Back To Home-12: Trip To Delhi-3

(Continued from previous part…, or refer to the Back To Home series homepage for reading all related posts from beginning).

The peace of mind, and tiredness of whole night journey were a perfect combination for me to fall sleep in his arms. His arms surrounding me, and his breath falling on my face, were enough for brining back to me the confidence and trust, that yes, it (our separation) was a temporary phase and I could get him back in my life. I was afraid of losing him forever after I moved back to my home town. This fear of loosing him was getting deeper day by day as I had very limited chances of talking to him even on phone, least to say about meeting him face to face.Today, that fear was eliminated when I finally got to feel him around me.

It was a strange thing that when I lived here with him, I loved him but still I had no such strong feelings for him or this strong fear of loosing him. This fear and these feelings for him appeared only after I lost him when I moved back. It seems to be a result of his absence in my life during last few months. Sometimes, we need to loose the things to understand it’s real value in our life.

He held me like a baby. Tightly in his arms but comfotable to me. The vibrations of an incoming call in my mobile alerted us, which was kept in my jean’s pocket. The mobile was touching his thighs too. I opened my eyes and looked up at him, he was smiling. His eyes were still closed. Probably the vibrations of buzzing mobile were giving him a tickling sensation.

I took the mobile out of pocket. It was my Mom calling. I answered the call.

Me: “Good morning, Mom”

Mom: “Good morning sweetheart!”. “Have you reached home?”

Me: “Yes Mom! I just reached here couple of minutes ago”

Mom: “Good! Beta (Son)… but you didn’t call us. Your Dad and I were worried for your safe journey? Hope, you did not have face any trouble in your journey.”

Me: “Sorry Mom. I was about to call you in a while. I just arrived here a couple of minutes back. Yes, the journey was comfortable. I am sorry Mom, please forgive me. “

Mom: “Never mind Son. It’s alright. How is (my roomie name)?”

Me: “He is alright Mom. Here.. talk to him”

I put the mobile phone to speaker and moved it close to his mouth.

My Roomie: “Good morning, Mom. How are you and Uncle ji?”

I chuckled, when he repeated the same mistake even after so many months. He always call my mom as Mom. She also considers him as her elder Son *my elder brother*, but he always calls my Dad as Uncle ji instead of calling him Dad. This was a strange relationship!

Mom: “God bless you Beta. We both are doing fine. How are you doing? Why have you not visited us for such a long time? See..that’s why I have sent him to bring you back home. We miss you a lot Beta, do visit us sometime soon.”

My roomie: “I miss you too Mom. I miss all of you, You, him and Uncle ji. You are the only family I have.”

Mom: “Then Beta, no more excuses. Your Mom and Dad want to see you here. Plan your visit soon”

My Roomie: “Yes Mom! I was a little occupied in work, but you don’t worry Mom, it’s manageable now. I will plan a visit soon.”

Mom: “That’s good Beta! He (talking about me) was also missing you a lot. He couldn’t tolerate it any more and all of sudden told us last night that he is going to see you. It was such as short notice I could not send anything special for my elder Son, but I want you to go buy a shirt or any clothes of your choice as a token of love from your Mom and Dad. I have asked him to ensure it.”

My Roomie: “Yes Mom, I surely will. Thanks Mom and convey my best regards to Uncle ji”

My Roomie again: “And don’t you worry about him Mom, I am here to take care of him. We will be regularly in touch with daily reports like we used to do earlier Mom.”

Mom: “I know Son. I trust you. That’s why I did not hesitate to send him all alone when he asked me for permission to go see you. It know you will take good care of him, like you always do. Just keep a close eye on him. He has become a bit naughty and stubborn since he came back from Delhi”.

Hearing last sentence of my mom, he pulled me up on him. I was now lying on his chest. He inserted his hand inside my T-shirt and started rubbing my back gently. The sensation of his soft hand moving up and down my back from shoulder to lower back was very exciting.. and a bit ticklish.

