A & R (Part-5: The Ramya and The Ramya)

Ramya placed his bag next to the bed he was supposed to occupy. The other adjacent bed was already occupied by Aniket.

Ramya gave a curious look to the room while settling down on his bed. This was not the same room which he had seen a few days back. It was similar but much more clean, and organized. Aniket must have done a lot of cleaning and re-arrangements to bring it to its current situation. The most important part of the change was that now both the beds were brought together, right under the ceiling fan, and were appearing as a double-bed set.  Ramya was happy with this change as he did not have to ask for a favor to move his bed from one corner of the room where it was sidelined during his last visit to the present location, which was right under the only ceiling fan available in the room. The generosity and helping-intentions and acts of Aniket added the positive impact on the first impression of their meeting.

Aniket was sitting silently on his bed, probably lost in his own thoughts. He was trying to understand the difference between the Ramya and The Ramya. The one Ramya of his fantasies, the imaginary personality he created in last few days and the another Ramya present with him in this room. There were a lots of differences. He couldn’t dare to look back directly in his eyes because of sheer embarrassment after un-welcoming welcome, so he was sitting with his neck down, staring at the magazine pages of yesterday’s the Hindustan Times Brunch in his hands.

The major difference was that the personality of Ramya in his dreams and imagination was all fire-brand, hot and spicy. It was provocative, with a great deal of sex-appeal and attraction that would make anyone loose the self-control in a short time. It was quite true.

The Ramya sitting next to him, was far more beautiful than the one in his imaginations, yet, it was more calm, content and superior. His looks were appealing and it was really hard for anyone to take one’s eyes out of his beauty. It was charming and attractive personality, but the one which gives you pleasure in being in company of it and not pushing you hard to consume it. It was as good as Sandal-wood paste, pleasantly aromatic, calming, cool and enjoyable just by its virtue. He started feeling relaxed and a lots of positive vibes started flowing through him in short span of 15 minutes or so just by being in the same room and sitting next to him.

It was not that he did not have a desire to have physical intimacy with him anymore. Ramya’s looks were still provocative and had great deal of sex-appeal, but there was a major change in his perception. The driving force was not the lust. It was something else. His emotions and desires were now being controlled through some other rules. He could not think of anything that could make Ramya upset or hurt him. He started rejecting those ideas and thoughts automatically, where he felt that it might not be appropriate or might not be liked by him at all. He started given preference to Ramya’s likes and dislikes over and above his desires and wishes.  He started feeling as if he was there to take care of him and to ensure that Ramya is happy and smiling all the time. Unaware of these  changes happening in him, he knew, what he needed now. It was just to see his new roommate Happy and smiling always.


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