Who Am I (2)?

(Continued… from Previous part)

He ran to the side of the bathroom where the big wall mirror was attached with the wash-basin.

He just could not believe his eyes. His jaws dropped. He had probably assumed it to be the Magic mirror which would probably show him what he wished to see. He probably wanted to say the verse…”Mirror!  Mirror  !! on the wall, show me the truth without a fall”.  But the mirror was smiling with its own truth.

The mirror reflected a very pretty girl with sharp features. The Beauty in itself would get an inferiority complex when compared to her. The girl was wearing just a black panty contrasting her ultra-fair body complexion. There was nothing on the top. Her hands automatically covered-up her breasts when she noticed someone from other side of mirror ogling at her big juicy boobs with pinkish nipples. It was a spontaneous act. Strange enough, the girl was in the same condition in which he slept last night; just in a black underwear without anything else covering his body.

After the girl in the mirror covered her appealing breasts, he regained his senses and started crying on what he noticed through mirror. Sorry ! let me correct. “She” noticed through mirror. Her crying slowly became louder when she realized it was not a dream and what she had lost. She had lost identity that she carried since her birth till date. She could still not believe that it was not an illusion. It was all real.

“Darling! Is that you?”, A voice came in with knocking on the door. “Is everything alright? “, another question from same person who sounded like Mike. Remembering Mike and her own condition now made her cry more. Hearing her loud cry Mike opened the bathroom door which was already unlocked, and entered the bathroom.

He saw her weeping loud. She was still standing in front of the mirror. Her back was partially covered with her long shiny black hair. Her smooth flawless body with fair baby-soft skin could make anyone forget about everything else in his mind, just as a few moments back it made “James” keep staring at her beauty.  She was hiding her face in her palm.

(To be continued…)


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