Who Am I (4) ?

(Continued from previous part…)

Mike’s company and support had a healing effect. Her head was resting on Mike’s chest, surrounded with his slightly muscular but toned biceps. One of his hands was caressing her hair and other one was holding her from the back.


After a couple of moments, when her crying slowed down, Mike kissed her and said, “Let’s go back to bedroom” and both started walking slowly out of that bathroom, embracing each other.

It was a surprise gift for her to find herself in Mike’s arms. She had waited for this moment for ages when she was James. But now, there was nothing left to be achieved. Human nature is very complex. We value something till it is out of reach for us. Once it is accessible, we try to find something else to keep ourselves busy in this run and chase process. Mike was now easily accessible, rather he himself came to hug her. She did not have to do anything for this easily accessible asset. His importance and value automatically degraded in her value-system. Obviously, there were many other important things to worry about. Her attention once again diverted to the real issue, “Why did he behave so normally as if nothing happened?”

She was thinking and her mind was giving all sort of excuses. “May be he was half-asleep and could not give proper attention to me!” or “Wait a minute ! This is not a small change that could be ignored or missed out. Could he be pretending all this to make me feel less panic? After all, he had a soft corner for me and he did care for me all the time. But he did not look concerned at all. What the hell is this?”.

She was busy in doing all sort of analysis in her mind and by that time, they were back to the bed. Mike gave her a glass of water from which she took a few sips and then he made her sit comfortably on the bed. She felt a little awkward when Mike looked at her shiny body. She felt shy of exposing her newly grown but perfectly shaped boobs and quickly re-arranged her long hair to cover them. When she was James, she never felt shy of showing off his tits and flat chest. Rather he used to flaunt his toned body all the time trying to seduce Mike, but same person was now was feeling shy when Mike looked at her boobs.

Mike understood that she was not comfortable with this. Mike also wanted her to feel secured and safe. He looked around and found her bra lying at one corner of the bed. He grabbed it and handed over to her. She took it quickly and wore it a little bit hesitantly.Mike covered her in the blanket, and kissed on her forehead, and said, “You don’t need to worry about anything. We may talk about it tomorrow or some other time whenever you want. There is nothing to worry sweet-heart. I am here with you all the time. Let me know if you need anything.”

His words gave her a little bit of assurance again.Mike went back to his side of bed and lied down and closed his eyes. Her beauty had magical powers and he was unable to take his mind off of what he could glimpse. He was able to see her more clearly in closed eyes. This had a natural reaction and his boner started getting erect.

She on the other side, had no reason to sleep. She had a lots of things to think and decide. So, her eyes were wide open. She quickly noticed the Mike’s hard-on.  Mike’s well toned body was always a point of attraction for her but she did not have any access to it. Mike had declared rules for James. But now when she was not the James, rules did not apply to her. It was proven a little while ago when Mike himself hugged her when both were almost nude. Mike was hesitant of touching James.

All her wild fantasies and desires started flashing in her mind now. She gave a closer look to Mike once again. Her body responded accordingly. Her vagina got wet, asking for more. Her nipples got more sensitive. She could not control her urge to feel the Mike’s body. Her hands reached mikes belly and her lips reached his nipple. Her electrifying touch instantly alerted Mike but he just kept his eyes closed. A second kiss on his peck created a ‘tent’ in his underwear.


And then started the unstoppable chain reaction. She pulled down Mike’s underwear to free the beast captured in that underwear. The first glimpse of it made her forget all her miseries. It was more beautiful and thicker than her imaginations. James had always dreamed of having a chance to touch Mike’s body, his penis and to get a chance to do much more with hm, but actually he could hardly manage to get a satisfying look at his adorable beauty, especially after he opened up his heart and feelings to Mike. He was afraid that Mike might leave him if he attempted any advances or kept staring at his body. All his dreams were coming true now.

She grabbed his “rod”. It was stiff, thick and warm. It was round and perfectly shaped. She gave it a look and then moved slowly down and kissed on his belly button. Now Mike could not control it and opened his eyes. His eyes were shining with love and aggression. His eyes were confirming that “Yes, I needed you badly all the time and I need you now”. He grabbed her in his arms, started kissing him passionately.


His soft and pampering touch made her loose all controls.  Every inch of her smooth soft body were equally impacting Mike. With every touch and every single inch of her body, he wanted more. His aggression and his love kept on increasing. While she was amused with warm and wet lips playing with her tits, she suddenly felt a luke-warm rock-hard rod trying to make its way to her pussy. Mike was careful to go slow and make her feel comfortable with it.


She initially felt pain and stopped the ‘little Mike’ entering her vagina. Her tight vagina was not able to accommodate rock-hard and thick boner. But the little Mike was already careful about it. It slowly worked a way to make adjustments and get comfortably inside. Her moaning and gasps were indicating her excitement levels.

He stayed there for some time, pulled it a little out and then pushed again slowly. With every such movement,  his penis swelled a little more and she cried and resisted to allow him a second movement but both continued doing it for a while. After 3-4 such attempts, Mike increased his pace. He was a little more aggressive now and within next few moments, her hands which were resisting his entrance were now scratching his back with enjoyment.


Mike’s aggression also kept on increasing. He was going wild now. Probably he had been controlling his desires and love for her for a long time, which was exploding all today as there were no reasons for a denial as he had with James. He wanted to be with her badly and that hunger was coming out as aggression in his acts. He too wanted to compensate for all previously missed chances.


When both were done, they both were satisfied and felt a strong bonding between them which could never tear them apart.  There was an unspoken commitment for each other, and a strong desire to be with each other. Mike kissed her once again passionately before going back to his side of bed.


They both got their undergarments and when Mike laid down, she moved her head on Mike’s chest. She wanted to listen to his heart calling her name in every beat. He too embraced her closed to his heart. There were no words, still there was a strong promise made to each other. There was no sound, but their hearts were beating for each other. Both of them fell asleep in same pose.


In the morning, when they woke up, they were still embracing each other in same pose. But it was James in Mike’s arms instead of Jessica. James looked at his underwear, which was still showing signs of wetness, and then looked at Mike’s face. He was asleep yet, but his face was reflecting the same commitment and compassion as after the last night event. James grabbed Mike in his arm and gave him a “Good Morning” kiss.

Mike smiled, without opening his eyes and pulled him closer. James rested his head again on Mike’s chest which was still singing his name in same rhyme.



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