The Fire Within…

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(Continued from …Game @2:10 A.M. )

After handing over the towel when I turned away to go to the bathroom for shower, he grabbed my hand and pulled me back to him. With this sudden force, I lost my balance and was about to almost fall over him, but he saved me by extending his supporting hand.

After wiping out his discharged load from his belly and waist with towel in his other hand, while holding my hand in another hand, he got up and sat on the side of the bed facing me. My penis was now almost at the same level as his mouth and the distance was hardly a few inches away from him. The situation intensified the flow of adrenaline in my body, and my already hard cock started teasing him with its pulsating up and down motions.

Without looking at me, he then touched the tip of my pulsating cock with his index finger, raised it a little up to the level of his eyes, and said (as if he was speaking to it), “You are looking too tempting today,  Junior” and leaned forward a bit and then kissed on the tip of my penis. It was already swollen and hard, but when he touched it, it gave instant response to him by extending in full length and width possible. Touch of his lips, to the tip of my my cock was like adding fuel to the fire. My mind and other senses stopped functioning momentarily, and only one part of my body was living the life at that moment, my super-hard cock !

His kiss to my cock was a very sensual kiss, as if two lovers just gently touched each-others on their respective lips. He ignited the fire in me again, but did nothing more than that to settle down my sexual energy and needs. I now desperately wanted to help myself get relief from this swollen,  heavy piece of hanging shaft forcefully drawing complete attention to itself.  I had used his Gift to me on Karwa Chauth to shave my pubic hair yesterday morning. This made it more sensitive and responsive to all sorts of touch. It was also looking bigger, smoother and heavier.

I went inside the bathroom, opened the knob to start the shower. The water was freely falling on my body and the droplets were racing from top to bottom as they were busy enjoying the smooth ride and competing with one another just like kids on a huge playground. I closed my eyes while standing still below the running shower. All the scenes started flashing through my mind one by one. The closed eyes were able to see more clearly than what these saw when open. The pink soft nipple I had taken a bite,  his smooth, fair flat chest, his muscular arms embracing me, his cute face, his closed eyes and facial expressions when he moaned on my bite at his nipple, his belly button moving up and down with his fast paced breathing. Every inch of his body I had seen so closely were now running through my closed eyes as if he was in front of me right now.

I started touching and rubbing my chest, my nipple and my belly to get the touch and feel of his body in my closed eyes. Today I realized the difference between the stimulation and the real thing. Imagination could be a powerful tool, but it cannot compensate for real experiences. It was not giving that level of satisfaction, but I had not many options available.  I rubbed my hard cock and massaged gently my balls but that even did not help to get rid of hung flesh.

Suddenly, I felt once again, warm touch of his body. He was embracing me from behind and started gently massaging my cock and balls with his both hands.


I could clearly feel his cock, which was hard and thick once again and pulsating between my butts-cheeks probably trying to make some room to accommodate itself. His hands were already in action and cock was singing in the same rhythm with its intermittent pulsating movements between my ass-cheeks.

I turned around and he took me in his arms tightly. Wow ! really it feels amazing to be in the arms of someone who loves you. It feels much better when there is nothing separating the two, not even the layer of clothes to interfere.


My hands moved down to his round butts and I gave him a squeeze. He hugged me tightly and started kissing me and licking on my neck. Our cocks were now teasing each other like two international boxing players inside the ring challenge each other before start of their boxing round.


When I squeezed his butts, he became a little bit aggressive and pushed me against the wall, and then gave me a soft bite on my neck where he was licking and kissing. And then started moving his butts in a way which allowed his cock to rub against mine and his cock against different parts of my body and thighs. My hands which were on his round butts were clearly feeling movements of his muscles and round butts.

(To be continued in next part tomorrow…)


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