Love and Emotions

This post is breaking the regular sequence of my on-going story “Who Am I?”, which I shall resume after this post.

Door bell rang, and when I opened the gate of my apartment, I was shocked.

Sumit, a good friend and colleague of my roommate, and another person were supporting my roomie from two sides. He was wounded. They were coming after visiting a doctor to get proper dressing done at his wounds.

I was terrified to see him in this condition.But then I was told that there is nothing to worry, and that it was not a result of accident.

He had a “friendly” cricket match between his team and another team from a near by competitive company. In the morning when I was accompanying him it looked “friendly” indeed. Both the teams were in their white uniforms and they started pretty well. Later, I came back as I had headache. Now when did this friendly match turn into an unfriendly incident, it was a big surprize for me.

I asked Sumit, “What happened? I only want the truth.”

Sumit looked at my Roomie’s face. He was hesitant. Probably he had been instructed otherwise.

I got the clue, and warned Sumit, “You need not be afraid of anyone. And don’t dare to hide anything from me. I trusted you and now it is upto you to decide if you deserve it or not.”

My statement was very clear. Anyone in my contacts, who knows me, understands it that I really mean what I say. I met Sumit through my roomie and our frequencies matched.  We had good understanding.

Hearing my instructions, Sumit turned away from my roomie, and said reluctantly, “Nothing much indeed. It was a small incident. We had a small fight with some of the guys.”

“What?  Are you kidding me?”, I was surprized.  A fight during a friendly match? These matches are usually planned to establish a good relationship with clients or business partners. People tend to go extra-miles to start a good relationship and establish a good understanding. That was the whole purpose of this match. What made them have a fight?

“Well… “, Sumit said with a very supportive and brave tone, “They deserved it. Earlier I had a second thought on this incident, but now I am confident that he took the right step”, while pointing to my roomie with his index finger.

I looked to my roomie, who was lying on the bed looking at the roof, and second person was helping him get comfortable with pillows and other things. He surely was trying to avoid any direct eye contact with me. I now looked back to Sumit, to understand his justification, how fight could ever be a valid option in a friendly initiative?

Sumit guessed it correctly that it would be hard to handle my queries on his own and probably that’s why he involved Rafi, who was till now helping my roommate, “Right Rafi? Did we have any options left?”

Rafi, pulled a bit un-guarded in this conversation, had to support his team and said, “Although we tried to avoid it, but they forced us to draw a conclusion. They were not willing to apologize! Baxtxxds!”

“OK. You tell me everything in detail, Now !”, I pulled Sumit through his hand when he tried to escape me assuming Rafi was able to deviate my attention off him.

“Aaa… err.. see nothing much to talk about… actually one of their team members had seen you in the morning when you were there in the field, and later when you left, he started asking for you every now and then. It was his turn for batting (my Roomie’s) then.  That guy from opposite team was very immature and started passing obscene remarks and sexual comments for you.  No one could expect such things in professional events like this. He (my roomie) warned him twice but that stupid Jaat (Harayanavi Caste) had some ego issues. He started abusing you, him and also said vulgar statements for you which I cannot repeat. That’s all. It was enough for him to tolerate any further. Both (my roomie and that Guy) started a fight verbally, which in no-time turned into an actual fight with fists and kicks. We could not see our team-mate being physically abused by anyone in front of our eyes. It did not take long when both the teams were playing boxing in the cricket playground. That’s all. “

I understood it completely. Why he was so much affected and hurt, and why Sumit and Rafi were not so much affected that was also evident. They might have supported him as a friend and team mate but he would have actually taken a serious action because he took his offending remarks personally. My roomie would not have let that Jaat go till he was not satisfied teaching him a lesson, and obviously he might have received a fair share of return-gifts from that Jaat boy.

It is a very risky thing to deal with Jaats in this area. They have Gangs and can go to any limits.  I am scared of his safety now. It is not a time to discuss it with him or to tell him that he should avoid such conflicts, because I know nothing is going to work effectively at this point in time. He still thinks what he did was right because he probably is an emotional fool who could not tolerate any obscene comments against me. Probably I could not touch to that level of emotional sensitivity which made him react this way and put his life and health at risk, so it will be a foolish decision for me which they should have avoided.

But I am surprized, “Word Power” .. !  Could it be so dangerous to cause world-war type of situations?


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