The Monkey and The Donkey (Final)

He was perhaps waiting for this to happen. It did not take him a second and he took half of my penis in his mouth and kept swallowing all what it released very gently. He might have probably guessed the right time to take it in his mouth by sensing the stiffness and pre-climax motions of my penis because he did not allow even a single drop to be wasted. The vacuum created by his sucking was forcing more and more of my juices to flow through my penis, which he kept swallowing down his throat.

He was sucking it and probably enjoying it as he was not in a hurry. His eyes were closed. He was resting my penis on his finger tips, and rest of the things were being done by his tongue inside his mouth.

After a few minutes, when the vibrations of my penis reduced and overflow of juices stopped, he gently grabbed my penis from the base, and started pulling it out slowly but on the other end he was stretching it with his lips.  Woaaah !  It worked as a gentle massage, and any residuals left inside my foreskin might have now been cleaned. I felt the warmth and softness of his tongue when the inner part of my penis-head, without the foreskin might have touched his tongue after this stretching exercise.  I repeated it a couple of times.  I was feeling exhausted after this ejaculation. This orgasm was very deep rooted and touched every nerve of my body.

After he was done, he moved up, and reached my lips. I got the attention when his smooth body rubbed against mine, and his warm breath fall over my lips. He grabbed me in his arms and gave me a passionate kiss. I too started exploring his smooth shiny body with my hands around him.


Besides his this loving action, there was one more thing that drew my attention. It was his super-hard, thick penis which was rubbing against my belly. It was so hard, and abnormally thick that I could feel it even though he was wearing his undies. But, I was feeling sleepy after this session and wanted to sleep. He kept on kissing me on my cheeks, my ear-lobe, my chin and my neck. But it could not help him much. It made me feel myself in the company of a very compassionate, and caring person whom I love, and thus allowed me to go in a trusted-zone with the confidence and assurance to sleep calmly.


He probably guessed it correctly with slowing down motions of my hands which were exploring his body a little while ago and my eyes which were closed and motion-less.

He tried to wake me up and make me active once again with a nose-nudge. But I was feeling  totally like a drugged person, who was capable of receiving all signals but was unable to respond back.


Next thing I felt was a bit awkward. He grabbed my lower lip with his teeth and started pulling it away. What kind of kiss was that? Obviously, it was meant to draw my attention and awake me. Junglee!!! *the Wild beast*


Naturally, it was enough for me to open my eyes. I came out of the dead-zone, and he smiled. Then he sucked my lip which was in his mouth and with his other hand gave a squeeze to my penis and the balls.

After a moment, when he released my lip, I was looking at his face. I was mesmerized with his inner and outer beauty. His shiny eyes, cute and smiling face, pink lips. He was looking gorgeous.  He then grabbed my hand in his hand, moved it over to his under-wear, made me grab his cock and squeezed it through my hand.  He continued doing it through my hand a couple of times, and closed his eyes. Then he took my hand and inserted it inside his underwear. It was really a hard piece of rock. Heavy, thick and warm. His balls were competing with his thick and round shaped cock. His eyes were closed. When my hand touched his cock (I guess, it was for the first time),  I heard him moaning softly.

I understood his signal. Till now, he has been doing it to me all the time. I hardly ever reciprocated the favor back to him, not even jerking him to release his sexual energy. His sexual desires and needs are way too higher than mine. I am seeing it almost on daily basis, but I could not dare to reach his cock yet. He needed me, but I was never there for him.

He continued doing it through my hands with his eyes closed. Slowly his moaning started getting a little bit louder and deeper. His breathing pace increased.  I started massaging his back and his hips with my other hand and volunteered to give him what he wanted me to do. My hands kept massaging his cock at its own pace, matching with his moaning and his breathing frequency, and he slowly pulled his hand out of his underwear. It took some time, but he shot a huge load of sperm when he did it. I felt a bit uncomfortable when my hand was all wet with his sperm after he ejaculated.  I did not want to spoil his mood because of my such feelings, so I kept my hand as it was inside his underwear, holding his penis and his balls.

After he was done, he fell over me as if he was a dead meat. He embraced me tightly from top to bottom. His hands were wrapped around my head and lower part of my body was covered between his thighs. He kissed me one more time, and whispered near my ear, “I Love you more than anything, sweet heart. Never leave me alone!”

After a while, we got ourselves cleaned, took a bath (I forced him for it), changed our bed-sheet, and got laid on the bed for a good night sleep. As usual, he ensured that he was feeling me with him and some part of his body was touching mine all the time when we sleep.

Jose Luis Martinez


3 Comments Add yours

  1. again X says:

    fuck this is so erotic


  2. Alex says:

    Question: Does your roommate know you write this blog?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. desimunda says:

      Answer: Initially he did not. But now, yes, he knows that I am maintaining an eDiary that contains some of our incidents. One of the online readers suggested me to not to hide it from him as it is his right to know about this thing. The suggestion clicked me and I told it to him.

      What he does not know (I believe) is the URL to access it. In fact, I copied a couple of posts on MS Word and read it to him. One of the posts had his almost nude image too.


      Question on your Question: Why this question all of a sudden? What’s the reason behind it? I am eagerly waiting to know.


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