And with this, he replied to Mom : “Don’t worry Mom, He is always close to my heart. I will keep him comfortably safe here.”

Mom : “God bless you both, beta! ” and she hung up the call.

After putting the mobile away, he started massaging my back gently with second hand also. Now his both the hands were exploring my back all over from shoulders to my lower back. His grip on me was getting tighter. I could feel his arms which were racing at par with his increased breathing pace.It felt very cozy, and lovely. He kept doing it for a while and I kept lying in that pose upon him.

After sometime, he put me down on the bed, took off all his clothes and then mine. The strange thing was that this was all I wanted to happen this time. I was missing his this personal touch in all these months. I did not feel uneasy, like I used to feel sometimes earlier when we lived together. Instead, such close touch of his body on my body was giving me immense pleasure and satisfaction.

After taking off my clothes, he pulled me into his chest, and sniffed my hair. His strong arms, biceps were covering my face from both sides as a protective shield, and my lips were touching his chest, right close to his heart. I could hear his heart beats singing my name. My hands automatically moved to his back to cover him in my arms.

He kept sniffing my hair from one angle to another, moving my head a little here and there, and with this movement, my lips moved across his chest, touching his nipple, then mid chest again, and then again close to nipple. My lips sensed the softness of his nipples and took it in. I licked it gently, and he moaned softly. My second hand moved to his waist, and then contouring his hips. My eyes were closed but I could feel the strong muscular biceps around my face, I could feel the shape of his bubble butts around me and my lips were busy tasting his chest and nipples. He was much more addictive than the addiction of drugs! I could feel his hard-on poking against my belly.

Then he slowly pressed me back to lay on bed and coverd me under him. His tool was super hard now, fully erect, rubbing against my belly with his movements, and with this he reached my lips and kissed me passionately. I was lying on bed and he was on top of me.

After a little while he got down over me, and got laid next to me. He grabbed my legs in between his legs, just like an Anaconda starts making its grip around its prey.

He moved his arm covering my chest. He kept looking at my face with a smile, and started pampering my cheeks. He looked kinda cute. Smile on his pink lips always had that mesmerising effect that controlled everyone in front of it, including me. Slight up and down motions of his hands were leading to movements of his arm on my chest, which happened to touch my sensitive nipples. I was getting hard on too. His already fully erect hard penis was still poking my waistline. It was warm, and rigid.

He leaned over and planted a kiss on my cheek, and kept on kissing at same spot for a long time, as if he was drinking something out of it. His hand was now resting on my shoulder, near my collar bone. His kiss was passionate one, and I felt an emotional warmth of his feelings for me. I grabbed his hand as token of my support, and acceptance.

But he continued kissing the same way on same spot, but now probably my hand on his hand had drawn his attention to this part, so he started moving his fingers around gently, feeling that part of my chest and shoulders. His fingers movement around my nipples was a problem for me. I have very sensitive nipples. I quickly tried to grab his dancing fingers in my hand again to restrict its movements around my nipple.

He probably understood it, and rested his moving fingers dancing around my nipple. I held his hand in my hand, and kissed him. It was a warm, passionate, long ….juicy kiss, followed by another kiss, and we kept continue kissing each other for a long time. He kissed in between lips, grabbed my upper lip in his lips, and then lower lip.. and this sequence continued in random order. With each kiss, I felt as new dose of love, and affection pouring on me, fulfilling all my desires and needs. He got up momentarily, and then kissed again, and again, and again! As if.. neither of us were feeling enough of each other and wanted to compensate for that long long gap which was worst of time period in our lives without each other.

And then he said..”Where had you disappeared my love? I can’t live without you anymore. Now you are my responsibility… I promised Mom too.. that you will always remain with me.. close to my heart. Don’t leave me again.”

I kept watching his glorious eyes when he told me all this. His eyes confirmed that he meant what he said. His honesty was speaking loud and clear that he truly wanted it.

