Surprises of Life…

When I reached home in the evening, he was already there. He came a little early than his usual time.

When I unlocked the door, I found him lying on the bed from where he passed a welcome smile to me.

Wow ! I was longing to see this smile for ages. That made me wonder if it is was not part of a dream. Seeing him smiling,  I forgot all the burden that I was carrying since morning trying to figure out “Honest answer”. After all, the Honesty for me is all that leads to his happiness.

“Hey ! Whatzz up? Looking  great today!”, I said while entering the room and locking the entrance door.

“I have been waiting for you. Go, get fresh fast. We will go out for dinner tonight.”, he ordered.

“Okaaaaay …!  What’s the occasion?”, I asked surprisingly. I was not able to understand all these surprises without any occasion. First, he was avoiding talking to me or touching me since he returned from my home but today, but now he was the same roomie whom I missed miserably in last few days; my previous Roomie had returned.  I was curious to know what brought in such a dramatic change in him all of a sudden.

“Occasion is that …. I am starving. Now run fast, or let’s move out if you are fine in this (pointing to my office dress)”, he patted on my butt.

He took me to the Mall for a movie show after dinner at Pind Balluchi (a Restaurant). He knew that if he would have asked me for it, I must have denied for movie. I somehow feel uncomfortable in going to movies with him since the last incident when he scared hell out of me while returning back after watching a night show at PVR Saket. I guess, he did not want to remind me of all those incidents so he might have opted for this new venue.

All this was awesome and a pleasant surprise for me today. It gave me a sun shine during  deepest darkness of thoughts and emotional turmoil. I was finding myself all alone, useless, and totally confused. But he suddenly turned it to positive. I was curious to know what made him change his mind all of a sudden. But this was probably not the right time to ask for that. I dare not to spoil the happy moments between us after such a long time. I decided that I may ask it a little later, probably tomorrow, if his mood is good.

It was already very late in night when we reached our room. Movie helped us to change the mood from what we were struggling through in last couple of days. Watching a late night show was tiring too. I was already feeling sleepy, so by the time he took his clothes off and came back from loo after peeing, I was almost, lost in my dreams.  It was touch of his warm body,  when he got on top of me, and kissed me gently and said “Good night”, which brought my attention back from my dreams. He quickly got down after giving me a good-night hug. I guess, he too noticed from my closed eyes and condition that I was really tired and sleepy. The touch and feel of his smooth body, and warmness of his juicy lips re-assured me of the same love and trust, which I found missing for past few days.



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