The Fire Within… (Concluding Part)

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(Story continued from previous part…   The Fire Within…)

He then got down a little and started licking my nipple. As he touched my nipple’s head with his tongue, my cock started leaking good amount of pre-cum.


His licking added the missing spices to the warmth of love. My super hard boner was now pulsating frequently and pushing hard on his belly. As the frequency increased, he started massaging it and my balls with his hands and his own cock alternatively. He did not stop, he kept ticking my nipple and playing with my nipple head with his tongue. I don’t know if there was increased level of sensitivity on my nipples but it became hard for me and my cock to tolerate it. I grabbed his head by his hair and pulled him away from my nipples.


Now he sat down on his knees, and picked up my cock in his hand, which was already leaking heavy amount of precum, and swallowed carefully the front portion of it in his mouth. He kept it there for a few moments, and tried with his tongue to swallow as if he is sucking something out of it. I could clearly see him gulping again and again. The pressure his tongue created while swallowing and gulping, and warmth of his mouth was something amazing. It was fascinating. I could not find any words to describe the exact feeling that I got from his actions.

It was not over yet. He opened his mouth wide and took some more portion of my hard shaft in his mouth. Now, almost half of my cock was in his mouth. But it was not even a second when he started pulling it out but with a mild pressure from his lips. It was not even fully out of his mouth when he tried to swallow it again… and again … and again. Slowly, he increased the pace of taking it in and out of his mouth. As he increased his speed, my balls started giving me a very powerful, sensational experience …something I cannot describe at all. He was also enjoying it.

I try to refrain any kind of artificial acts, even I try to control and hide my real emotions. But his swallowing my penis in and out of his mouth made me moan loudly. It was spontaneous, without any attempts from my side. As he slowly increased the pace and depth of swallowing my eyes got closed automatically, and I got myself totally disconnected with external world. All my attention was only on the extreme pleasure and excitement I was going through. I was on the cloud 9.

Suddenly I felt that he took 3/4th of my cock in his mouth and kept it there sucking and gulping. Perhaps, he might have been tired. He then took it out and licked it from the lower side till the fulcrum and then licked my balls. He took my cock in his hand and pulled the foreskin a little bit and then inserted his tongue inside the foreskin of my cock’s mouth. When his tongue touched the sensitive area (the hole) of my cock, I felt a twitching in my balls and small droplets of dense white liquid started coming out in small droplets. He licked it with his tongue.

Further movements of his tongue and touch of his tongue on inner skin of my penis became unbearable for me. I got intensified ejaculation within a few moments. My cock was throwing a huge amount of liquid and started dancing up and down like a wild beast. As soon as initial few warm drops of liquid fell on his cheek and chest, he quickly grabbed my cock with his hand and swallowed it again and this time he kept of sucking it as if it was a straw and he was gulping the cold drink through it. He kept swallowing the liquid for good 2 minutes till my cock stopped further movements. He then took it out, looked up at me and smiled. His face was speaking all about the kind of happiness and satisfaction he got through this. His shining white teeth and juicy pink lips were confirming his genuine heart-felt happiness. He got up, hugged me tightly and we kept embracing each other for good amount of time. I was also feeling satisfied, content and happy holding him in my arms.


After a few moments, we both took shower together, enjoyed exploring and cleaning each other’s bodies during shower. There were small rounds of kissing and smooching intermittently. I also felt okay to touch his penis and his balls during shower, to which I was very reluctant till now.


When we both came outside after finishing our bath, it was about to be 6:00 AM, and we both were feeling hungry.  After finishing the breakfast and tea, we decided to take a small nap as we were feeling sleepy after this long game started @ 2:00 AM.

After bath, we both were wearing clothes. I was wearing a round neck T-shirt, and underwear, and he was as usual, in his undies and vest. When we get laid on the bed, he took off all what he was wearing, and then turned back to me, removed the blankets covering me and then pulled off my shirt. It was surprising to me. Was the game which I started not over yet?  I was also surprised with the kind of energy levels that he have.

He then got on top of me, and started kissing me. His stiffened cock was rubbing against my thighs, and his warm breath and juicy lips were tickling around my cheek and neck. But I was now not so energetic now. Seeing no active participation from my side, he probably understood it and got down on the bed but continued kissing me passionately.


Slowly, he stopped his kissing sequence, and then move his hand inside my underwear and started rubbing and massaging my balls and cock. With his act, my cock started getting hard on once again. His mischievous intentions, burning sexual desires so soon after previous round of game between us and his impatience gave me a reason to smile. I was not sure, if he was going out of control because he got a chance today for the first time, with my consent and involvement after such a long wait of 6+ months since we were together or if he was really a sex freak?


He kept on massaging my cock and balls, which got in full erection within a few moments. Slowly my cock started leaking the precum from the tip, but he did not stop. He kept on rubbing it and kissing my chest, and sucking my nipples intermittently.

He then pulled off my underwear totally. As soon as he pulled the elastic band down, my erect cock popped out like a warrior on the field. He looked at it with a big smile, and kept staring for a moment and then he grabbed it quickly as he wanted to take control over it. His fingers were wrapped around it and his thumb started exploring the mouth of my penis which was wet with the natural lubricant, my pre-cum. He used his thumb to spread it on the round head of my penis. I could clearly see his own cock starting to leak similar liquid as he was completely naked too. His cock was popping up and down as it was enjoying what he was doing and was probably getting ready to take up next round of challenge with the “Warrior” on field.

He now moved down to my cock, raised it a little upside with his hand , and started licking my balls.  He kissed it,  licked it, and then took one of my balls in his mouth. He took it in and out a few times trying on both the balls alternatively.

Then he did all which he should not do.  It was too frequent for me. Second time, it was too intense and huge. He worked on me as a suction machine with varying forces and pressures and made me cum like a milk-vending machine of Mother Dairy. He made me plead for his mercy. The kind of wild treatment which I received from him on the bed can draw a rough analogy from following image.


He kept sucking me vigorously even after I had cum, but his continuous sucking did not let my cock loose its hard-on. There were multiple orgasms in next 40 minutes or so, and my cock started turning red with this hard-core sucker attached to it. I could not understand what was he enjoying in my cock, but he was not getting tired of what he was doing. His energy level did not dissipate, his sucking did not loose the power of pulling my juices out.

After he was satisfied with what he wanted to do, he finally left my poor cock alone. After drinking so much of man-milk, rich with protein, probably his hunger was satisfied. He moved up, embraced me tightly as an Anaconda would cover his prey. His thigh was covering my penis and he was using it to massage my balls and penis with slow motions, while he was busy kissing me.


Eventually, his movements and actions slowed down, we both felt a need to sleep. We slept in the same pose embracing each other.

I was now feeling a new kind of intensified personal bonding with him. I was blessed to get the same personal touch back and much more from him today, which he had stopped after we returned from my home on Durga Puja.

That’s all Folks ! 🙂 This was our first ever sexual intercourse.


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