The Gift (Part -1)

A note to my readers…

Dear Friends,

I am interrupting the normal flow of my current sequel “Trip to my Home” to publish this post out of order. The Sequel will continue after this.



The Gift

It was early morning. The noise in the room brought me out of  the dead-zone (nap).

I noticed my roomie was not in the bed with me. The clock on the wall was showing 4:00 AM. I usually, on weekdays, get up at 6:40 AM and then Mr. Roomie gets up mostly at 7:15 AM.

“Why so early today?”, was obvious question coming to my mind. “Why all this noise at so early in the morning?”, I asked hesitantly to my roomie, who was standing in his undies, searching probably for his clothes in the cupboard.

“Oh ! Sorry darling, I disturbed your sleep.”, he said in apologetic tone. “I am heading for a bath.”, he continued.

His answer made me smile. It must have been a wet dream. This “Sex, Sex, Sex…” is always occupying his mind and whole night he keeps on sticking to my body, hugging me or touching me all over. Although we have not progressed much beyond this which can be technically counted as “Sex”, but it is the dirty mind and imagination that cause the wet-dreams. And for sure, his mind is so full of such dirty imaginations for me.

Everyone has a right to make assumptions, based upon their limited understanding of facts and prejudices. I was also doing the same.  Next I heard was sound of shower from bathroom. The bathroom door wasn’t locked. He never locks the bathroom when I am in room. I have to take care of ensuring that there are no surprise visits and that our main entrance of the room is locked.

After around 5 minutes the noise of running water from Shower was finished. He came out with a towel wrapped on his waist. Rest of his body was still not completely dry. He is so careless about drying his body after bath. I could not resist my temptation to have a glimpse of his semi-wet body.


The climate had already started getting colder in the morning. I was still thinking what made him take bath in such early morning with cold water? He could have waited a little longer. Although, I have never noticed him having wet-dreams in this 5 months period or our stay together, but that doesn’t mean he could not have one now.

I was seeing all this with my eyes semi-closed as if I was asleep. Fortunately, he and the bathroom, both were on the same side where I was lying in my side pose and could easily capture the whole scene. After coming out of bathroom, he wore the underwear, and the vest, and then, to my surprise, went to the corner we placed a few small collection of various pictures of Gods and Goddess, and refer to it as “Temple”. He prayed there silently for good amount of 2-3 minutes with his hands sticking together in “Namaskaar mudra”.

It was a surprise for me, as it was not part of his daily routine. Not even mine. I kept watching it a bit amused with what he was doing. He then turned towards me and came forward. Now I was a bit cautious about not to be caught, and closed my eyes completely. He came close to me. I could easily feel his presence very close to me.  Then I felt a very gentle kiss on my forehead, and his fingers running through my hair in a gentle motion.I kept pretending as if I was asleep, without any apparent response from my side. Then he went away.


There was a small noise of opening refrigerator door and picking up some dishes from the dish-rack, but this was on my back side. After a small time interval, I felt a kiss again on my forehead. For a little longer duration this time. He was supporting my head with one of his hand and caressing my hair with his fingers. He usually does this to wake me up. I opened my eyes, and saw him sitting next to me on the bed, with a plate in his other hand.

“Good Morning, Sweety Pie”, he said with a cute smiling face. I smiled back, while rubbing my eyes, trying to open them. I had fallen asleep once again after he went away a little while ago. “Now, get up, and let’s have a break-fast quickly. The tea is also ready.”, he said  pointing to the tea kept on stool close to my bed.

I looked at the clock, it was showing around 5:00 AM. “Is it 5:00 now? … So… early??”, I asked him, trying to confirm if the clock was ticking right time.  I was puzzled now. What happened to him?

His hand now was sliding over my neck and shoulder. “Yeah, it is 5:00 AM and that’s correct time. Now you quickly get up please. I don’t have much time left. I need to go to office early today. I am sorry, I forgot to inform you last night. I am leaving in half an hour.”, he explained the situation. His answer settled my curiosity levels.

“Oh ! that’s the reason, now I understood. It was not because of wet-dreams.”, I explained it to myself. But it should be something big today otherwise he would not have done all the prayers etc. out of his daily routine. I was not in a position to ask this to him as I was pretending to sleep at that time.

I got up, took the breakfast with him. There were only mixed fruits, with some curd and milk. That was all that could have been arranged in a bachelor’s room, besides Maggie (noodles). We have subscribed to a home-delivery of Tiffin for Breakfast,  Lunch and Dinner and depend on it for our daily diet. The time of Tiffin (breakfast and lunch etc.) is fixed.

He too left in a short while for his office before it was 6:00 AM. I decided to complete my nap.

I woke up when my my mobile started disturbing my peaceful nap with the wake-up alarm tone. He might have set it for me before leaving. He cares a lot about me, no doubt. I was already late today as I slept a little extra. It was 7:30 AM. I got ready and left for my office by 8:15 AM.


Around 4:30 PM, when I was in office, I received a call from him on my mobile. “Hello…”, sounded my phone. It was his melodious voice.

“Hi !”, I answered the call. “Listen, do you have any extra work today? I mean… are you staying late today?”, he asked.

“No, I shall be leaving at regular hours.”, I told him.

“Okay ! Good. Please be at home before 7:00 then. I will be waiting for you.”, he said and waited to hear my confirmation.

“OK! I will.”, I confirmed a bit amused with all these surprises today.

(To be continued.. coming up shortly…)


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