Daal Makhni Fry

Yes,  he asked me to answer this, “What do you feel for me?”

But, I did not feel like telling him all this. It feels very awkward, melodramatic and superficial. What is the sense of having a “feeling”, if it cannot be felt and needs the words to explain it?

I am not good at expressing things, especially the feelings. I don’t like showing it off. So, I did not tell him, “What I do feel for him”

I know (and believe) that you cannot read my this personal eDiary, Darling roomie, so here I am with all what my heart sings for you…

Sometimes low, sometimes high,
You are the tides in my life.

In the clear January Night,
Darling ! You are the Moon in my sky.

Very essential, day and night
Like the water is to the life.

Salty, Peppery, with lots of Spice,
You are Indian Curry with Daal Makhni Fry.

Jovial, Caring, without Shy,
Filling the void, without a cry,
Humble, Loving,  a True friend for life,
My Darling ! Sweet-heart ! You are my life.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. again X says:

    wow great poet .


    1. desimunda says:

      Thanks X. Well I am not a poet at all. But I do like the poems of Frank Solanki, with very short, and daily life events in simple rhymes.

      You may like to have a look on his work on his blog

      Some of his posts are :
      1. https://franksolanki.wordpress.com/2017/01/21/working-with-spreadsheets/

      2. https://franksolanki.wordpress.com/2017/01/15/the-blog-ate-my-homework/


  2. again X says:

    I’ve heard this song before in YouTube .A Bengali lady and her cook songs.


    1. desimunda says:

      Well… It would be a great surprise for me to find this poem pre-existing. It was my original work without copying anyone knowingly. But I can understand that similar thoughts may pop-up in different minds. BTW… perhaps you might already have noticed from “About me” page that I am a Punjabi and don’t understand Bengali.

      I would be happy to see that YouTube clip that you mentioned. Please share the link, if you can find it easily.


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