I replied, “I too can’t live without you anymore”, and kissed him again. I was unable to refrain myself from kissing him. Was it his love, or his juicy lips that were more powerful addiction to me.. I could not decide.

43 thoughts on “Back To Home-12: Trip To Delhi-3

        1. It will become very boring.. aimless.. pointless.. useless.. aam aadmi party story!
          I would rather like to stick to those sweet memories in past which give me a better purpose in life.. and a solid reason to live.


                1. We are all in a transition phase! Things keep on changing with time 😉
                  New lessons, new postulates, with new experiences.. There is no general statement fitting one for all.


                    1. Listening soothing classical music sometimes.. quite depending upon mood. Sometimes chiggy wiggy .. and bhool bhulaiya types.. suits better.
                      Photography, reading people, sleeping.. and the list goes on!


                    2. Hardly can find anyone who shares my interest in classical music… really unexpectedly great…
                      Bt does sleeping qualify as hobby…i dont think…sleeping is like skiping life… important bt nt relevant…
                      Reading people…huh….i guess its common for people with above average intelligence to have that trait…we hv some similarities there….

                      I hv frnd who takes good photographs….y dont u post some of ur relevant photographs in ur blog posts..


                    3. Lol !
                      You too.. over-intelligent. Hobby doesn’t mean I am a good photographer too.
                      I can’t put random pics or out of context things in this eDiary. It disturbs the sequencing of posts and the menu items. Managing menu is very tedious and time consuming. I have to wait for on-going series to finish before I can start another. But for you.. I will just upload one and then delete it. You have to do two things (1) Identify what is it in the Pic, and then (2) give your expert views on the pic and rate it.
                      BTW.. I hardly used my DSLR ever since I bought it back during my trip to US. The work-life imbalance in India doesn’t permit anyone to pursue hobbies and hobby.


                    4. That’s sad… it’s really sad…we have to spend our whole life exhausting ourselves for earning money…when its finally time to enjoy it we get too old to hv any enthusiasm left….( U see where all my frustration comes from…)


                    5. Visit the archive of my photo album from old days.. at


                      The password is your name as it appears to me!

                      There is one special photo for you. You have to identify the object in it and then define it (whatever thoughts come to your mind.. not about the photo quality, but rather after seeing the abstraction.. just put your mind out) and share with me. The photo is second last, titled “Abstraction!”

                      Let me know when you are done. I will remove this page.

                      It will be nice to hear your thoughts on rest of pics too.


                    6. Wow…and u told me u r not good at it….those pictures are breathtakingly amazing….creativity does manifest itself in terms of talent….
                      That Abstraction one looks like water….i wonder how did u take the photo…the picture itself is quite energetic….the orange highlights provides the perfect respite from all the cool blue spectrum…
                      BTW y do u want to delete those…y it has to be password protected…. showcase ur talent mate….keep the page for ur viewers…


                    7. “The Talent”.. I don’t have.

                      And.. “about Showcasing it”.. .. for what? What will I get in return..? Most Probably…”Nothing!”.. except.. loosing the moments of self-containment.. and enjoyment that I can enjoy now. Right now.. my mind is not having any kind of expectations from anyone else… no words of appreciation.. no recognition.. nothing…! It’s a pure bliss and I can enjoy purely the memories..and feelings associated with these moments. When I add it for public… I might carry load of additional baggage on my tiny-miny shoulders for other’s expectations out of me..!
                      so… now you see, the return on investment and cost of investment is too high to invest it in public domain. Naah..!! I am least bothered about it. 😛 … but just to honor your words… I will keep this page live for some time.. without indexing it on my Table of Contents!

                      Anyways, people do feel happiness sharing it with someone who connect on same level… someone they may count as a For random uknown unseen visitors to my eDiary… this connection is mostly missing. Not everyone here connects at same level like you. That’s another reason for not willing to share it publicly.

