Happy New Year

“Happy New Year”, said my friend.

It gave me a reason to think about “What is so special…”?

It is “New” and …

…   and …  is prompting to be “Happy”

We are fascinated with something new and happy coming to our life. That’s why we have a lots of hopes, and plans for it, and it gives us a reason to wait for it. It gives us a reason to “Value” it. Otherwise, it is the same Sun that brings the bright morning, the same Moon that shines our dark nights and brings two loving hearts together, and usually same people around us with whom we have to deal in our daily life.

This “hope” for something “happy” and “new” is not new. We wish every “new” morning, a “Good” morning with similar hopes.

An year is not the unit of time we are going to deal directly in most of the cases. Our life has many such “new” opportunities with rise of a Day, everyday, throughout the year. Why should I not take it an opportunity to make my life less miserable, and more meaningful to myself, and for everyone around me, including the Mother nature. It will also give me a chance to analyze my progress and take corrective or preventive actions on daily pace.

Year, as the unit of time, is good for grouping past achievements and losses together under a single name, as it would be less efficient to remember these things by dates. The only purpose of these should be find motivation and learning, as and when applicable.

I am happy,  with start of this new year, as it gave me a chance to be happier. It gave me a hope of another bright morning coming my way, where I can rectify my mistakes, a chance to take corrective actions on my past mistakes, a chance to re-attempt my failures with a different approach. The “New” year reminds me, that our life is giving us plenty of opportunities, every day, every hour. We just need a correct approach and an open perspective to life to grab new opportunities to make it happy.

Happy New Year, My Friends.


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