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I checked the time in my mobile handset. It was showing 2:10 AM.

All my attempts to sleep failed miserably. I was restless, and horny too. I looked at the other side of bed. He (my roomie) was sleeping like a child, free from all sort of tensions. As usual, he was sleeping only in his underwear. Having missed his caring touch and cuddling for a long time, I was longing to feel him once again. My being sexually excited and semi-hard-on cock was also adding spices to my imagination. He was looking cute, as usual and every inch of his body was strongly appealing me to kiss him.


He had stopped cuddling with me, or touching my body during sleep time since we returned from my home after Durga Puja. The stranger part was, this time I was feeling compulsive to do what he had been doing to me till now.

I pulled down the cover-sheet a little.  His deep navel, and smooth body warmed me up. I could not stop myself from kissing him. I leaned over his navel, smelled him, and then gently kissed his navel, which was moving up and down with his breathing pace. I noticed with my kiss, there was a slight movement in his fingers, resting on his chest. His eyes were still closed without any apparent movements. I took my underwear off and then I pulled his cover sheet down a little more.

He was lying on bed passively. It wanted active participation from him. I started tickling him on his tummy, playing around as if climbing the stairs from his navel towards his chest.


Now, there were movements in his hands. His eyes were still closed, but his hand started following my finger’s movements.

I was getting more and more out of control and was feeling sexually aroused. I climbed up to his chest, and took his nipple in my mouth. I started licking his left nipple and playing around his right nipple with my hand, and it worked like magic. He started moaning. His moaning was making me go wild. His soft, pinkish nipples were so juicy, but his juice started leaking from down below from his rock-hard shaft.


His eyes were still closed, but he was enjoying it that was very clear, not only through his moaning and his facing expressions, but also from his heavily pulsating and leaking cock. Touch of his smooth body was making me mad too. I was sucking his tits but I was not getting any satisfaction. My imagination and sexual excitement was turning me into a wild beast. I took the tip of his nipple between my teeth and started biting him and sucking alternatively. I started with a mild bite and there was a loud “Aaaah… !” heard. I licked it, sucked it and then gave him a hard bite this time.


He grabbed my head with a loud “Aaaah !!” but did not prevent me from what I was doing. His eyes were still closed, he was continually moaning, his heart beats were racing fast, and his cock was throbbing intermittently. Although, this time, I got worried as it was a real hard bite. To heal him, I avoided further touch of my teeth to his nipple, and continued sucking his tits rigorously, and my hand was massaging his dick.


My cock was also demanding more. Till now it got a welcome massage between his thighs but that was not enough. It was rock-hard, and the heat was reaching upto my mind, which was not able to control it. I got up, between his legs and pulled off his underwear.


Now, the beast was facing the beauty and their electrodes were rubbing against each-other’s body and were charging each other. I kissed one more time on his left nipple,  and took a bite on his nipple tip, gently, and here he comes. Mere a gentle bite (and probably slight rubbing of his penis against mine) this time was more than enough for him to tolerate. He discharged his load.


 I looked at him, he passed a smile to me.  He then hinted me to come closer to his face and when I reached there, he gave me a passionate kiss on my lips. I tasted his juicy pink lips and my lower belly was wet with his discharged load of semen.


Although, my cock was still hard, and I was sexually aroused, but he was looking exhausted and sleepy.So, I decided to let him enjoy his nap and got down  to clean myself. He asked me to hand over a towel to clean himself, which I gave him. He looked at my hard-on with a wide grin and winked.


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