                      Password protected … I can take it off.. the intention.. I don’t exactly know why I used password.. probably I wanted it to be exclusively available to you! I don’t intend to put all my life and data on this internet for no reasons! “Less is always better”.. in this virtual world!


                    8. There are people out….like me like u….and also unlike us….dont limit ur possibility….friendship never hurts….iys like a soft pillow which eases all the ripples in ur forehead….give the world a chance….i feel like I’m quoting your words….lol


                    9. BTW… thanks for your kind words of appreciation.

                      You identification of the object in the Abstraction was quite a close match indeed. I must appraise your observation skills. It’s deep and alert. It in-fact is a form of water. But I had requested your abstract thoughts on this too, which you haven’t provided. I had originally captioned this image in my album as “The Kissing Ice” because it is what it appeared to me when I looked at it (two loving bodies kissing each-other with a heart-like symbol connecting them). This ice is a zoomed-in close-up of ice hanging from tree branches in Photo L. That organge light is actually the reflection of the Sun shining in the background. Look at both the photos once again.

                      I can remove the password actually. It’s redundant.

                      You haven’t provided me anything I asked for.. no ratings.. no comments on individual pics.. etc.
                      BTW… what are your interests and hobbies.. besides the classical music thing? Do you play any musical instruments or sing?


                    10. Dear friend, i dont think i qualify to rate what u do…. irrespective of anybody’s ratings what u will always be beautiful to the ones who have the appetite for aesthetics. Rating it would be ‘under-appreaciating’ its worth…
                      Ur kissing Ice….i dont think i can describe it…i cannot describe the feelings i have when i gaze…feelings can only be communicated nt described…..when u try u end up disappointing yourself….


                    11. It all depends upon how you perceive the things.
                      I did not ask to rate me! I asked to rate the pics shown to you as per your taste… in order from 1 to whatever number there is.. so that I can have an idea about your taste, your like and dislike. There is nothing good or bad.. it’s just a preference and style.. which obviously would differ from one person to another. I intended to understand that part only.

                      No, it’s never a disappointment. It’s actually allowing your mind to be free.. and take a leap on wild imaginations. Let it be free and give it a chance to see…what you can’t see. To see the things..which may not exist for your logical self.. but may exist somewhere deep inside your emotional-self…. let it come out. It’s okay…even if you don’t see anything. That puts your right hemisphere to be more active than left.. (I guess)


                    12. Words are futile my friend… there are more effective languages silent bt informative… We have time….i am going anywhere… neither r u….we’ll get to know our likes and dislikes…. moreover u told me u read people….i am an open book…..only problem is the language can be difficult to comprehend at first…bt hey Mai Hoon Na


                    13. Dear friend, i dont think i qualify to rate what u do…. irrespective of anybody’s ratings what u will always be beautiful to the ones who have the appetite for aesthetics. Rating it would be ‘under-appreaciating’ its worth…
                      Ur kissing Ice….i dont think i can describe it…i cannot describe the feelings i have when i gaze…feelings can only be communicated nt described…..when u try u end up disappointing yourself


                    14. Sure…it would be my pleasure….bt please nt i am nt that good otherwise u would hv seen me on TV….or radio…or YouTube….hehe…and flute i started playing it last year….bt i am pretty comfortable with any song….the difficult ones are the ragas in classical music


                    15. BTW… this password restricted post gave me an idea!
                      We can switch over to it without worrying for being publicly broadcasted.
                      I created a password restricted page for it.. where we can continue chats. Do let me know when you are available, I will share the password for it for moment in comment and remove it instantly.

                      The chatroom page is available at :



        1. Ji, Guru ji! You are abolutely right!
          But I answered your qurey about that series. The series.. keeps progressing with each day in life.. but it may be concluded for any logical ending, whether at a happy memory.. or a bit sad one!

          Liked by 1 person

  1. Are you kidding? You know it.. Guft-goo was password protected since beginning. I just created it as a personal chat room for you! Ping me when you are online, I shall re-share the password and remove the comment instantly.


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