world. This was only Ramya and him left in this universe. No thoughts, no actions, nothing at all was left except the two. He became all eyes feeding on his divine beauty.

Ramya was busy in inspecting the room and making decisions about whether he should take it or look for another room. Landlord was telling him salient features and benefits of living here. Suddenly he noticed someone on the bed staring at him. He looked back at Aniket who was now just a statue staring at Ramya. Eyes of both met for the first time and introduced each other.

Aniket’s eyes were full of tender of emotions which attracted Ramya. Ramya could not resist his urge to keep looking in his eyes which were speaking more than his attractive looks. Aniket himself was blessed with an excellent physique and sharp features. He had a very pleasant personality which complimented his attractive looks. He himself was an eye-candy, but for Ramya, it was his “speaking eyes” that caught his attention more than his looks.  There was something special that he felt in his eyes, and then the landlord asked him, “When do you want to move in?”.

Landlord’s question interrupted Ramya’s silent talks with Aniket through his eyes. It also alerted the Aniket who was lost till now to come back to his senses, as it was the moment when he feared he might loose a chance to see him again if Ramya’s decision was not in favor of staying with him in this room. It was just a couple of moments but they both knew what they wanted. Opposites attract.

With initial contacts of their eyes, where as it was passion, tenderness, and a lots of emotions with un-spoken bonding in Aniket’s eyes which attracted Ramya to Aniket, Aniket felt that “he” is the “only” thing that he wanted in his life. Aniket felt that he found everything in Ramya that makes him feel content and complete. There was nothing else left in his life after loosing himself through his eyes. His life long searches were completed in Destination Ramya. Ramya was the answer to all his quest for inner and outer peace and everything else. There was nothing else left for him to be obtained in life except Ramya.

“I shall move in next week.”, Ramya responded back to landlord and handed over some cash as a token of confirmation and down-payment of advance-rent. He looked back at Aniket, who was still staring at him but now he was not a statue anymore. When he looked back this time, both passed a smile to each other and Aniket started looking back to his laptop screen understanding the embarrassing situation of his staring at him.

He was happy that something he wished for was granted as Ramya had confirmed him joining as a roommate.

The Villain

“Why are you looking so sad for a couple of days?”, asked my Roomie trying to cheer me up.

“Naah ! It’s nothing.”, I replied, trying to cover up the disappointment spread on my face, my attitude and my actions.

“Are Mom and Dad alright?”, he asked again, putting down the glass of water on the table he was sipping through.

“Yeaa..h. !   everything is fine. No issues buddy”, I responded with a fake smile this time.

By this time, he was standing right behind me. I felt his magnetic charm, when his arms embraced me from the back. His magical smell is always doing good cheer me up. He kept his chin on my shoulder and said, “Then… what is wrong?”

After a moment, he came forward and gave me a tight hug, and asked, “Why is my sweet heart looking so down for so many days? Did I do something to make you feel like this shit or are you feeling home-sickness?”

His magical touch has that healing effect that always brings life back on the dead. It worked for me, all the time. I needed it the most at this point in time. It was a huge psychological pressure I was going through, and it was killing me inside.

“I feel, I don’t deserve you.”, I busted. My head was on his shoulder and I was literally crying. Sometimes, it becomes out of control to bear such emotions, and impulses start flowing through tears. Although, I don’t like such things to happen with me in front of anyone. But, it happened, and in front of my Roomie.

He kept hugging me silently. And then, I felt his hand caressing my hair. There was a complete silence for a while. Then his voice echoed in my ears, “That’s absolutely right. You don’t deserve me at all. You deserve much better, actually you deserve the best.”

He parted me away from his chest, looked into my eyes which were all teary, wiped off the tears rolling out on my cheek and then said, “But tell me… how this thing came to your tiny mind all of a sudden?”, and patted on my head with a smile.

I asked him sobbingly, “You know, I am maintaining an online Diary about us?”

“Yes, … so?”, he was curious to know further. The tone of his voice and level of his curiosity was raised after hearing the word “online Diary”. He knew that I am maintaining this eDiary about us, but probably he was curious to know “how it made me cry ?”

I continued, “I love to interact with my readers. Their frank opinion and suggestions have been proven very helpful to me so far. That’s why I keep on collecting their inputs through various posts, polls or comments, and try to improve myself, wherever necessary.”

He was still looking at me. I continued, “Recently I requested inputs on a similar thread through my FB page. The request was made to my eDiary readers to caste their votes for a preferred choice between you (my Roomie) and me.  The results were astonishing!”

There was a smile floating on his face now.  That made me smile too. His smile is contagious, and it is the only thing I want to see all the time.

I continued, “It was not surprising to find that majority of my readers were on the side of my Roomie. They loved him, adored him, and had empathy with him. It was fine, and I liked it. Because my readers, were seeing him through my eyes. It was natural to have a similar feelings for him.”

“Then??  What is the issue?”, he was also surprised now.

“It was a little surprising to find out, that for some of my dear readers, I was the culprit. They portrayed me in the darkest shades of no less than that of a villain. That was something uneasy for me to digest. I got a few such feedback, where I was made to believe that I am a real villain, heart-less, emotion-less, self-centered and may be an opportunist.”, I replied.

“Aah ! So … you are blowing yourself off with these non-sense things? You are as dumb as those few fellas who gave you such inputs”, he attempted to make it a little bit of fun-filled environment. He wanted to cheer me up.

“My diary (this blog) is reflecting some of the important real life incidents between us. This also reflects our personality to some extent, my thought process, and value-system. In short, I have tried my best to stay as close as possible to the real life, whether it be any incident between us, or my thoughts on some arbitrary topic. If my readers, somehow, feel that I am a villain, a heartless, emotionless, self-centered, opportunist, it cannot be ignored in vain. There ought to be some rationale behind it.”, I opened my heart.

