Your Life; Your Choice

After 6 months of training, my job requires me to regularly visit the production plant. For next 6 months of training I will have to visit the production plant situated at other corner of Gurugram (Gurgaon, Haryana)  at least 3 days a week.

My previous two visits to this production plant were not a pleasant experience for me. So when I came to know that I would have to go to same plant, every alternate day, and minimum 3 days a week, I was skeptical of the continuing this part of training.

It has been two weeks now. And initial pain and sufferings during the travel are now slowly becoming a norm of travel during busiest office hours. I have learned to compromise with what is out of my control and cannot be changed. But you know what? The travel from Noida to Gurugram (Gurgaon) is a big trouble. You will be eventually raped every day, if you hate this. And if this is your favorite game, you may enjoy free sex everyday with new people and new faces.

There is a big difference in the last event, I referred above and the kind of experiences I am going through now. Last time, it was forced on me. I still strongly believe that it was intentional. But current experiences, I can understand that this it is result of circumstantial incident, and people around me also feel equally awkward when their hands, or their butts keep on touching my penis again and again and there is no space to turn around or adjust their position. Slowly such push and rubbing actions due to frequent breaks and movement of the vehicle wake up the sleeping part of my body. Hardening can be easily felt in subsequent touches. This becomes particularly more embarrassing when person standing against me had to notice a hard-on in my private parts after a while. But, I guess, it is also equally embarrassing to them also because, no one ever reacted in past two weeks or tried to look into my eyes. They also understood the gravity of the situation.

That makes me think, how suffocating and torturous would it be for girls to travel through public conveyance in New Delhi. The criminal and mischievous elements can exploit the situation to take benefit of it and sexually abuse anyone. Such elements do not need to do anything particularly except to stand next to the person whom he want to abuse sexually. Everything would be automatically managed by the DTC bus driver, who would contribute by applying breaks every now and then.

So, if you are feeling horny, and do not find a good way to release your sexual energy, plan a visit through DTC bus in morning peak office hours, from Noida Sector 37 to Gurugram via Mehrauli Road. You may enjoy a second session same day, if you are lucky enough, when you board the Metro Yellow Line at Saket Metro Station. Not to mention, journey time must be between 7 AM to 8:30 AM.

DTC… “Servicing efficiently its customers


Delhi Metro …”On time, Every time” …

… finally, it’s  “Your life; Your Choice“… and your needs…  DTC, or Delhi Metro … or both 🙂


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