“I Don’t Ask You If You Love Me” by Frank Solanki


Given below is my comment on a small, simple yet powerful poem by Frank Solanki. I felt touched by his poem as it was a close match with my real life love incidents.

I do not claim any of his work. His original post is available here and my reply to his poem is (also given as comment on his poem) is available here. I am also giving my version of reply to his original poem below for your quick perusal.

The last two lines were my addition besides a small change in existing poem. My reply would make more sense when you read the original poem first.

I Don’t Ask You If You Love Me

I don’t ask you questions which you cannot answer

You will fill me up with lies

And to make me believe your words

You will even look into my eyes

So I don’t ask you if you love me

You won’t tell me if you do

And you’d say ‘yes’ when you don’t

And I might believe you to be true

Because I have always believed you…
And you must learn to be honest too.

Source: I Don’t Ask You If You Love Me


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