He went silent for a moment, and then asked me, “What could have made them believe that you are such a villain and that I am such an innocent, angel?”

He did not give me a chance to answer it. He explained it himself, “None of your readers personally know you. They haven’t even met me, your Roomie in real life. They met us through this eDiary, Right? “, and looked straight into my eyes for a confirmation. I nodded in confirmation.

“So, whatever they know about you or about me, has to come from your eDiary and their own value-system, that decides what is a good-value and what is a bad-value for them in their lives.”, he explained in easy to understand and with perfectly logical reasoning.

When almost everyone liked my roomie more than myself, it was actually a reflection of my love for my roomie, and not their own choice. That was true to a great extent. This was also true that when we love someone, we see all things positive in that loved one.  We might be influenced and biased sometimes. When we write about our love, we only create a sketch of him with all such positive things which influenced us, which might be far away from the reality.  But that’s how the love and emotions work. That’s why Love is blind.

“But preference of my roomie over me was never a problem for me.”, I said.

“The problem was with the ‘villain’ part.  People reading my eDiary are not related to him (my roomie) or to me. They ought to be honest. If the feedback is an honest feedback, I don’t really deserve an angel like you. I too strongly feel the same. I have seen many times how generous and loving you are to me and what the hell in return I offered to you? Absolutely nothing.”,  warm droplets of tears rolled out once again on my cheek when I finished the line.

“Hmmmm….. and ‘Who’ made them believe so with his ‘Creative’ writing skills?”, he asked with dancing eyebrows. “Tell me.. Who?”.

I got the gist what he was trying to explain, but my heart and my mind were not accepting it.  I have seen him going exceptionally beyond the rational limits for my happiness. I have seen him compromising on his needs and his desires, his preferences for a long time… all just for my happiness. I have seen him putting his life and career at risk to save my life, and that’s too when I always rejected him, and told him that he needs to behave reasonably and identify his limits. I had made him clear many times that I did not have similar “love” or feelings for him as he bears for me, but he did not think for a second to choose me before his own life.

And what in turn I had given to him? Just the Rules and Regulations and a list of terms and conditions, which were as restrictive as my mind in accepting him to be my life partner in initial time. He agreed to all without any reluctance. Had it not been that life-turning incident and a few of my online friends who guided me from time to time, and helped me see through the things clearly with an alternative perspective, I would not have been able to change my mindset. That proves that I was a villain, and also a self-centered person.

I was amid all these thoughts, and he probably caught the vibes that I am not fully satisfied with his last argument, he now explained to me and said, “We all see the things from our own perspective. We have limitations to see the things. Sometimes we strongly believe in ourselves that even the truth appears to be false because it does not fit on our prejudices or assumptions.”

He paused momentarily, and said, “You are no villain. Believe me. You are an innocent child from you heart, and gem of a person. I am not saying it to please you. Your honesty and simplicity attracts everyone, even if we ignore your charismatic personality and beauty that can attract even the blind people to you. “

“When you told me about your first crush during your school life, and also during visit to your home during Durga Puja, I noticed how everyone in your friend-circle was hovering around you all the time. Do you think only physical attraction is capable of producing that magical effect? Why the hell everyone feel so compelled to be with you and around you all the time? Do you think anyone would care and feel such an affection to a person who is self-centered, egoist or a villain? Naah !… “, he paused, took my hand in his hand, and then said, “It is your modesty and humbleness that you don’t give yourself a credit for it. It is your nature to value others more than yourself. And believe me, I rightly said, I really don’t deserve you. You deserve whatever is the best in this universe. But I am getting selfish here, and I feel really blessed that I got you.”

He continued, “You ARE beautiful, extremely beautiful. No doubt in that. Every inch of your body has that  heavenly beauty overflowing from it. I never felt that attraction for any male before seeing you. I have never seen such divine beauty earlier. I don’t feel attracted to any other males except you. But mere a glimpse of you when you first entered this room made me forget who I was and that I was in a relationship with a girl for 4 years. I was happy with her, and loved her company before seeing you. We were even planning for marriage. But that physical attraction in my girl-friend and all desires to settle down with her disappeared after I saw you for the first time. I could not take you out of mind for days, even though I fought hard and tried everything to keep myself away from you. That’s the charisma of your personality and your aura. You won’t ever realize it because it impacts others not you. The Sun does not know the virtues of its being the Sun. That’s the beauty of it. That’s is the selflessness. Let me tell you my little secret today. My biggest fear and insecurity is because of this thing. As I know that I don’t deserve you, I am afraid that you might leave me alone, for ever, someday. I cannot bear that mere thought of getting separated from you  even for a moment. The mere thought of getting separated from you  gives me shiver down my spine. I cannot imagine my life without you even for a moment.”

My hand was still in his hand, and he was massaging it intermittently with his fingers. His voice was very calm and deep. He was holding my hand firmly as if he was really afraid that I may run away from him. After this we both stood silent for a while, and I moved forward to hug him and then rested my head on his shoulder, which have always been there whenever I needed it for a support.

I could not digest completely what all he told me, especially his last few paragraphs. That may be his exaggerated reality or his personal views and opinion, which sounded like very biased and influenced to me. But after talking to him, I was feeling much better about “Villain” thing.

I still could not completely rule out those possibilities of “Selfishness” , “Self-Centered Person” and “Being Villain to my roommate than being a good friend to him”.

I, therefore, request my dear readers, who have gone through my eDiary, and various ups and downs of my love-life through various chapters of my this eDiary, to please share your candid feedback on it, which may help me find the improvement-area and help me to be a better person and more useful friend to my roommate.