Snippets from Personal Diary-3

(Contd. from previous part)

Before he could reach me, I jumped off the bed and quickly ran towards the bathroom.  It was the easiest way for me to avoid any embarrassments and confrontations with him.

Seeing me running toward bathroom,  he changed his direction and instead of coming to me, he started moving toward the bathroom entrance where I was heading to. He was already standing close to it, so before I could enter and lock myself in, he reached there and stood in between me and the entrance of bathroom.


I did not see him in the eyes. My eyes were down all the time while I stood there. He kept standing in between me and the bathroom entrance for sometime, blocking my way with his muscular arms stretched across. He kept staring at me, but when there was no response or action from my side, he moved aside and allowed me to enter the bathroom.

The closeness with his almost nude body with mine,  his powerful and deeply penetrating eyes and glimpse of his broad smooth chest which I caught when I was looking down, all made me super horny. I was loosing control over myself and desperately wanted to just grab him in my arms, hug him and start kissing him. I wished to feel the warmth of his smooth body once again. It was already a long time since we had not ‘touched’ each other.

The moment, he allowed me to enter the bathroom, I locked myself in, moved to the toilet and started shagging myself. I closed my eyes but all that was coming in front of my closed eyes were scenes from recent past, or his pinkish nipples and his chest moving with every breath. His smiling cute face and his deep navel were always there to keep me tied to him.

I gave a couple of strokes, but did not like doing it. There is a big difference in imagination and reality, the difference between the fantasizing the feel of love-making and the actual love making. Imagination could only help you till the time you have not experienced the love making of a passionate lover. And just in case, if you lover is as compassionate and as intuitive as my roomie, who always finds a way of being innovative and keeping me constantly curious, you cannot match the enjoyment.

My hard penis, and my resolution to teach him a lesson was now becoming a punishment for myself. He was still maintaining the rules I made. He respected my non-sense orders and did not force anything on me, although I knew how desperate he had been to hug me, and cuddle with me every night.  My restrictions for him were now becoming a torture for me. He was just fueling that fire.

I took a few deep breaths, moved a little back and looked myself in the mirror. Then washed my face with cold water. Cold water may help divert attention and hence may help get rid of hard-on. After around 5 minutes, when I came back to the bedroom, he had already covered himself in a T-shirt and shorts, and was combing his wet hair.

I came back and sat on the bed. He looked at me once, and then after having finished setting his hair, he came to me and said, “Why are you not accepting my apologies? I have agreed and accepted my fault, but it was un-intentional.  I did not want to hurt you. It was just for a pleasure and to make you feel more excited.”

I did not respond to him. He continued, “Okay ! It has been too long now. Tell me, what should I do to please you? What will make you happy?”

His words “it was just for a pleasure” were echoing in my mind. He had almost killed me with such a hard bite on my nipple, and this was just a ‘pleasure’ for him. It made me furious. Jungle’s laws are very clear. I needed revenge.

I grabbed his T-shirt from his chest and pulled him towards me. He lost his balance with this sudden force and fell over me.  Just to avoid any collision, he held my left shoulder with his one hand, and the bed from the other hand for a support.

I pushed him down on the bed, and said, “Pleasure ! eh? So kind of you ! Let me help you feel the same pleasure then”, and I started folding his white T-shirt. His fair smooth skin started shining as the t-shirt was wrapped up. I moved my lips over his right nipple, and took it in between my lips.

His hands moved to my head and my shoulder. He was enjoying touch of my lips on his nipple. I did not want to give him such pleasures. I wanted him to feel the same painful pleasure that he had given to me. I grabbed his hands and pressed down on the bed as if he was under arrest. He raised his head to see what I was doing. Our eyes met. He was probably confused.

Now his hands were pressed down on the bed by my hands,  I came back to his nipple, and this time, I used my teeth instead lips. I grabbed the tip of his nipple in between my front teeth, and applied a little pressure. His eyes got closed. His hands twitched. But he did not speak a single word to resist.

It was a sample dose of “pleasure” that he gave to me. He needed the actual ‘pleasure’ to be felt. I released his hands and held him  from the sides of his mid chest, and then nibbled his nipple which was already in my mouth.  I applied good amount of force this time, and then pulled his nipple away and relieved it temporarily, and then re-applied the force. The pain (or the ‘pleasure’) was now evident when he started squeezing the bed sheet in his fists. I applied a little more pressure and stretched his nipple out.

I was expecting a reaction, like it happened with me when I slapped him tightly. My biting was much more profound than his bite on my nipple. I was torturing him intentionally. But he did not react. He did not resist any of my painful acts. His eyes were closed and his lips were open probably gasping for some air. I noticed tears rolling out from the sides of his closed eyes. His fists were tight, and were squeezing the bed-sheet. Probably it was profoundly painful and out of bearable limits but he had already surrendered to me.

His total surrender to me changed my heart. Besides my tortures, and in-human revenge he did not resist or stop me. Probably this pain and torture was acceptable to him rather than the pain of separation and exclusion that was going between us for past few days. Now this feeling of revenge left me with regrets. Regrets of doing un-justice and harm.

With deep regrets on my actions, I finally kissed on his nipple and left it.


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