The Working with Spreadsheets by Frank Solanki

Frank Solanki, a very intuitive writer, who knows how to play with the words effectively to produce the desired impact, had recently posted a poem on his melodious blog. He asked for help in Working with Spreadsheets.

The original poem by Frank is available here.

I find his poems very simple, easy to understand yet effective. He expresses his feelings through his words precisely. It is probably an impact of following his blog, that I posted a reply to his poem as a comment on his blog. My reply is available here on his blog.

I am pasting below my reply for an quick reference to my readers.

I am happy and feeling rewarded after getting a “good work” kind of appreciation from Frank. It matters a lot to me, as I am not related to Poetry even distantly. Poetry is not my cup of tea and even though it was not worth an appreciation, but it felt good to get a positive feedback for my two poems recently – one by Frank, and other one on my last poem on the Post named  Daal Makhni Fry

The reply on Working with Spreadsheets:

Your intentions are good, your Moral is high,
Remember, it’s just a spreadsheet, not a world war or a big fight.

It is the “cells”, spreading the coast..
With lots of functions and data to roast..

Every Cell is named with its Column and Row
Its lower right corner is special if you want it to grow.. (Cell pointer and small plus sign to drag and drop)

F2” is a friend if you want to edit a cell
Without which it may look like a hell.

There could be lots of data to play around,
Try not to put gaps on the ground (Note: Ranges should have continuous data)

Data in a cell could have many different types,
It could be a Formula, Date, Text, or simply a Number type.

A “Date” is basically a Number in itself
That means Addition, Subtraction would be a great help

Right click to get the command to Format a cell,
select a Formatting style, for Data, or display style of cell.

It’s not hard to excel the Spreadsheets,
Provided you know a few functions, commands and a few cheats.


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