Yoga and Navel

He was troubled and I was worried.

He was suffering with loose-motions and I was worried for his deteriorating health. Whatever he consumed, even liquid diet, it was causing him problem. He was under medication but it was not effective and was not able to cure him completely.

“Looks like, you caught an evil’s attention. Go.. now flaunt your body”, I said jokingly. He used to run almost naked all the day and hardly ever covers his top half when in home. Not to mention, he is blessed with a very attractive physique and a very cute and innocent face. Although it is just opposite to his basic nature when it comes to innocence.

“It’s not the effect of evil’s attention. It’s effect of evil’s bite.”, he said. I could not understand what did he mean. When I turned back to see his face, he winked with a big smile on his face, and his index finger was pointing to his nipple where I had bitten hard a few days back.

“What non-sense?”, I said.

He interrupted and said, “I believe I tolerated the pain of your love and your bite, but my poor body could not bear it. It was beyond its tolerable limits. Your biting and stretching might have dislocated my Naabhi (navel). It need to be reset.”

“What?”, I asked with a surprise.

I have read somewhere that our Nabhi (Navel) is a big source of energy flow in our body and essentially it maintains an equilibrium in providing necessary energy/food to all body parts. If it is dis-located, the equilibrium breaks and system goes down. Yoga also considers the same principle.

If it was really the issue, which may be correct as the medicines were not able to provide a complete cure, the only remedy would be to bring it back to its normal position.

“But that could be your assumption. How can we be sure that this is the case, and how can we get it fixed then?”, I asked. Being a computer science student, I’ve got a bad habit of putting logic in everything.

“Well… we can ask uncle Google for a help in this matter”, his answer was more logical this time than I expected.

We searched Google, and found quite a lot of varying articles, videos and tips to answer our queries. The easiest one, which he could try at home was as following.

First we need to measure the distance of navel from the two nipples. If there is a dis-location, the distance would not be the same. I pulled him down on the bed to get get laid on his back.

measuring-navalI pulled a string, unwrapped his T-shirt and kept one end of the thread on his left nipple, and other end at the deep down his navel where it was ticking. It was a little tough to find his proper location of his ticking-navel, so I tried adjusting my finger in his navel, and pressed it down gently. with this movement, the other end of thread which was on his left nipple got stretched and skipped my grip of index finger holding it on his nipple.

I brought it back, firmly holding it with a finger and the thumb this time, just like holding the pinch of salt, and tried to place it on his nipple’s top. Obviously, in all this adjustment, there was a little to and fro movements of my fingers on his nipple which caused a little friction too. The effect was evident in his underwear when his boner started getting erect.

Noticing the movements in his underwear, and his pumping boner, I looked at his face with a typical “angry” expression. There was a wide smile all over his face. He was probably afraid of my recent total cut-off with him after his biting incident, so he replied in defending mode, “What???… It’s you this time, not me”, and kept smiling.

I looked back at him, and then at his pulsating cock which was now probably in full size and swing. He was right. My fingers touching his nipple and rubbing it would definitely be sending the “sex” signals to his “always ON and hungry” mind.

“Wait.. ! I know how to tame it”, I said and jumped over and sat on his crotch. It was causing me undue attention and I was unable to carry out the measurements precisely.  I thought probably it would slowly calm down with my pressure, but it was my mistake. I was feeling a hard, boneless boner and a little heat under by hips. When I leaned a little forward to reach his nipple, his boner accompanied the upward movement of my hips. It was attached to my hips as a piece of iron gets attached to the magnet.

His cock which was erupting as a disruptive force, made me think naughty too. With my finger holding the thread over his left nipple, I pinched and picked up the nipple’s head along with thread in my grip. Suddenly I felt a thrust on my hips. His rock-hard cock was challenging me. He started moving his hips with slow up and down movements to rub his erect penis against my hips. I leaned over to his nipple, kissed it, and then moved my lips close to his ear and whispered, “Sorry for the pinch. It is no play time baby! Let us first finish what we are doing.”. He just turned his head to me and kissed me.

Not to mention, when I measured the distance of his nipples from the navel’s center, it was different all the three times. I repeated 3 measurements as usually we do in Physics practical assessments to record more accurate observations.  In all the 3 attempts, the distance of the nipple where I had bitten him to take the revenge was lesser than that on the other side by a few centimeters.

Next, I picked up the laptop kept adjacent to him on the bed, and he started same thing again. I wanted to tell him the instruction to carry out a few exercises to re-set his displaced navel. Whenever I moved a bit off his crotch, he used to make up and down sliding movements to rub his penis on my hips.

I pretended to be angry and said, “If you will do all this, I will not help you.”

He grabbed my hand in his hands and was quick to reply, “How can you say that? You gave me all this, now you will have to cure.”

He was right. I knew, he won’t stop. I quickly got off and lied down on the bed next to him. I carefully read the instructions loudly so that he can also understand what to do. But naah…. ! he was not listening to me at all (at least I guessed so when I looked at him in between the instructions). He was looking at my face and smiling.

Having finished reading the instructions, we both tried these Yoga exercises. It was simple and we repeated a few iterations. He told me that on a particular movement, when there was a stretching on the opposite side of the targeted nipple, he felt a little better during stretching. We stayed in that pose for a relatively longer time duration to make that stretching produce desired results than the other side.

After 15 iterations, we stopped, and it was instant relief. He repeated it again on the next morning. He was recovering fast, and his loose motions were now totally controlled without any medication.

Yoga is a science and it worked.


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  1. Sojourn123 says:

    Hi, I started reading your blog a week ago. It is so addictive and well written that I was totally into it. In many ways I could relate to your blog about you and your roomie and I could identify myself in those situations as well. Doesn’t matter if it is real or work of fiction, only thing that matters is the intensity of love I could feel in your write ups. The happiness, despair, smiles, tears, excitement, passion you have covered all the emotions perfectly and in it’s quintessence.
    I didn’t realized when I reached the concluding part of your diary, but it did made me sad that there were no further blogs about you and your roommate.
    All I wish is if I could read more and know more. I was so engrossed that I could feel myself in your part in the story. Many similarities are there as I too come from a small town to Delhi. Did my MBA here and started working here. I too stay with a roommate from last 7 years. I too have never exposed my body to any of my family members and have my own values that makes me feel guilty of my choices. But I too have matured with this city and time. I can go writing on and on, but I think I should stop here.
    You are a wonderful writer and you successfully transported me to an utopian realms where everything is perfect, where I have the love of my life next to me every night.
    Thanks for this wonderful blog. Please revive your roommate story again.


    1. Desi Munda says:

      Thanks for your kind words and appreciation, but probably you haven’t read the latest few posts yet.
      True… it turns into just a dream as past incidents are left only in memories.


      1. Sojourn123 says:

        Oops my bad. I got a bit confused at table of content. I just finished the remaining blogs also. It’s sweet, it’s sour. Such intense emotions penned down to perfection. Touched my heart, my soul and altogether an unexplored dimension of myself. It’s an utopian state in homosexual fraternity where this community itself is seen as personification of lust, infidelity and carnal pleasure.
        But stories like these revive our hopes on gay relationships. It makes many of us to believe that miracle happens if you believe in them.
        Keep the great work going. I will ardently follow and wait for the next chapter of this blog to unfold. Thanks for your response and take good care of yourself.


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