Tom & Jerry

Next day, Monday morning, I was waiting outside the bathroom. He took much longer than the usual to get ready today.

Knock… Knock… Knock… !!!

I knocked the bathroom door furiously. I tried to wake him up from the deep sleep, “What happened… are you asleep? What’s taking so long?? Come fast, I cannot hold pressure any longer.”

There was no response . After around 5 minutes, he opened the door and came outside. He was wet, wrapping his towel around his waist. Droplets of water were running through his his belly and below.

“What were you doing inside? Didn’t you know someone is waiting outside?”, I asked without waiting for his reply and ran toward bathroom.

“I know…that’s why I quickly came out without drying myself so that you do not have to wait anymore.”, he replied.

When I got a chance to get rid of natural forces which had occupied my mind till now, it then reminded me that he had been running to toilet frequently since last night. Probably that could be a reason why he took such a long time today.

When I came back, he was getting dressed for the office  and tucking his shirt in his  trousers.There was something special in his dressing style today. Even a blind person could notice it through his white shirt that he was not wearing a vest under it. Second thing which was prominently visible from his shirt was his erect and pointing out tent over his nipple I had bitten yesterday.

I went close to him, moved my index finger over his nipple, and asked, “What is this?”.

As soon as my finger touched his nipple, he quickly moved back as he might have felt an electrified shock through my finger.

His reaction and facial expression made me laugh hysterically. I had experienced that “painful” sensation when nipples remain sour and extra sensitive for couple of days after such love bites. Mine was rather a “revenge” bite, so it was natural to have extra “voltage” attached to it.

“What happened”, I asked after a few moments, when I could hardly control my laughter.

He just looked back at me from the side of his eyes, and kept staring at me for a few moments without replying. We both already knew the answer.

“What’s this? Are you going to office like this…without a vest? Want to flaunt your macho body? Hunk …eh?”, I winked at him with a smile.

“Yeah.. !  Thanks to you, I cannot wear any clothes. Even this shirt …when it touches here, it it takes my breath out and reminds me of your stronger dose of love”, he said pointing to his erect nipple.

After that, It became one of the most exciting and satisfying games for me till date. I hardly missed a chance, whenever I could, to knowingly rub my body against his nipple or slide my fingers over it and see his high-voltage reactions.  After a couple of times, it was more of a Tom & Jerry show, where he was trying to save himself from my “accidental” touch on his nipple.



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