Social Norms !

Divyangna and I were enjoying our lunch together in a Restaurant. It was Friday, and she asked me to go out on lunch, just two of us, away from the Office chaos. Although we wanted to go to a distant food-court, but that was not a feasible option because of time constraints as we needed to get back to work after lunch break, and traffic chaos in NCR is not less than a nightmare. She handed over keys of her Scooty to me and asked me to take her to a restaurant at some “safe” distance from our office.

Divyangna is a pretty lady, young, energetic, sexy and jovial in nature, who truly and strongly believes in Gender equality. Her free-attitude might not be acceptable to some elite class of society who want to see females in typical stereotyped roles and responsibilities, although they might agree to it in principle.

In our male-dominated society, people may boast for equality, freedom etc. for females, till the moment they don’t find themselves competing in the situation. When situation requires their involvement, even if at emotional level, they tend to forget every ethical principle and come down to their narrow minded thoughts.

Delhi NCR (National Capital Region) is rather a city which accepts modern thoughts and lifestyle. I had assumed that those orthodox thoughts would not be part of this modern society which were a common living standard in my small home-town. I believed that people would rather have a more liberal and westernized outlook to life, respecting individual and their privacy. I was wrong.

Divyangna chose to sit next to me instead of sitting on the opposite side. We were talking (actually she was talking and I was hearing) and intermittently rubbing my hand, or patting me on my back and Thigh (twice). There were no issues for some time but then the incident took ugly turn when an Uncle and Aunty (they were really not related to either of us, but we Indians tend to be very relationship oriented, so we prefer to call every (unknown) elderly couple as Uncle and Aunt with due respect and regards), who were also dining in same restaurant, came to us and started putting personal questions and unwanted bull-shit wisdom and instructions on how girls and guys from decent families should behave in public. They covered everything in their lecture telling us how good we are and what are our moral duties for a civilized society we belong in. They said a lot of things, which they should not have touched.

It was embarrassing for us. I was not in a mood to spoil my mood more by raising my voice against their discretionary judgement against us. I still regret my doing it last time when I raised my voice against my Mom, (when she had forced me to accept marriage proposal to the Canadian girl during Durga Puja). I did not want to loose my temperament this time. But Divyangna could not tolerate this non-sense. She stood up, pulled me up from my collar, and planted a Kiss on my lips in front of those elderly couple. She kept of kissing me for good 2 minutes, until the couple left our table and the restaurant.  I heard a young couple siting on other end of the restaurant encouraging us by clapping and whistling. The Guy was whistling and clapping while the girl was busy in capturing us in lip-lock in her mobile phone.

Her kiss came in as a big surprise to me. I got nervous, and anxious. After the elderly couple left, she broke the lip-locking slowly, licked her upper lip, and winked at me. She then ordered the food as if nothing happened. My hunger had vanished, but she was behaving as if nothing happened.

After finishing the the lunch, we came back to office. I was mostly silent all the time after her kiss, which I believe was because of her kiss. Her Kiss had really locked my lips together, and also my mind. But she was totally normal. I was driving and she was sitting on the backseat hugging me tightly. Neither of us talked about it again. Probably she had understood my nervousness and did not want to make me feel more embarrassed. In later half of the day, she visited my desk 2 to 3 times for different reasons. I guess she was making sure that I was feeling alright.

When I reached home, the whole incident flashed through my memories as it would have just happened. And after giving it a lots of thought, I also came to conclusion, that although it appeared very inappropriate, but there could not have been any better reply to unwanted “Wisdom” and interference in our personal life than what Divyangna had replied.

Your thoughts?


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  1. Alex says:

    You should consider telling your roommate about your lunch with her if you want to keep a healthy relationship with him.


    If you felt nervous or confused about what happened. Tell her about your relationship with your roommate this will make her stop being flirtatious around you making you feel more comfortable.


    1. desimunda says:

      Hello Alex !

      I had already done that same day before leaving the office at end of the day.

      I collected all my courage and told her “I am already in a committed relationship”, to which she replied… “So… what?”, smiled and left.


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