The Shashwat Love

(Concluding part of the series The Shashwat Love, Continued from the previous part….)

Sumit was alseep. His senses got alert when he sensed the same familiar body odor around him. He was able to identify Shashwat even in his sleep. He could sense Shashwat to be in his close proximity. He realized it was no longer a dream when he felt the warmth of Shashwat’ body embracing him from his back. It was a skin to skin touch. He was already asleep wearing only underwear. He realized from Shashwat’s spooning to him that Shashwat had also taken off his vest.

Slowly the Shashwat’s gentle embracing turned into a passionate tight hug, still from his back. Sumit pretended to be asleep and did not react. It was altogether a different story that he was able to feel Shashwat’s hard-on rubbing against his ass cheeks. With this, Sumit also felt front of his underwear had starting getting wet with excitement.

Suddenly strong, muscular arms of Shashwat moved to explore front side of Sumit’s body while his warm breadth was making its presence strongly felt at his neck and ear lobe. Shashwat’s lips were moving around his neck, kissing here and there.

Shashwat had started making his grip stronger on Sumit. Not only through his hands, but also through his legs. Shashwat was covering him up from head to toes just like an anaconda gets its prey in its grip.

While Shashwat’s legs were playing with and exploring the super smooth, silky, hairless legs in its grip, his hands started moving up from belly area to the chest. Within a moment, his hands found round, heavy, spongy breasts and started squeezing it, and it was then Shashwat whispered in ears, “I love you “Sara’ ! “, and turned Sara towards himself.

Sara was no longer in the side pose now. Shashwat had taken the lead and got upon her. Shashwat’s one hand was holding the right boob sucking her nipple, while his other hand was now massaging her wet pussy, which was lubricated enough by this time showing her excitement level.

With wild sucking of nipples, Sara started moaning, and opened her eyes. She had big, beautiful eyes, and Shashwat’s mouth at her nipples, and his fingers inside her vagina had made it appear more seductive. She opened her eyes and noticed she was no longer in the hotel room. It was their bed room, and her love of life, her husband, Shashwat was readying himself to enter her. He was fully erect now.

After they enjoyed and satisfied each other in sexual intercourse, Shashwat slowly moved down next to Sara, holding her in his arms. Sara slowly moved her head on Shashwat’s chest and closed her eyes, embracing him in her arm.

While trying to get back to sleep, she closed her eyes and started thinking about “The Truth” ! Sometimes back, her truth was all different. Yes, it was also a truth as long as she lived the life of man, Sumit, who loved Shashwat truly and deeply. And now, this was also a truth, where she is Sara, and happily married to Shashwat. “What is the truth?”, she asked herself. There was no doubt, even for a fraction of a second, in her existence, or in the intensity of pain she felt as Sumit. Her happiness when she met Shashwat for the first time and her getting attracted to Shashwat were all real. The feelings for Shashwat when Sumit felt deeply attracted to him but could not find a way out to express his love for him, or his puzzled mind with lot of agony and frustration over his inability to get hold of his love of life, Shashwat, were all real. He had lived months of happiness, suffered with sorrows, and lived a full life in real in those few hours of being Sumit. When there was Sumit, Sara did not exist. But now when she is Sara, Sumit is as real as she just been there with him and knew him better than anyone else in this world. Was that true… or is this true?

What is the Truth? That’s a tough question to figure out. The dimensions, magnitude and definitions of time and space all got changed. She lived almost a full life, and prominent few months of a loving heart in just a couple of hours. She can still feel at this moment inside her the same feelings that Sumit lived in his life.

It appeared to her that both the lives have no absolute truth. All our truths are relative. Our space, time, definitions, our identity are all relative to some frame of reference. These are truth as long as we believe in them, and soon this truth changes when our definitions or frame of reference is changed. She had become an observer. She was not Sumit. She was no longer Sara either. She was the same pure bliss who was observing it all. The one who observed Sumit, and his feelings. His love and his agony, and now observing Sara. The stories changed, the characters were changed, but there was one Shashwat thing in both the stories. It was the love which was true. The love, which was true when she was Sumit. The same love was here when she is Sara. The same true, Shashwat (Eternal) Love for the person named Shashwat.

What’s it in the name? Be it “Shashwat”,..”Sumit”… or “Sara”! The only Shashwat (Eternal) thing, which remains true in all scopes of time and beyond… is the Love. The Love is the love. It is not dependent on sex, looks, gender or identity. The love that always remain unchanged.. and is beyond the physical things.. the body and names, is the Shashwat Love. It was not Shashwat that made her happy. It was this Shashwat Love that was the root cause of her happiness!

… and most of the times we don’t realize it!

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