Dingg Dongg !!!

He is now back to his old habits. Habit of cuddling with me, and embracing me all the time throughout the night. He has rather advanced a little more in his habits. Now he is not restricting himself to just touching me.


I try to cover up the loss of sleep by waking up late in the morning than my usual time of 6:30 AM.  This winter season also does not permit to come out of coziness when our bodies are warming up each other inside the blanket. It feels good now in this winter season.

“Dingg … Dongg ” !   The door bell rang.

Usually our milk delivery boy puts the milk bags outside our apartment and alerts us by ringing the bell so that we pick it up from there. There is a risk of getting it consumed by stray cat or landlord’s pets.

“Dinngggg…    Dong… Ding …. Donnnng !!”, next round of door bell alerted us again after a short while.  It could not be the milk-delivery boy. He won’t wait for us to open the door. I tried to wake-up my roomie, who was embracing me tightly. He prefers to sleep totally nude and takes off my clothes as well in the bed. He enjoys it when our bodies are touching each other. I try to avoid being totally nude as I know where it would lead us, so I was sleeping in my underwear.


“Hey ! …  please have a look who is there so early in the morning?”, I requested him to check the door.  Both of us were desperate to catch a few more moments of sleep as this is the best time to cover up the loss. He obliged me, got up reluctantly, kissed me, and said “Okay Darling!”.


He picked up his underwear from the edge of the bed where he had dropped it last night before entering the blanket.

He unlocked the door and was just about to pull it to open when the bell rang again. “Ding …. Dong .. Ding Dong.. Ding”, this was third alert. The guest outside was getting impatient with this delay, and then I heard a familiar voice from outside, calling my name and then my Roomie’s name. The door was partially open by that time. It was my father. My roomie was welcoming him in just briefs. He did not get a chance to close the door again and get dressed.

He (my roomie) is intelligent, and understands how to control the situation without getting nervous or tensed with it. He welcomed my father in normal tone, did the “Charan Sparsh”, and said “What a pleasant surprise, Uncle! Where is Mom?”. Strange it is! He considers my mom as his “Mother” but my Dad is still “Uncle” to him.

Perhaps it is “abnormal” just for me to be seen in undie or bare-chested and that’s what makes me conscious and makes me feel nervous. It was probably not abnormal for a normal man like my roomie and my father to flaunt their body publicly. I would not be wrong to admit it that besides my roomie, there would hardly be just a few people who might have got a chance to get glimpses of my body – bare chested. Even my parents have never seen me half-naked.

“She is following. It is 3 rd floor, Son and it is not so easy for her to face so many steps on stairs.”, my father replied.  He then probably noticed him in just the briefs and said, “You were probably heading for a shower. Now I can understand why it took such a long time to open the door.”, he said while entering the room. My roomie rushed to get dressed and then ran outside, probably to get my Mom who was left behind.

As soon as I recognized my father’s voice, I ran into bathroom and locked myself in. I did not have chance to get dressed as it was already late for that. I did not want him to catch us both almost naked. It would have been a bigger surprise for him to find me with such a “Changed” mindset (after coming here) and to see both of us without clothes at the same time. I was catching the glimpses of the events through the almost closed bathroom door. I was looking for an opportunity so that I can hint my roomie to hand me over my clothes.

“Dad ! Is that you?”, I asked. I started the shower so as to give an impression from the noise of running water that I was bathing.

“Yes Son, your Mom and I thought of giving you a surprise visit.”,  he said with a smile. “Here she comes.”, he added. I opened the door partially to see outside, and found my mother entering the room holding the hand of my Roomie for a support. She was looking tired after going through such a laborious task of reaching third floor by stairs.

“Mom ! “, I screamed with happiness and excitement. I was still in the bathroom behind the door. She gave me a smile but was not in a condition to speak anything. Just then, my roomie did the “Charan Sparsh” to my Mom and gave her a hug. I could easily see the intensity of emotions on my Roomie’s face when he hugged the Mom. After a while, when they separated, my Mom gave her blessings to my roomie by kissing his forehead. He looked at me, smiled and winked. Perhaps, he was trying to make me feel jealous of him by pointing out that he got more importance and the right of being my “Elder brother”.

It was really a pleasant surprise to see my parents after such a long time, specially after the unpleasant turn of events and hot-debate between us when I left home after Durga Puja celebration.  Mom was looking a bit down in health since our last meeting. But it was just seeing her that filled me in with all the positive vibes and energy. I was so excited that I wanted to jump out and hug her, but I could not dare to do that. My roomie understood the situation, and handed me over washed clothes, and towel from the cupboard. I took a quick shower, and ran outside to meet my parents.

I was so stupid to not having asked my parents anything, not even the glass of water. I forgot to ask them if they would like to have a glass of water. I lost my mind, etiquette and control in over-excitement of meeting my Parents, specially my Mom. I wished to apologize her on my misbehaving last time.

After some time, when I emotionally settled down, I noticed my Roomie was missing. “Think of the Devil, and here comes the devil”- This proverb is so true, I realized it only when I saw him entering the room with some carry-bags in his hands. He had gone to make some arrangements for breakfast, and fruits. There was not much available with us in our room to offer to my parents except instant Noodles (Maggie) and some milk and bread in our bachelor’s den.

This proved once again, his maturity level, his caring attitude and his sensitivity is far more better than mine. His timely  action not only allowed me to have some personal moments in the company of my Parents, but also saved me from sheer embarrassment because of my stupidity.

My parents stayed with us for couple of hours, and then left for the venue where they had to attend the marriage ceremony in New Delhi. They asked both of us to join them in the marriage function so that we could spend some more time together, but I did not like the idea. The word “Marriage” in itself is enough to scare me off, after last fight with my Mom and emotional-tortures of the life I had gone through after returning from my home. I did not want to give another chance to raise this topic again so soon. I knew, if we would be together in a Marriage function, Mom would not be able to let go of the chance to discuss the marriage proposal with me once again.

 After my Parents left, I embraced my darling sweety-pie and kissed him gently on lips (actually I was trying to kiss on his cheek, but he grabbed it on lips). I am not good in showing off my feelings but I believe, just like many other hidden details of mine, he could understand my gratitude for all what he did for me and my parents today.

He too hugged me tightly, and I rested my head on his chest. He placed his chin on my head and we started dancing in slow motion, hugging each-other  like the dance in old movies.


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