Back To Home – 10 : Trip to Delhi-1

Continued from Back to Home -9

The distance from my roomie was now becoming intolerable. I wished to see him, feel him just once. It became a necessity for my survival. Telephonic conversations were no longer a help to console my bleeding heart. I needed him. He became indispensable part of my life.

It was a good opportunity coming up with holiday for Independence day August 15th falling on Tuesday. Saturday was off ! I only needed to take a couple of leaves on Monday, and probably Wednesday, if he allowed my extended stay with him. Even if he did not agree for my such a long stay with him, I shall at least have a few days to spend in his arms on long weekend. I kept secret my plan to visit him in Delhi. I didn’t want my Mom to attach one of body-guards (from my gang of buddies) to accompany me to Delhi. This would fail the purpose of visiting him as I won’t have a single private moments to talk my heart out with my roomie, least to think about physical intimacy or a chance to touch him. There was no question of telling my roomie either. I wanted to make it a surprise visit for him. Besides it was also necessary in order to ensure that he does not leak my secret plan to my Mom. Both were in regular touch through phone calls. After all, he was now her eldest son and much more loyal and responsible to her than he was to me. Relationships meant a lot to him, and he valued it truly! 

I did not need a lot of things or clothes to carry with me. Except underwear, I could use his clothes or we could go for shopping to purchase new one, if needed. I didn’t want to bring in any reason for even slightest suspicion in Aman’s mind or anyone else’s mind for that matter. I was careful to not to reveal my internal happiness and excitement. So, I followed same routine to make everything look usual, but still I started getting compliments. I was told that I was shining. I got alarmed when my classmates asked me the reason for my happiness with questions like, “What’s it? Looking very energetic today?” or “Seen you happy after such a long time. God bless you.” Perhaps, it is most difficult thing for me to hide my emotions even if I wanted to.  I had already done Tatkal reservation for tonight’s train to Delhi.

The train was scheduled to depart late in night and reach New Delhi early morning. After finishing dinner, I took my Mom to a separate room and told her that I am leaving to Delhi tonight for next couple of days. There was no objection from her. It came as a big surprise to me. She was the one who did not want me to go alone anywhere, not even in my own hometown. But she did not object this time when I told her for my plan to visit Delhi. She was a little angry that I told her so late and that she did not have time for packing things for me. I hugged her tightly and told her it was last minute change of mind and that I am missing her eldest son (my  roomie) badly and needed to spend a few days with him. She asked me to wait for a few minutes to allow her to pack something for him as a gift and her blessings for her eldest son (my roomie). She handed me over a lunchbox packed with some home made sweets and food items, in next half an hour, and instructed to buy him (my roomie) a shirt as a gift from Mom. I told her that I planned my visit as a surprise to him and she should keep it secret. She smiled which was her acceptance, and then kissed my forehead as her loving blessings.

When I came out of that room, it was known to everyone that I was leaving for Delhi shortly. I saw Aman ready with his back-pack waiting outside room. He approached my Mom. He wanted to go with me and knew he could persuade her easily to allow him to go with me, but she discarded his idea. “It’s okay. He is there to take care of him.”, she said.  Aman, clearly was not happy with this.  But Aman was not the one to give up easily. He accompanied me till the Railway Station and tried all he could do, including emotional blackmailing in the name of bro-code, so that I allow him to go with me. He pleaded for mercy, he bargained, he tried to bribe me, he threatened to face the dire consequences if I did not take him along, but I needed no interference in these couple of days at any cost.  I denied his request, politely but firmly and promised him that I will grant him favor for two nights of extra stay with me, over and above other friends when I am back. This was enough for him. I had actually offered just one night initially but he negotiated it upto 2 nights. It was funny, that I had to accept his terms and conditions for my freedom! 

I boarded the coach, and he hugged me tight to bid adieu. Aman was a real gem of a person by heart. I noticed his watery eyes when we parted away. He was unable to speak anything because of impulse of emotions at that moment. A good-bye has never been an easy thing on me! I was sad too seeing Aman not happy, and that’s too because of me. For once, I thought of allowing him to accompany me, but next moment, I remembered it’s after ages I was getting a golden chance to meet my roomie. I was consoled by the idea that I would be able to make it up to Aman when I would return. The train departed, and each and every moment of journey brought me closer to my love, my roomie. I had nothing but whole night to spend every moment with his golden memories and presuming about things to do during our time together and thinking about his reaction when he sees me tomorrow morning out of blue.

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