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An online reader of my eDiary, and a good online friend through emails advised me that I should not be publically publishing my (and my roomie’s) personal life events. Where as it is a kind of risk to privacy, it may also attract bad omen and which may lead to something bad between us.

I am although not superstitious, but I also respect his opinion, beliefs and his concerns for us. I am also afraid after seeing recent ups and downs between us, I don’t want to take further risks of losing him.

What are your thoughts on this?  Please share your candid feedback, and opinion on this matter.




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  1. piryt says:

    I’m not aware of any demonic powers living on the internet 😉 The only risk i can see is action taken by person planning to harm you somehow…

    In some cultures there was also habit of showing (or rather not-hiding) what do you do in your house by keeping windows and doors wide open etc.


    1. desimunda says:

      “I’m not aware of any demonic powers living on the internet😉 ” – Thank you Piryt.

      Your words with scientific approach gave me a kind of assurance to overcome the fear (superstition) of bad omen and fears of facing any issues between us.

      I appreciate your kind help.


  2. Vaughn says:

    I’m sure you’re thankful to all your readers for their concern, but isn’t sharing the things that happen between you and your roomie an integral part of this e-diary? Anyway, concern does come in many forms. Just be careful not to stray too far and involve yourself with suspicious people 🙂

    More power DM!




    1. desimunda says:

      Thank you, dear Vaghun, my friend.
      BTW… I am a little not clear on what exactly do you want to hint me. Blame it on my little knowledge of English or my tiny mind to which it sounds a “Handle with Care” warning. You suggested that my e-diary is meant to be reflection of my real life and incidents between me and my roomie… but then on the very next line you said something in different tone…you write…
      “concern does come in many forms. Just be careful not to stray too far and involve yourself with suspicious people” says, to be careful and then probably suggesting me to refrain from putting things on my eDiary. “not to stray too far”… in what context?


  3. chunkyvickey says:

    Hi DM,its gud dat u share Ur personal life and ask our opinions some times.but it’s Ur personal life it has to be personal only when u need advice or u feel like or happy u can share.others it can be personal wit u I feel…thank you


    1. desimunda says:

      Dear Vickey !

      I am also glad that you took your time and efforts to drop a few words for me. I really appreciate you and every other reader’s inputs to me as it gives me a strong reason to believe that I am not all alone. Reason to believe that, I do have a few caring and loving souls around me, who are sensible to others and helpful too.

      Please forgive me for any mis-interpretation from your comment but to me it appears as following:

      Do you mean to say… “no one has a right to interfere in my personal matters. I should take decisions of my personal life on my own”?

      This is something I could understand from your reply above. It may not be correct though. Please elaborate.

      Even if it is correctly inferred, I would like to assure you that Yes, it is my life and decisions are mine so I take responsibilities of my own decisions and would not held you (or anyone else) responsible of any of my decisions.

      A frank opinion from a friend may sometimes, be of great importance to decide the correct path in life, and take us from confusing state of mind. That’s why I asked opinion of my readers because everyone has a vast variety of experiences and associated learning attached with it. There is no harm in sharing it with your friends, if they ask for it.

      At least, in my case, I don’t see a reason for not giving your advice (opinion) to me.

      D M


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