After Christmas

I returned late in the night after the Christmas party. It was organized specifically for Mike, my immediate boss in onsite team in USA, who is currently on his tour to India and working from our office. All the responsibilities for the grand celebration were given to me to make it a memorable Christmas evening for our foreigner guest.

When I returned home, my roomie was already asleep. Next morning, I found him still on the bed while it was time for him to leave to his office. I asked him again, if everything was alright? But he just nodded his head without saying a word. There was a little improvement since last night. He at least responded to my question, but he did not speak to me. I guess, it was his deliberate act, and a very disappointing too.

I was getting late to my office, so I focused on my office.

At around 5:30 he texted me again. It read – “Don’t come alone. I am coming to pick u up”.

And when I left the office premises, I saw him waiting outside the main gate.

He was looking fresh, and better now. He was talkative once again, but at the same time, he was behaving restrictive. I don’t really understand the actual reason behind his sudden changes of mood.

I will ask him, for sure, but when he is a bit settled own. I don’t really wish to spoil our moods.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    this was short yr, may he knows abt ur kiss


    1. desimunda says:

      Oh ! It never clicked my mind.. you got a point.


    2. desimunda says:

      btw… just thinking…how would he come to know? I mean the possibility of him knowing about it cannot be completely ruled out.. but I am not a celebrity whose every action is captured and published on page 3 headlines. He might have really fallen sick (although now after reading your comments I am also doubtful.. he behavior was very strange..he never behaved so oddly earlier.


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