A & R (Part-11: After Office Party)

Ritvik was asleep when his mobile started making noise and woke him up. He rubbed his sleepy eyes to clear his vision and to read the caller’s name flashing on screen. It was showing “Aniket Calling” on his mobile’s screen. He looked on his right side of bed to tell  Aniket, his roommate,  to stop playing these stupid games post mid-night. To his surprise, the bed was empty.  Aniket was not there. He looked on the wall clock which was showing 2:12. He suddenly recalled that Aniket had gone for a office party and then resumed his friend’s birthday party. He also recalled that Aniket had informed him that he might be late tonight. Probably it was time when he might have come back home and would be calling him to unlock the door.

He got up from the bed, switched on the room lights and then unlocked the door.  He was shocked to see Aniket standing in front of him in almost unconscious state. He was looking heavily drunk and passed out.  Two gentlemen, who were also drunk, but were still able to manage themselves somehow, were supporting Aniket from both the sides. Ankiet’s clothes were all abnormally disturbed, shirt was half tucked-in with top two buttons and the last one unbuttoned and rest of the buttons were completely mismatch with their counter parts on the other side of shirt because of which one side of shirt was looking smaller than the other side.

“What happened?”, Ritvik asked shockingly to the guys carrying him. But got stunned when he noticed that the guy on the right side of Aniket was staring at him without a blink. Ritvik felt uncomfortable with his penetrating eyes on his body. His unsual stare brought to his notice that he ran quickly to unlock the door after seeing Aniket’s number on his mobile-phone without paying much attention to what he was wearing. He was wearing just the sports-vest and his short underwear and it was almost impossible for anyone to defy the gravity of his attractive body and beautiful face in this Avtaar. The guy staring at him had a muscular but toned body-built, shining and smooth skin with fair complexion and would be somewhat in his late twenties. His overall looks were decent with a pleasant personality.

“Is everything alright? What happened to him?”, Ritvik asked again furiously. He was worried for Aniket. He had no idea about how alcohol impacts the humans. He had never seen him in this situation earlier. He did not remember a single day when Aniket would have consumed Alcohol in past few months since they were together. All he could guess was that it would be Alcohol based upon his understanding from Bollywood movies he watched. He made a wild guess that Aniket was drunk and passed out probably but then he was confused why the other two were not because they were not looking normal either.

“Nothing ! He is still enjoying his party hangover.”, replied one of the guys and smirked. It was the same guy whose eyes were doing a penetrating scan of Ritvik’s body from top to bottom.

“Please help me get him to bed”, requested Ritvik.

“Of course! Let me help you.”, said the guy who was looking more active and interested in helping Ritvik.  Ritvik replaced the other guy and grabbed Aniket from his arm over his shoulder and to balance his body, he grabbed Aniket from back with other arm. While they started moving towards bed, he felt that the guy on the other side had moved his arm down to place it over Ritvik’s arm. He assumed it to be a coincidence.

After laying down the Aniket on the bed, the other guy now tapped on Ritvik’s shoulder and then grabbed him from arm and said, “You don’t need to worry, he would be okay by tomorrow morning.” After finishing it, he did not remove his hand from Ritvik’s body. He kept holding his arm and started moving his hand up and down. He did it couple of times before Ritvik pulled himself out of his grip. He felt uncomfortable with this up and down scanning of his body through his arm by a stranger with hungry looks.

After they left, Ritvik locked the door and came back to Aniket. He could not decide what to do for him. He was still feeling those eyes gazing through his body parts. It made him more uncomfortable, besides the tension of thoughts looming for Aniket’s well being. He noticed that Aniket was sweating heavily and his body and clothes were almost wet. He unlaced his shoes, and started unbuttoning his shirt. He turned the ceiling fan on full speed, and removed his shirt and then trouser. There was no cooperation from Aniket, as he was not at all aware of anything happening to him.

After taking his clothes off, a handsome hunk of 6 feet, with toned smooth body was lying in only in his underwear on the bed in front of Ritvik. He too was tired and sleepy so he decided to lie down next to him. He was worried, and could not sleep. He turned his head back to Aniket, moved closer to him and called him twice, “Aniket ! …    Aniket !! ….  would you like to drink some water?” There was no response from Aniket. His words were scattered and lost after reaching the soft and beautiful body lying next to him.  Ritvik was concerned of Aniket’s de-hydration because of excessive sweating, but as there was no response, he decided to sleep in close proximity to him so that he would be  alerted if there is any need or slightest movement by Aniket. He hugged him, kept his head over his shoulder and closed his eyes.  Surprisingly, it was company and touch of Aniket which had taken all the fears out and he was not haunted by those penetrating eyes anymore.


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