The Tsunami Effects

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Next morning, Sumit reached the Surajkund ground a little early. He was excited and full of dreams, which didn’t allow him to sleep all night. He reached there at around 5:20 in the morning. What else could he do? It was a better option to spend the time there in the ground doing some physical activities, which could bring him some incentives, instead of changing sides lying on bed, which he kept doing all night. He expected that seeing him early on the exercise ground and doing physical activities will help him create his positive image in Shashwat’s mind. He wanted to prove him that he was sincere and committed.

He knew, it will take some time for Shashwat to come to that place, but still he had a hope to find him already in the fields. How could he miss the chance? He glanced the field all around, but found no signs of Shashwat around him. It was not unexpected. It was still a bit dark, and there were only a very few people around. Looking at his foolishness, he smiled, and started warming up exercises. He knew it that Shashwat could not be there but still he looked out for him.

He continued doing other exercises, running, stretching etc., but his eyes got stuck on entrance, and speed slowed down considerably, each time he passed through those entrance area. An hour passed, it was bright and shiny day light all around. There were a significant number of people on the ground now, except for the one his eyes were searching among them.

“Where is he today?”, he asked himself.

“He should be here by now. If he said he was late when he called me yesterday at 6:30 AM, he ought to be here. He is not supposed to start it now so late. Is he not coming?”, his mind was busy in finding a clue if Shashwat might still show up! It was not his fault either. Our minds are wired not to give-up easily, when it comes to love or survival.

After 6:35 AM, he gave up! He was not willing to spend any more moments waiting for him. There were no chances of seeing him now with every movement of ticking clock. He pulled out his mobile from his pocket, and dialed Shashwat’s number.

After a couple of rings, Shashwat answered the call, “Hey ! Good morning.”

“Where have you been? You know.. I have been waiting for you for one and half hour. You had promised to meet me today and you yourself disappeared. That’s not fair! A gentleman must keep his promises.”, the volcano erupted! Not paying any attention to Shashwat’s good morning wishes, or anything else, he was just complaining. Complaining without waiting to hear anything back.

Sumit had a lots of things going on in his mind and also a huge pile of load accumulated during overnight plannings which added to his psychological stress. Hearing Shashwat’s voice gave him a relief and a chance to vent out all his emotional stress.

Our mind is very complex indeed. When Shashwat did not show in morning, Sumit had fears of being abandoned. His subconscious mind had already flagged his kiss yesterday as the potential reason why Shashwat might have distanced himself. He did not want to accept it though. He was afraid that he might not see Shshwat again ever. He was not expecting Shashwat to answer his call either. But when he heard Shashwat’s voice, all emotions positive and negative, rushing together started overflowing like a tide of Tsunami.

How can a Tsunami be effective without water? The emotional baggage that Sumit was carrying had to impulse out, and it found its way through tears, while his mind and his mouth were busy in blabbering. In a moment, his voice choked ! He could not say anything further. The warm tears rolling out of his eyes washed away the excess of stress and helped him settle down. He felt a bit calm, and lost, just like one finds in the after effects of Tsunami.

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