A & R – (Part 2 : The Wait)

Finally, the day came in for which Aniket was eagerly waiting for last few days. It was the Sunday, presumably the first day of new week when he was expecting the Ramya to join him in as his roommate.  After all, this was the last statement of Ramya that he heared “I shall move in next week.” Sunday being the weekly off, no other day could be more appropriate for him to shift his residence.

The whole day passed as one of the other days and he did not show up. Aniket kept waiting eagerly for Ramya, but his hopes started diminishing with time after 5:30 PM. The mind was strongly suggesting no one can think of relocating to a new place at late night hours. But he was in no mood to give up. His frustration was going high. Whole day he had spent in just waiting for that person whose magical smile was constantly draining all his energy and attention all the time. He was unable to take that smiling face out of his mind which he saw when both of them greeted each other with a friendly smile before Ramya walked out of the room.

“This stupid fella ! How can one be so insane? Can’t he manage a simple thing like this? All it takes is just to pack his bags and move-in. He doesn’t understand the value of time ! He is wasting his and other’s time too. He does not have a right to kill my time and keep me waiting for him.”, he started blabbering out of frustration.

He looked at the table, where a packet of food items was waiting for his new guest. Aniket had planned and ordered the lunch for two expecting that he would appreciate his friendly gesture after a hectic relocation. He himself was hungry as he preferred to have it with him.  Hunger, endless waiting and disappointment made him a little bit rude and a little more than just a little-bit angry on his expected roommate, who was a “No Show” till 8 PM. “He should be prosecuted for this felony”, he suggested to himself, and once again that cute face with the magical smile flashed in his memories. It was really a magic that he was seeing this smiling face more clearly than what he had seen during his first meeting with Ramya sometime last week. That smile did the magic once again, and his bitterness and anger melted away instantly.

“May be he got busy in something really important and couldn’t manage it today.  Errrr…! I am so dumb. He did not say it was today. He just said ‘Next Week’. It was my fault to presume it today. And see… how mean I was to prosecute that innocent kid for my faults.”, Aniket was lost in his thoughts remembering Ramya’s face and finding a no reason to blame the innocent face with magical smile. He closed his eyes to see that face one more time more clearly.

He was enjoying that addictive smile when he heard the knock on the door. He looked at the wall-clock, it was ticking at 9:30 PM. “Could it be him now? … at this much late hours?”, he asked to himself. He stood up, adjusted his unsettled hair, and ran to unlock the door expecting and praying that it should be his long awaited roommate.

He grabbed the lock on the door, closed his eyes, inhaled a long fresh air, counted up to three to settle down his highly racing heart-beats and then unlocked it. He pulled the door open with a smile which he was practicing since morning. He wanted to welcome his guest with a smile for a positive and happy beginning.


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