A & R – (Part 1: The Beginning)

Aniket (अनिकेत) and Ramya (रम्य) met for the very first time, when Ramya entered the room he was planning to stay on shared-rent basis. Aniket was already sitting on one of the two beds in the room and was working on his laptop. The other bed was vacant and was waiting for its new owner. Aniket, being the only person in the room, had conveniently moved his bed right under the ceiling fan to enjoy maximum benefits of the it. The other bed was moved aside almost to the distant corner of the room.

Ramya entered the room after the landlord. He was a tall, handsome and attractive guy and was barely touching his twenties. There was this special charm in his personality and in his looks that made it difficult for others to move their eyes off of him easily. As soon as someone caught a glimpse of him, he or she was spell-bound to keep staring at him, until they were notified by a reverse stare which asked “What the hell are you staring at?”. It had now become a routine for Ramya since his childhood and he had learned to cope with it and ignore.

Same thing happened with Aniket. When Ramya entered the room, Aniket felt like suddenly the room was filled in with lively energy, with light and shine, and it caught his attention to Ramya, the source of this change, entering the room. It was Ramya’s aura that created that vibes in the room. As soon as Aniket caught a glimpse of Ramya, he lost his consciousness and link with the external world. This was only Ramya and him left in this universe. No thoughts, no actions, nothing at all was left except the two. He became all eyes feeding on his divine beauty.

Ramya was busy in inspecting the room and making decisions about whether he should take it or look for another room. Landlord was telling him salient features and benefits of living here. Suddenly he noticed someone on the bed staring at him. He looked back at Aniket who was now just a statue staring at Ramya. Eyes of both met for the first time and introduced each other.

Aniket’s eyes were full of tender of emotions which attracted Ramya. Ramya could not resist his urge to keep looking in his eyes which were speaking more than his attractive looks. Aniket himself was blessed with an excellent physique and sharp features. He had a very pleasant personality which complimented his attractive looks. He himself was an eye-candy, but for Ramya, it was his “speaking eyes” that caught his attention more than his looks.  There was something special that he felt in his eyes, and then the landlord asked him, “When do you want to move in?”.

Landlord’s question interrupted Ramya’s silent talks with Aniket through his eyes. It also alerted the Aniket who was lost till now to come back to his senses, as it was the moment when he feared he might loose a chance to see him again if Ramya’s decision was not in favor of staying with him in this room. It was just a couple of moments but they both knew what they wanted. Opposites attract.

With initial contacts of their eyes, where as it was passion, tenderness, and a lots of emotions with un-spoken bonding in Aniket’s eyes which attracted Ramya to Aniket, Aniket felt that “he” is the “only” thing that he wanted in his life. Aniket felt that he found everything in Ramya that makes him feel content and complete. There was nothing else left in his life after loosing himself through his eyes. His life long searches were completed in Destination Ramya. Ramya was the answer to all his quest for inner and outer peace and everything else. There was nothing else left for him to be obtained in life except Ramya.

“I shall move in next week.”, Ramya responded back to landlord and handed over some cash as a token of confirmation and down-payment of advance-rent. He looked back at Aniket, who was still staring at him but now he was not a statue anymore. When he looked back this time, both passed a smile to each other and Aniket started looking back to his laptop screen understanding the embarrassing situation of his staring at him.

He was happy that something he wished for was granted as Ramya had confirmed him joining as a roommate.


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