Trip to my Home (Part 8: Friendship Revisited)

(Continued from my previous post of this Title…)

This sudden excitement, and surprise was enough to bring me to a shocking state . I was longing to be with him so badly, and here he was, sitting in front of me, smiling. I could not decide if it was a reality or if I was dreaming or if it was some sort of hallucination.

Noticing me staring at him for some time, he winked at me and said, “Be comfortable, feel at home”, and with this witty comment, everyone started laughing.  Now, I was sure it was him and all this was happening in real life.

I wished to run to him from where I was standing, and grab him in my arms tightly but my alerted mind, which was still functioning somewhat in normal mode, prevented me from taking any such “abnormal” actions.

He stood up, came to me, and gave me a friendly hug in front of my Parents. His touch made me forget all my miseries and pains. I started feeling as if same energy was now flowing back into my body which had dissipated in last two days in his absence.


By that time, all members of my Gang also started joining us in that room. They were eager to meet the person who is sharing the room with me. So, they started pouring in as soon as they came to know that my Roomie had come to visit me. What made them curious to meet him, I really don’t understand but they were so excited to meet him which reminded me of the situation when a new, unknown creature is brought in a museum… or I should rather say, Zoo, and public is enthralled to have a look on the new creature and examine it closely. Similar was the excitement among my buddies.

I introduced him with everyone in the Gang one by one. This is “A”, “A”, this is “R” (my Roomie). I introduced “A” to my roomie. “A” was still in his vest and trouser what he was wearing last night. He probably might not have taken bath yet. I noticed, “A” was a little un-welcoming to my roomie. He was a bit rude too. He did not raise his hand instantly to shake hands with my roomie. He scanned him from top to bottom slowly and then looked at me as if he was questioning me something. I was also puzzled on his rude and un-welcoming gesture. It was insulting. My roomie looked at me while his hand was still stretched for a friendly shake-hand with “A”. Slowly “A” raised his hand and shook hands with my roomie without saying a word.

I was sorry for “A” last night and in the morning, but now, he was irritating me. The best thing for me was to avoid him and any conflicts. I was happy that finally my Roomie had forgiven me, and kept his promise to join me on weekend.

“I thought, you were not coming !”, I complained to my roomie.

“Yes, you were right.”, said my Mom, “He was really upset when you ditched him off at the last moment. You disobeyed me. You don’t deserve him. He is not here for you. I invited him specifically to meet us and join us for this Jagran.”, continued my Mom.

“What? When did you invite him?”, I was surprised now, and a bit ashamed on my behavior too.

“Well… I got suspicion, when I called you yesterday morning to wake you up, just before your train was about to arrive at Platform, and you told me that he is not with you. I got suspicious that something went “not okay” between you two.”, She paused for a moment and looked in our eyes one by one as if she was trying to get a confirmation by reading our eyes. Everyone in the room was patiently listening to my Mom. She continued, “Last time I called you and had a word with him also, he was willing to join us and sounded positive to meet us soon. He was planning to apply for leaves to meet us. When you said he did not come, I was wondering what went wrong? I called him back on his number when you was on the way to home. “

Now she turned to my roomie, and patted him on his cheek with love, and said, “He was a bit hesitant initially in telling me the truth. But I am also a mother. I know it when my kids are suffering with problems. And then I came to know the game you played with my this innocent son. You must apologize to him. He takes care of you all the time, and you were restricting him to meet his mother (she was referring to herself as her mother). Shame on you ! “

There was a big silence in the room. I never heard my Mom being so harsh to me. I started crying literally. It was not only because my Mom was being harsh to me, and I was being insulted among my friends, but also because she pin-pointed the actual problem where I was guilty and lacked the trust of a friend.

“He did not want to come here after you misbehaved to him. Now, you should remember, he is here on my request, as his mother. I don’t want to see any troubles for him. He is my special guest, and my elder son. You need to take care of all arrangements for his comfortable stay with us. Do you understand?”, I nodded my head in acceptance.

I was silent, with my head-down, watching my feet and tears freely rolling out of my eyes. No one among my friends could dare to interrupt my Mom when she was scolding me. Parents sometimes, may need to be strict in the best interests of their children if they need it. My Mom has always been very loving and caring to me, much more sensitive to my needs. But it was first time, I saw her being so strict. I actually deserved this treatment, and probably it will be a good lesson for me now and prevent me from being so insensitive to others and repeating similar mistakes in future.

“Good. Now you two shake hands and be friends once again. Forget about whatever grudges were between you guys. And make sure you don’t leave him alone or he gets bored.”, suggested my Mom.

My roomie was probably waiting for this to happen. He quickly moved forward after my mother suggested us to “Shake hands and be friends once again”, and directly hugged me passionately, and whispered slowly in my ears, “Forgive me Darling, I made you cry today. I am so sorry. I did not want it happen that way. Please forgive your stupid friend.”

His voice also got choked after this. He was trying to stop his tears which could be seen clearly in his misty eyes. He took a step back, and wiped off the tears from my cheeks with his hands, and then said, “I am sorry”.

My Gang, who was watching all this drama for last 5 minutes or so, and had mixed, mostly repulsive, agitating expressions for my Roomie, after seeing tears in my eyes, and scolding from Mom,  was now having a little soft corner for this gentleman. His apologies and wiping off my tears made him “acceptable” among us. Somebody, who cares for me, was always  “welcome” by our gang.

(A Little more to be continued…)


4 Comments Add yours

  1. YUJI says:

    Lovely writing as always! It was hard to read sbout your mother being strict to you, however, it seems she cares deeply for your roomie snd has really embraced him as part of the family. Sometimes mothers just know when someone is good for their kids.

    Hope to hear more from you soon!

    PS. So your roomie doesnt know you write this blog then? Would you ever plan on telling him?


    1. desimunda says:

      Yes, Mothers know very well what is best for their kids and how to nourish them. She has been very loving and caring. I don’t remember any incident in my 20+ years she would have ever talked to me in harsh or strict tone earlier (before this particular incident). This was first time and probably that’s why .. this unexpected surprise brought tears in my eyes… I never experienced a scolding from my parents or teachers or anyone for that matter.

      She again, showered her love soon after this scolding incident to give the healing touch. And now I understand and agree what she did was correct for my inappropriate acts.

      No, I won’t share it with my roomie at all. My this eDiary has my private thoughts, way I am “designed” to think and take decisions, my analysis of incidents which reflects my perspective to my life. This is more like revealing my hidden secrets to someone. It could be a problem because at some points, in some incidents, he may take it negatively, (which obviously I won’t like to and I don’t want to be dishonest and change my posts to please him or anyone), but also it may give him a chance to know what are my shortcomings and weakness and then he may exploit it to make conditions favorable to him, if there is a need anytime.

      I don’t know, if he is also one of online readers of my blog, but that does not appear to be the case. So, I am safely assuming that he does not know about it yet. Anyways, I am not so popular or top-search results don’t bring to my blog, so I don’t see any possibility of it happening in near future either.
      I don’t see any of these incidents affecting our routine life anyway, no corrective actions or sudden abnormal changes in him which should ideally be there if he would have been reading it. Further, I had posted a few of his pics (and mine too) in some of the posts, without his permission, and that may not be a good idea too. Some of these pics come surely in Objectionable contents category.


  2. Ashvith says:

    Sir, now waiting for it’s continuation…… One week will be very long…… Please show some mercy……


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