The Monkey and The Donkey-1

Someone asked me recently, how does your roommate look like? What is most attractive feature of your roomie?

It was really hard for me to confine his beauty in words. It was as difficult as to define, if one’s home-sweet-home is better than neighbor’s house. Which one part of our Sapphire colored planet looks more attractive?  This is the only lively planet in our solar system, and the Life in itself is the essence of the beauty.

And last night, when we were about to sleep, he asked me the same question, “How do I look?”. He was caressing and playing with my hair, and looking straight into my eyes. As usual, he was carrying the magnetic smile on his cute innocent face after asking this question.

I could not understand why he asked me this question all of a sudden. Did he find any of my acts offensive? Did I happen to hurt his feelings again?

But there he was, smiling and looking into my eyes. While I was struggling to understand his motive behind this question, he repeated his question, “Tell naaa… !  How do I look like? Do you think my looks are attractive?”

We all know somewhat close to reality how appealing and attractive looks we have, specially if we have been blessed with exceptional physical beauty. He too must have an Idea about his killer looks. On top of this, his sweet and jovial nature makes it a deadly combination for anyone to fall in trap. Then why is he asking me all this? Does he want to hear me praising his beauty?

Whatever, I never praise him on his face. I am always looking for such opportunities when I can tease him, taunt him and pass sarcastic comments, and try my best to make him cry. Although, I always fail miserably in all my such attempts. He has a sensible heart, that I learned slowly. But he never made me realize it that my stupid sarcastic comments may actually bring tears in someone’s eyes. If someone does not like to show it then it does not necessarily mean that there are no pains. He is the one such person who likes to share his smiles but would always hide his pains from me.

“You … You look like a monkey. A monkey from the front and a Donkey from the rear”, I answered his query and started laughing hysterically bemused with his facial expressions after hearing my response.

I called him a Monkey. He had to respond accordingly and meet my expectations. He started acting like a monkey. He jumped and sat over me.   He grabbed my hands in his one hand, stretched it straight over my head, and fingers of his other hand reached my armpits. Then he started tickling me. I am very ticklish and it is one of the hardest things for me to tolerate. There would hardly be any inch of my body which is not sensitive to tickling. In no time, I was totally under his control and was pleading for his mercy.  He continued doing it mercilessly.

The he leaned over my belly button, kissed over my belly button through my vest. Or probably he was trying to get hold of my vest because next thing I noticed was that he was holding my vest in his mouth, and started unwrapping it to uncover my belly. After moving up my vest, he came back to my belly button, looked at my face for a moment, and said, “You will now see…who is monkey and who is donkey”. With this his breath touched my skin, and I felt a warm sensation.

In a few moments, his lips were deep down my navel, trying to dive deeper and set in. His both the hands were set across my waist, holding me in that position tightly, and he slowly started moving his hands a little up and down on sides of belly. In a couple of moments, he moved down, and his lips were exploring my testicles through my Pajama. I was wearing just the Pajama without any underwear.

He rubbed his lips over my penis. With his to and fro massaging action across the length of my penis and the friction, it was bound to get hard and then he slid his lips on sides of my penis to reach my balls. His lips were in between my penis and balls and he was probably trying to accommodate both in his mouth together, but was failing in his attempts. With every such attempt, and slight pressure of his lips, my penis was growing fast and was sliding out of his mouth.

His hands which were on sides of my waist till now, moved down to hold the elastic band of my pajama from both the sides, and it did not take another moment to him to pull it down. My little warrior which was confined in the Pajama and tortured by external attacks, had already been alerted and so it popped-out with a force to show that it was ready to fight against the intruders. Little did it know that it was bound to loose the game in a short while. The poor soldier ! It did not know to step back from any challenges posed to it. Sometimes it is wiser to compromise with the situation rather than fighting back. It was standing fully erect to take the call. The brave Penis, but a stupid fella !

He raised his lips a little to reach the level of mouth of my penis, and kissed on its mouth. My penis acknowledged it with gratitude, but it was not ready to show any signs of losing the game. It swelled more. He took his tongue out and tip of his tongue was exploring the fulcrum of my Penis. This warm, wet and a gentle touch made my little warrior to respond with similar Wet response.  As his tongue started exploring the front of my penis, the heavy amount of pre-cum started coming out.

He gently picked up my penis with his index finger and thumb, and pulled the foreskin back. The sensitive pink inner skin with a small eye popped a little and next thing I felt was a unbearable sensation, which was totally out of my capabilities to describe it in words, when tip of his tongue touched the pink sensitive inner skin of my penis head. His soft tongue was also rough on my penis head. He was using it on the mouth of my penis and that’s too on inner skin, and this action was enough for my penis to surrender completely all what it was holding till now. It really did not take long and my hard penis started throwing out white hot liquid in big and small droplets.


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  1. again X says:

    Remember once I told you about a guy in train whom I gazed him over and over.I talked to him few times after that I asked for his WhatsApp.but he just denied giving a foolish excuse .I told you he is gay by guessing but now I’m damn sure that he is gay.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. desimunda says:

      I remember, someone telling me about having a crush kind of thing on a college going guy, whom he met in train. But that incident was not a repeated incident, and the story ended there.

      Please forgive me, but I don’t really recall who told me that incident. From your comment it appears as if it was a long follow up and sequence of meetings, that is something more than just a gazing or having a crush on him after first meeting while traveling in train together.

      Foolish excuse ? What was that? I am curious to know.

      How did you guess that he was gay? Any evident symptoms? and how did you confirm it?

      Kindly share. Also, please let me know if I mis-understood you for someone else. I don’t really recall anyone else sharing a similar incident of meeting someone in train, although I am very much inclined to know more about it now.


      1. again X says:

        foolish excuse was,he said his WhatsApp no. is off for someday.and he will give me his no. when he will open up his no.
        I think he doesn’t have any interest in me. so he didn’t give. on that day previously I’ve seen him using WhatsApp.
        I’ve seen him using Grindr .so I’m sure he is gay. u can contact me I would love to. share with you.


        1. desimunda says:

          What is Grindr? and how does it make someone Gay?


  2. again X says:

    Wow now u don’t even know about Grindr.
    it’s a gay social app.


    1. desimunda says:

      My dear X again,

      There is always a first time for everything. I am very new kid on the block, and didn’t have anyone in my network to tel me anything about this.


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