A note of Thanks !

Dear Friends,

This letter is meant to thank you, for answering some of very important questions which were making me curious for a while. I had been publishing these questions from time to time to collect your opinion.

These questions, published in various polls on my posts, may appear trivial to you, but these were important for me.

These questions were flashing in my mind for some time, after a few repeated incidents, which made me question my being “Normal” (in context of nipple sensitivity) and “Real”.  For a group of my readers, “we” are just fictitious. This is what they concluded after reading my this eDiary. Although it does not matter a lot (for others), as in any case, we are just piece of bits and bytes on their screen and they cannot “touch” or talk to us except in online world, but it do matter to me.

Just like a reader, who is reading a story (real or fiction), there is a connection established  between the reader and the characters in the story, there is a similar bonding between me and my eDiary. Stronger the bonding, more “real” and powerful the world appears. My eDiary speaks to me through your feedback, comments and personal messages. Recently, I received couple of similar comments and feedback from my online friends, which hinted me that they read my eDiary just for sake of entertainment (that’s okay !)  and care damn about me or my roomie because they feel it is all part of fiction (that’s a concern for me). It made me question myself – “Is this feeling common to majority of my readers?” and “If yes, why is it so… is it a problem with my writing style?”  It is a problem because it impacts my attachment and my interest with my readers (and thus my eDiary).

And, what could be a better source of getting the candid feedback from my readers, who would be unbiased and honest to settle down my curiosity levels?

Your response so far, has been very helpful, and that’s why here is this “Thank You” note for your precious time and efforts to submit your answers. I am now confirmed again that “Yes, I am normal Man even if I have sensitive nipples”, and answer to second question is still fluctuating up and down, probably it will become clear when more votes are collected for it.

I have given below the questions which I am talking about for your quick reference. BTW.. these are still collecting votes, but I would request you to kindly submit your answers only one time for each question so that I get more real and unbiased answer and not a repeated vote.

I may keep posting similar polls in future, whenever I need your inputs, as I know I can rely on your feedback.

You are always welcome to reach me by emails by using “Contact” form among top menu items.



Please share your opinion with your Desi Munda (Your opinion matters to me!)
Please submit you Votes for:

(1) What do you think about me and my story?

(2)Is it normal for Guys to get sexually excited if their Nipples are caressed and played with?


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