A & R (Part-13: Love and Addiction)

Ritvik started pouring drops of water with a teaspoon in Aniket’s mouth carefully. Most of the water was getting sprinkled here and there because of over excitement and just a few drops of water went down Aniket’s throat which he gulped quickly, as if he was quenching of thirst for a long time.  Aniket eyes were still closed as if he was finding it difficult to open his eyes or speak up clearly. He was trying to say something, or was probably blabbering semi-consciously.

After seeing Aniket responding now with better signs of life, Ritvik felt relieved from the great source of tension and hypothetical fears of losing him haunting him in his mind. He grabbed him in his arms and kissed him on his neck. It happened spontaneously in ecstasy of happiness and flood of emotions, without even giving it a thought what Aniket could think of him after this act. There was no reaction or response from Aniket. He probably did not notice it in his state of semi-consciousness.


Ritvik’s care for Aniket started bearing the fruits by the evening.  Aniket was much better now, and conscious. He was alert,  and was responding to Ritvik’s question’s intermittently, but it was clear that he was not fully recovered yet. He tried to open his eyes and tried hard to sit for some time but he could not help himself to stay awake for a long time. By next morning, he was almost fully alert, and recovered.

“You should drink in limits.”, Suggested Ritvik, while serving the bed tea to Aniket next morning.

Aniket just looked once to Ritvik while taking the cup of tea from his hand but said nothing.

“You know, I was so worried for you when they brought you home unconscious and you even did not wake up or respond for almost 6 hours.”, Ritvik added and looked back to Aniket, trying to explain him the seriousness of the situation. There was a silence. Aniket still did not say anything.

“For a moment, I thought I lost you for good”, Ritvik said again in a weak trembling voice this time. He could not dare to look back to Aniket with his teary eyes. He did not want anyone to know of his emotional weakness.

Ritvik was the life in Aniket’s life. He easily sensed the severity of moment and Ritvik’s pain. He knew that maintaining silence could be more damaging now than ever. He no longer cared if his credibility would be questioned. It was more important for him to wipe off tears from Ritvik’s eyes than to think of himself. He grabbed Ritvik from his arm, pulled him over and hugged him.


Ritvik’s all sorrows and fears disappeared when Aniket embraced him in his arms.  He felt calm and content hugging Aniket. He kept hugging Aniket for a while with his eyes closed when he heard Aniket, “I don’t drink [Alcohol].” There was a silence in the room. Ritvik could not understand. He looked back to Aniket with a mixture of surprize and confusion reflecting from his expression. Aniket grabbed Ritvik’s face in his hands and looked through his eyes trying to take him in confidence. He wanted Ritvik to believe his innocence and trust him. But when he looked into Ritvik’s eyes, he did not find any traces of lack of trust. All he could see in his eyes was a great ocean of love, and a little confusion.


Aniket pulled Ritvik, looked directly in his eyes and said, “I don’t remember taking it last night either.”, and then kissed him passionately. He had no doubts about his credibility now.


But for sure, he felt that Ritvik’s lips and kiss had much more addiction than what he might have experienced in his whole life till date, including the last night’s experience.  What he just could not conclude was which is more powerful, the Love or the addiction of love.

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