A & R (Part-10: Office Party)

When love deepens, you do the things because you like to do it, and not just because you are asked to. Aniket loved Ritvik. He truly loved him. His love had shades of an elder brother, a loving mother, a loyal and committed spouse, and a jovial friend all mixed together. He himself lacked the love of his family and was all alone for past couple of years. After he met Ritvik, all forms of love and feelings he had accumulated deep down his sensitive heart for a long time, got a proper channel to come out. He was enjoying this “bonding”  which allowed him free-flow of his emotional energies. He was not authoritative in the relationship most of the times, and allowed the younger lad to remain authoritative. It was his kindness and his love that did not allow him to lose his love of life at any cost.

During the day, they may have to separate but evening and night was all theirs. It was harder for Aniket to spend a moment without Ritvik, but he had to manage during work-days. This separation worked as catalyst and fueled the fire of love in Aniket. He compensated for his day-miseries in night.  His love and affection, and his need to see Ritvik and his urge be with him used to get manifold and elevated by the time he was back in his apartment.  His restlessness because of temporary separation between them in day time, which was further fueled by the fears of loosing Ritvik, demanded more security and assurance that he would only feel in company of Ritvik after they came back to their room at the end of the day and feeling his presence all the night by touch of his body even if they were asleep.

Ritvik was also honest, and had not made any false promises. Rather, he had expressed his incapability to be in this “love” relationship when initially Aniket had proposed him and revealed his feelings and love for him. At that moment, it was not something that he could understand how a person can find “the love” as the love of husband and wife, in another person of same sex. Further, in his assumptions love was something that just could not happen at first-sight or just in span of couple of days.  A glimpse of a person could not be a logical reason to fall in love with someone, although it could be a strong reason for lust. After all he was a science student, which is all based upon logical reasoning. He was not an Arts major who would have believed in fiction and love stories. This “no commitment, no-assurance”  left Aniket always in fear of losing his love someday and kept on deepening its root with every day passed. Ritvik had come here for a fixed period of 1 year. The time was flying fast and Aniket needed the assurance which he never got from Ritvik. It kept on worsening the fears of losing Ritvik and his insecurity levels elevated all the time.

They made it a routine to have breakfast and dinner together. If one was late, other would wait. It was in exceptional cases, when due to some unavoidable circumstances or official outings, Aniket had to take a dinner outside, but he made sure to timely inform Ritivk about the same so that he did not have to starve. He also tried his best to avoid meals outside so as to be able to accompany Ritvik, which was more important for him. In exceptions, he used to order a special meal for him to be delivered so that his love was also able to enjoying a “treat” when he had to take meal outside.

One fine day, Ritvik was in office and at 4:15 PM he got a message on his cell phone from Aniket. It read, “Srry Luv, I’ll be late tonight. Client visited today. I hv 2 attend an official party”.

Ritvik replied, “NP (No Problem). I ‘ll wait. When will you be back?”

Aniket’s message popped up again, “Don’t know. It may be late night too. I have ordered dinner for you. Please don’t wait for me and have dinner in time.”

After a couple of minutes, another message came in from Aniket, “Promise me ! You would not wait take it on time.”

Ritvik replied, “OK. I will.”

When Ritvik reached at his room in the evening, he saw a delivery boy from near by restaurant waiting outside his room with a bag of food-items.

After a short while when Ritvik unlocked the door, and entered the room, he got a call from Aniket. He made sure, as far as possible, to give him company over phone during such occasions. He would not let him feel all alone during such isolated dinners. Further, it was his way of assuring that Ritvik did not keep on waiting for him and had taken timely dinner. Call continued on speaker phone till the time he finished his dinner. Before hanging up, he informed that after the office party was over, he had to go to flat of a colleague as it was his birthday. His colleagues insisted him to join for the private birthday party which was meant only for few special and close-knit friends. Aniket gave a few excuses to avoid it as he wanted to go back to Ritvik as soon as possible but they did not let him go. They insisted him to attend the party as the flat was very close the the location where they had come for the office party. All his excuses went futile. Aniket decided that he would go with them for a short period so as not to disappoint his friends and would leave in a short while after having a coke. It was 8:30 PM when they reached the flat where the party was planned.




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